AT&T sitting on Samsung Tango updates for Windows Phone. Here's how to get it now.

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Samsung has the Tango update but AT&T is not pushing it

Although AT&T itself is not pushing out any Tango-8773 updates for its current Windows Phones, the OEMs evidently have it on tap, or at least Samsung does.

We’ve had isolated reports that the Focus S was getting two OS updates (some are reporting new firmware, we’re still at 2103.11.10.1). However, whenever George Ponder or I would plug in our Focus S devices, it was always reported back to us that we had the latest update (7740).

The trick is to rig the system—basically use the same trick many of you did for Mango where you put your phone into Airplane mode (disable all radios), plug into Zune and check for an update. You then navigate away and go back to “Check for update” but as soon as it starts to look (about 2 seconds) you kill your internet on your PC. Now you wait about 30 seconds and an update will be shown. For more info on how that works, read our tutorial here.

You need to do that at least twice—once for 8112 and again for 8773 (Tango)—but yes, it does work and it’s officially from Samsung. We manually installed 8107 back in the day, so our phone was already on that OS version. The majority of you will need to upgrade to 8107, then presumably it will go to 8112 or 8773.

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The changelog for Windows Phone 8112/8773 on the Focus S

So why is this happening? We can only speculate that Samsung has delivered the update to AT&T but the carrier is either holding it, still evaluating it, not releasing it or maybe they’re waiting on HTC and Nokia to do a universal roll out. Honestly, your guess is as good as ours.

We also have heard this works for the Focus Flash and possibly the Focus 2 (we manually installed Tango on our Focus 2 so can’t really verify). In other words, for all of you Samsung users who are on AT&T (and even non-branded versions), feel free to try this method to grab some updates.

We’ll keep you posted if anything official happens in the meantime.


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AT&T sitting on Samsung Tango updates for Windows Phone. Here's how to get it now.



I can confirm this works for rogers devices. I used the trick this morning to update my focus :) . Although i cant use the new features until the 16, when my data plan resets :( i went over...

Got it working on my wifes 710 (Rogers)...took a few tries.  Also updated my original focus and am gonna try an old LG also.

Is the firmware showing after you do? I need to do my Focus. It worked on my Lumia 900 but no firmware changes

Can somebody please refresh my memory? Tell me, in order to even want to attempt the force update method, doesn't the carrier have to release the update first? In other words, I have no use even attempting the force update method on my HTC Arrive, because Sprint has not released the Tango update in the first place. Is that statement correct? Or..... can the force update method work to the HTC Arrive even though Sprint itself has not released Tango? Which is it?
I know I did the force update for Mango on my Arrive, but I think I had to at least wait for Sprint first...... i think.....

The force method works because the carrier/OEM have the official update for your specific device, but we circumvent their lock to get it. You often get the firmware too.

Manually updating via the CAB method is not official and has no firmware but it patches the OS. It's a general, universal OS patch.

If the force method isn't working, it's because your carrier/OEM has no official update for your device ready. That's the case for a lot of people.

After reading this artice I decided to go ahead and do the "force trick".  I put my phone in ariplane mode and was ready to unplug my internet connection but before I had the opportunity I was notified an update was available...Focus Flash owner.   I'll reply back with all of the updates which get installed.

AT&T.  All I did was put my phone into Airplane mode and then connect to my computer. (didn't need to disconnect internet connection)   It's on the 2nd update now. 7.10.8107.79

5 Updates Installed:
7.10.8112.7 (This one isn't even listed on the Microsoft Update history page)
Samsung Update

Pretty sure it's not. Go to the AT&T forums, our forums or anywhere else and you'll see this is not being pushed out nor has AT&T announced it/made a comment on it.

George and I have been checking everyday since Friday with nothing--that's not a slow rollout, that's no rollout.

So how did I get it? I got a push notification that updates were available, plugged into Zune, and updated to Tango. They might be pushing out slowly to a few devices, but it's not being repressed by the evil carrier.

I got it as well, same deal with a notice on my phone on the 28th of June and I installed it the next day (friday the 29th)
AT&T Samsung Focus S
OS: 7.10.8773.98
Firmware: 2103.12.05.2

To say that AT&T isn't pushing it out because your phones haven't gotten it is pretty short-sighted, imo. My Focus S got it on 6/28 with no tricks, as did the Focus Flash a friend of mine owns (his came on 6/29). I've heard of 3 or 4 other Focus S devices getting it without manual intervention as well. Does that mean everyone got it? Quite the contrary. I realize very few have actualy gotten it via legitimate means, but AT&T was pushing it (very slowly) at the end of June. Not sure if they stopped it, or are doing it 5 phones at a time for some stupid reason, but a handful of people did get it from AT&T. Unfortunately, my wife and daughter haven't yet, but at least I know AT&T has been doing *something* with it

I was getting the same error, but then I read in this forum that you have to try disconnecting the cable just before you get the message "your phone is up to date" and it worked. I tried several times before I disconnected internet at the right moment and then update started.
I have the original samsung focus 1.3 ATT... by the way, ATT SUCKS!

Nope, not for me. All I get is a message saying connect to the Internet to check for updates. I didn't get this message while doing this trick to get Mango.

my original focus is also a no-go for the update =[ said reconnect to the internet rather than notifying me of an update as it did when I used this method to force the Mango update. Sad day.

Samsung Focus (the original) on Rogers. Just finished upgrading to 8112 and in process for 8773. Need to use the 'killing the wifi' trick to force it, though.
UPDATE: process is complete. 8773 on board. I feel soooooo much better now.

Im not forcing nothing on my l900.. First of all the multiple texting will not work for me because I refused to pay services for text... Email is free and easy to use why not start using it.. So far it's been 2 months without text I survived it... So force all you want... Im waiting for 7.8 that's the most important thing to me

A lot of users who don't have Lumia 900s have their own reasons for wanting the update ASAP, that don't relate to texting at all. I know I want the firmware update for my Focus Flash more than anything because of the freezing issues this model seems to be susceptible to.

Tried for about an hour last night on HD7s last night, no luck. Was about to use this method for Mango when initially released from ATT.

Focus S on AT&T.  Tango'd + Samsung update via "wifi trick".  Actually no trick needed for the Samsung update - it appears to have been triggered by getting Tango.
Can't wait 'til this contract expires to go somewhere else....

On AT&T in Nashville, with a Samsung Focus S turned on Airplane mode plugged in and got the update notification. Installing now.

So i put my Samsung Focus S (ATT)  on airplane mode, connected it to zune. checked for update number 1, said i was up to date (7720), then i went to a different page, then back to update and almost immeadiately unplugged my wifi, and then got a "cannot check for update because no internet" message. Was there anything i missed? It wouldnt work for me. Sorry, kind of a noob at this.

Same here im using HTC Mozart Telstra AU and nothing comming up either says allready up to date or no internet any help guys? Cheers :)

I tried 30 something times until I got the hang of it. Try cutting wifi off at the absolute last second, meaning, just before it says "up to date". On my computer, the update search took exactly 4 seconds everytime, so I cut connection between 3.5-4 sec. Check how long the search is on yours. If that doesn't work, try the ethernet cable instead.

its weird i already have the update for pre tango before most people on here i got it in feb the 8107 but still no tango even with telstra saying that its kinda avalible during testing. no luck with the wifi trik just comes up with error need wifi to update. :(

You pulled the plug too soon. It is a trial and error kind of thing. Just make sure that you plug the cable back in and that you have a connection before you switch pages. Also, I found that if the phone is unlocked (enter your pin before you try to unlock the lock screen) it works better.

my friends used this trick and got the update (Tango) on Lumia phones too. I was getting updates found message on my phone few days ago when I was out of town but I can't find it now after I reached home. Anybody has a video of the tutorial. ? please help..

My  Samsung Focus Flash is in the process of being updated. I took none of the above steps; I only plugged in my handset and it began the update process on its own.

I got the full update from Att on the 28th when I plugged into Zune after a trip. I had previously updated to 8107 by the cab method, and the new update failed until I backed that out.

I couldn't get the update on my HTC Titan 2. Zune gave me error 80072FA8 only when I put it on Airplane Mode. But according to this article it only works for Samsungs so, I'm gonna try that on my mom's Focus 2.

Updated my wife's focus s, finally. First turn on airplane mode. Then plug in phone, then open Zune. Navigate to updates and it was waiting for me. Didn't have to turn of my pc's internet. Tried it last nite and could not get it to work. I think your radios have to be off before u plug it onto your PC. Hope this helps someone. Thanx for the tip, WPCentral. Great work!

Ive already been threw 2 updates on my Focus S rite now im at (8107) and ive been trying to force update for the last 1 or 2 updates that i need for Tango, but it is not working. Its really terribly frustrating, the first 2 updates only arrived after 30 force update trys, but for the next update the force update isnt working, all i keep getting is the "Cant check for updates..." message. Terribly annoying.

How long did it take for you to force update before you finally had all 4 updates?

The first forced update installed without much issue. Had to try a few times but it installed. The second update failed twice but was successful on the third attempt. The third update (8112) installed without issue. The fourth (8773) failed once and I'm trying again...

Yes, I did. If you are at 7720 this will happen. Worth every second as you also get a firmware update and, for all intents and purposes, this is actually an official update. 

I successfully updated my stock AT&T Samsung Focus S from 7720 to 8773 plus a SAMSUNG update.  The trick was to disconnect internet (turn off wireless radio/disconnect ethernet) about .75 seconds after the loading bar completes.  It takes a minute or two, but it should say update available.  I am in the Pittsburgh, PA metro area if that makes a difference.
I had to do the trick for EVERY update except the SAMSUNG update.  Installed the following:
SAMSUNG Update for Windows Phone

Hi, I have a Focus S for ATT (unlocked), and I am stil on 7720, one question, is worthy all these updates? does the phone performance better?, thanks.

Copy and paste from what I said in a previous article:

I can confirm the Focus S can be updated via Zune with the Airplane mode/disconnect from internet method. I'm doing it right now. This also confirms that the update is in ATT's servers ready to be deployed otherwise this method would not work. Pretty sweet indeed.

Also, you're going to have to rinse and repeat until you get to 8773. Once 8773 is done installing, leave phone plugged in and Zune will automatically tell you there's another update (firmware), something you don't get with the cab sender method. For MMS, everything is there: "picture or video", "voice note" and "ringtone".

Before and after firmware update:

Firmware revision number: 2103.11.10.1 to 2103.12.05.2
Radio Software version: 2103.11.10.1 to 2103.12.5.2
Bootloader version: to

Also in settings>about, it displays IMEI # and SIM ID # where before it didn't.

Daniel, I've tried the unplug trick for my original Focus with no luck. I did the same trick for the Mango update, so I think I have the timing down right. Can you confirm that AT&T will in fact have a Tango update for the focus or am I doomed to deal with my disappearing keyboard until 7.8 (or I get a new phone, whichever comes first)?

There is a way to get the keyboard fix on the focus (original) by changing the carrier name to Rogers from art, however this requires jailbreaking the phone. Im on my phone right now, but I can try to find the how to link for you when I get home

I can confirm that the forced/Zune update works for Focus Flash. You have to time the disconnect perfectly or it will not work. As soon as the update bar hits the end wait a second or two more then disconnect. Once I disconnected it searched for a long time for the update. So be patient.

I can confirm that this works for LG Quantum on AT&T.  Did it unbranded, so can't confirm if it works on a branded version.

Have not been able to get this to work on my Quantum yet. Force updating Mango was a piece of cake. Tango isn't being as permissive so far.

Hello everyone. I live in Grand Rapids MI and I have a Samsung Focus S. I am updating my phone as I type this (on my other pc of course). I did not force my update. I plugged into Zune and it notified me on its own. Yes it is (8773) Tango.
Long story short, be patient. ATT is pushing this update apparently. If you don't want to wait, you can go to WPCentral for an article on how to force the update. Just remember ATT seams to be doing their part.
Good luck to everyone and cheers!!!!

It does not.  That's something that AT&T has to provision on your account.  They say if you get an android phone that has VVM and tell AT&T that you're switching to that phone, they will provision it and you can reinsert your SIM into the phone and it will work.

Can somebody tell me if I have to be on Att in order to receive other updates, because I have a branded Samsung focus s on mobile and I have only gotten one update the 7740???

Mine didn't auto update to the subsequent updates (went from 8107 - 8112 - 8773). Had to do the trick each time.

This work's on Unbranded Omnia 7 in Ireland,
But I get the 80180048 Error after the install has finished saying it was Unsucessful.
Does anyone now how to fix this as the Windows Phone Support Tool on works on pre-mango devices 7740
Any help welcome
Fix Just had to download all Language cabs for the cab sender and manually update it first to 7812

I tried this last night on a Samsung Focus 1.3 and it was a no go. I debranded and then tried using Rogers settings and no luck. May try again tonight with both of these settings.

I got it to work by debranding and setting the mobile operator to 000-88, got to 8112 last night and tried a couple times tonight and got 8773.

I got it to work on my orginal Focus 1.3 by rebranding the registry from ATT-US to ROG-CA.  Took a couple of tries but updating to 8773 as we speak!

I was getting the same error, but then I read in this forum that you have to try disconnecting the cable just before you get the message "your phone is up to date" and it worked. I tried several times before I disconnected internet at the right moment and then update started. I have the original samsung focus 1.3 ATT

Just forced update on my LG Optimus 7 for Telus in Montreal :) But I will say that it didn't work until I pressed the update thing first, so it can tell me my phone is up to date, then I retried again, except this time forcing it. Hope this helps some frustrated people in mtl loooool

What really puzzles me is how great Nokia has been at updating the 900 since its been out but all of a sudden the 900 doesn't get tango. To be honest I hope the 900 is not getting the 7.8 update early cause that would be bs. Would not be fair to all the other WP customers. Also being that ATT is so heavily supporting WP, I find it strange they would not want to release this update, just seems counter to what their supposed to be trying to do. I confused :-S

Method worked for me. I'm on Samsung Focus and I had to debrand. 
One important step is to keep an eye out on your phone as it was the actual phone that prompted me for the update. There after I plugged the internet back in.
Goodluck guys!

I see a bunch or people with Nokia Lumia 900's are forcing the update form 7.10.8112.7 then to 7.10.877398 using this trick, but has anyone successfully done it with a Nokia Lumia 900 on ATT? I used this trick on my Samsung's previously to get mango (so I know how to do the trick) but it doesn't seem to work for the Nokia Lumia 900 on ATT. Thanks!

Getting "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later." on my Samsung Focus. Any help/advice?

Getting "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later." on my Samsung Focus. Any help/advice?

Iunno if it's the same for you but on my LG Optimus 7 it kept saying the same thing, then I realized that I had to unplug it from my PC, then plug it back in and check the update normally, wait until it says it is up to date (.77 wtv), then I tried the trick and it worked, hope this helps!

It works fine when I'm connected but as soon as I disconnect It gives me that message. Ill try to disconnect again. Thanks

It took me 20+ tries to get one of my updates and get the timing of the WiFi disable correct. Just keep at it and you will eventually get it.

You're unplugging too soon.  Let it go a liilte longer and then unplug.  How fast you have to do it will depend on you internet connection and computer.  On update number 4 (8773) now myself, all had to be forced.  Good luck.

Anybody knows if forcing to Tango un a Sammy Focus Gen1 rev1.3 will add the KK2 update that reverts app unlock and interop unlock? If anyone can confirm would be great to know if it would be better to go with a manual CAB update.

It was automatically pushed. I got the notification on my phone, plugged in, and received the updates

Can confirm that push update on Focus Flash works currently on 8773 from 7720 took like 3-4 tries to disconnect at the right moment for each update for me it took about 4-5 sec after clicking the check for update button to finally show update available took only about 1 hr 30 min but completely confirmed working

Force update is awesome!!!! On my w8 cp laptop, you have to be lightning fast to turn on airplane mode immediately after clicking update but I did it, took me about 2 hours but im doing the tango and feeling pretty good about myself . Keyboard feels really good typing, especially when it doesn't disappear!! Went to plug in my wife's S and to my amazement, it prompted her to update immediately!! :D:D:D

Finally!!! I got it to work on my Samsung Focus S!! I did the forced update and made sure that it was on airplane mode, I disconnected the internet and it happened with in seconds..

I couldn't get it to work via Zune for my first generation Samsung Focus. Has anyone gotten this update for this device?

From what I read is original Focus only works if it's not ATT. So if you are unlocked you can debrand to 000-88 or use Rogers setting of ROG-CA in the registry. I will try this tonight.

Managed to get the force trick working on an unbranded Omnia 7 and an unbranded Trophy in Netherlands. Omnia didn't come with a firmware update and tethering was not enabled.

I have a Lumia 710 (unbranded) with SW 8107. The trick is successful and Zune detects 8773. But as soon as the update process starts, I get an error (8018119C). Maybe I need to first install SW 8112, then 8773? Or is it something else that causing the error?
Please help...

It took forever but I wi-fi force updated mine like all hell. 5 updates later, my focus s is running tango. So far seems a bit quicker and my keyboard hasn't disappeared once yet so I'd be super happy if that was the only improvement.

Not sure if anyone's mentioned it before, but for my original Samsung Focus 1.3, I just changed the mobile operator to Rogers and the update appeared by itself. 

Samsung focus here, changed my mobile operator to Rogers and did the update trick, update is now applying. Thanks for headsup.  Generic unbranding no luck, but setitng to ROG-CA, works like a charm.

Airplane mode?

That's no how I did it, I just disconnected my internet a millisecond before it tried to give me a result, and after a couple of trials, BAM! Got mango down.

the update starts but it does not continue after phone restart... I get an error saying because drivers for update are not installed... Any solutions??

Been trying to use the mango force trick for update 8773 on my HD7 but can seem to get it to work.
This is annoying as O2 have no present plans to release this update to phones on its network.

Worked with my Focus S on AT&T. Huge improvement in keyboard response rate. I never noticed how poor it was until it was fixed.

Thank you guys for your awesome posts. I was able to update yesterday using the CAB updater. The force update seems to be 'fixed'. The one where you turn off your WIFI as you hit Update in Zune in the latest version. I noticed this and read it on XDA as well.
I am super glad my Samsung Focus is now on 8773.98. :)

Force update worked for me. I had to unbrand my ATT Samung Focus to ROG-CA and do the update trick. Applying 8112.7 right now. (already had 8107 installed)

I need to update mu WP7 Root Tools first, then hopefully I'll be good to go as I did the same process to get 8107. Glad to hear it's still working that way.
(update) done and done. Nice.

Hello everyone,  I believe I was one of the first people to get the Tango Update for the Samsung Focus S on AT&T and I just wanted to give you what info I have.  I received the update Friday night, during the Derecho of all things!  I contacted WPCentral.com Friday night about it, and I also contacted WMPoweruser.com about it.  WMPoweruser.com actually posted a quick article about it on Saturday and I'm the guy they mentioned about giving them the tip that I had received the Tango update for my Focus S and that AT&T was apparently rolling it out.
I was prompted to update my phone when I plugged into Zune to grab a video I took of the Derecho as it hit Columbus, OH.  As soon as I fired up Zune, I was prompted to update, so naturally I did.  Everything went smoothly and I'm now running Tango.  Plus I had a Samsung specific update, which I figured was a firmware update and possibly a radio update.  I didn't keep a change log, but my firmware version is different than what is posted in this article.
Here is my current phone info.
OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
Firmware Revision Number: 2103.12.05.2
Hardware Revision Number:
Radio Software Version: 2103.12.5.2
Bootloader Version:
Chip SOC Version:
So apparently AT&T is rolling out Tango to the Focus S, but I would figure that they are doing it regionally, so everyone should get it soon.  Happy to see AT&T is actually updating people's phones.

I can confirm that AT&T is also releasing to the Focus Flash.  I actually got notified last night that the update was available, but was too lazy to download it then.  I've just finished applying the five OS & Firmware patches they released.  Here's the phone info after the patches:
OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
Firmware Revision Number: 2103.12.05.4
Hardware Revision Number:
Radio Software Version: 2103.12.5.4
Radio Hardware version:
Bootloader Version:
Chip SOC Version:

So, after 22 tries, I finally got it to update to 7740....yeah...so I've got to do this three more times. Fun, fun, fun....

after about 1.5 hours finally managed to get my HTC radar unbranded (India) to start updating to 8112 .....yay!! Now just got to do it one more time!!

Hi All,
Updated my Samsung Omnia W  GT -I8350 to Tango using the method above. had to try for this multiple times and was successful at the 6th attempt.....really works.....i am from INDIA.
This works for all samsung and Nokia phones unlocked and with contract all around world :-)

HTC TITAN II  / ATT  Won't update no matter what trick.
I'm thinking they are just not pushing it on the batch yet.
Anyone who has a Titan II who gets to Tango please Post something.

I got it to work. I have a Lumia 800 and I am in South Africa on MTN (carrier). The phone is faster, I got internet sharing (which I am using right now to write this post) and the Marketplace logo changed.

I have samsung focus(1st generation). I am still sitting on 7.10.7720.68. It is not even 7740. The phone and zune says that my phone is up to date. No update available. You guys are talking about 8112/8773. Am I missing something. How to get it done in my phone...:(

I have a Samsung Focus S, AT&T branded in Canada on the Rogers network. I've been trying to update to Tango for about an hour now with no success. Is it because I'm in Canada with the Focus S?
My phone is in Airplane mode and I've disconnected my Wi-Fi at different times (2 seconds before, 0.75 seconds after the progress bar fills, milliseconds before, etc.) but I'm having trouble with it still.
I've also tried debranding, but I'm not sure if it worked at all. Any ideas?

Update: After debranding my device and going through multiple trials I gave up and left it for a while, then plugged my phone in while listening to music to sync it and got a notification that an update was available. Not sure if debranding was the solution but my phone wasn't in airplane mode and I didn't have to force update either. I'm on the 8112 update as I type this.

I just successfully completed the 8773.98 update on my Samsung Focus S. I took about 45 minutes, but my computer only has a 1.8 processor and a snail DSL connection. I downloaded a total of five updates, 7740, 8107, 8112, 8773 and Samsung update for Windows Phone. Also, my firmware and radio were updated to 2103.12.05.02. Can't wait to see the improvements to my one cent Samsung Focus S! I am on AT&T in the very northern part of Minnesota.

Anyone getting "Try again Later. Unable to find internet connection" after disabling the internet to make this whole happen?

So much comments, so much opinions..Not sure if this has been voiced before..But to force an update where Carriers play a role is understandble..But in Asian Countries like India where carriers dont play much of a role, Why is some phones of the same model gets updated while the others doesn't? My Omnia W is still struck at 8107 build :(

Wife's Focus Flash got the notification to update on her AT&T Focus Flash, she's now running Tango.  I don't see any reason to force an update on that phone.

@Juan08C, 1st- you put your phone on airplane mode. 2nd- you plug it up to your computer & Zune should automatically start-up if not then you start Zune. 3rd- go to settings & hit update, it may not find it when you hit updated or it may find them. If it don't find an update you then force it by going out then back to update but this time hit updated then quickly disconnect your computers internet & or WiFi, let it search for the update until it finds it, you may have to keep doing it till it finds the updates..

Great info, thanks!  Just updated my Focus S (three times).  Getting the timing right on the internet disconnect is tricky, but it worked after a fashion.

I have a Samsung Focus on ATT and was not able to force an update. I then dev unlocked my phone and rooted it the performed the Rogers registery hack and bingo bango I was able to force 4 updates bringing my phone up to Tango,ness. Took several hours total but it is done. I plan to just purchase a WP8 device when it hits instead of waiting for WP7.8!

Just did the same for our 3 ATT Focii 1.3's. 2 saw the updates immediately after switching to ROG-CA using WP7 Root Tools but the 3rd had to be forced to see the updates, eg wifi disconnect. 1 question. The Tango update revoked WP7 Root Tools, do I need to re-install and switch back to ATT-US? So far so good.

The correct answer to my question above is Yes. Fortunately when I updated to Tango via ROG-CA I did not receive a firmware update, just 2 OS updates. I was subsequently able to re-windowbreak it, re-install WP7 Root Tools and switch back to ATT-US on all 3 Samsung Focii v1.3's. Just for kicks I also re-checked for any ATT additional updates but nothing .... yet. Very happy so far. Very happy.

Finally, im done updating my HTC RADAR (Singapore)
Updated it 3 times! from 7.10.8107.79 to:

HTC Update for Windows Phone
Cant wait to see the improvements!
Thank you guys for the Tips! 

Okay after about 20 tries, I got it to work... but I have to update to 7740 first.... this might take awhile

Once I figured out the timing of the "internet kill" it hasn't taken too long.
I'm pulling the plug right as the progress bar completely fills

I keep getting the "there is no internet connection available" error.
I'm I killing the internet too soon?

Perseverance is important. I must have tried at least 30 times before I got the first update. After that the others only took me about 10 tries each. Worth it just to get rid of the disappearing keyboard bug.

I got lucky, swept all the updates without the trick, only Airplane Mode
Currently on Tango 8773 + Samsung Update on AT&T Focus S
Tried on Nokia 900, but no luck, still on 8112