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All Articles by Paul Acevedo

We recently visited Game insight's Innowate studio in Riga, Latvia to check out an upcoming spin-off called Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena. The new game brings competitive tower defense to the Cloud Raiders universe, and it will do so both as a game-within-a-game in the original Cloud Raiders and as a standalone game. Read on for our exclusive hands-on footage and impressions of Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena!

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Razer produces an impressive array of mice for serious PC gamers. One of their flagship mice this year is the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. Clocking in at $90 (less on Amazon), the Mamba TE offers the world's most accurate mouse sensor, customizable Chroma RGB lighting, and an extremely comfortable design. Is this the one device that all other gaming mice aspire to be? Read our detailed review with video to find out!

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Lab Zero Games (creators of Skullgirls) and 505 Games have just such a project going right on Indiegogo. Indivisible is a Metroidvania-style platformer (similar to Ori and the Blind Forest) mixed with RPG-style battles (like Child of Light) and beautiful hand-drawn art. Indivisible is planned for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The game's playable prototype is available to everyone right on PC – read on for our detailed impressions!

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Extreme Exorcism from Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone is an action-platformer with a twist. Whenever the player defeats a ghost, a new ghost will spawn that mimics the player's previous actions. The Xbox One and Steam versions of Extreme Exorcism possess thirteen spooky Achievements. At first glance, these Achievements might seem difficult or impossible to unlock. Our detailed Achievement Guide tells you exactly how to get each one with a minimum of fuss – check it out!

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The GAMES Vanguard Black Edition is a hard plastic case that holds not only an Xbox One or other console, it also packs a 19-inch monitor with stereo speakers – all in one unit. The true test of the Vanguard's worth is twofold. How well does it carry and protect the console, and will the monitor's picture and sound provide a satisfactory gaming experience? Read our detailed review with video to find out!

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Huemory is the debut game from indie developer Pixel Ape Studios. Players will race against time to match colored shapes, earning points to unlock new modes and items. With slick looks and sound (and very fair optional in-app purchases), this is a surprisingly solid free game for Windows Phone and Windows 10. Read our full review with hands-on video for more details!

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Running Shadow is a 3D endless running/action game set within a dark fantasy universe. Playing as a thief with a magic gauntlet, players will battle the forces of evil and complete missions spread throughout a troubled city. With impressive graphics and plenty of loot to collect and upgrade, Running Shadow is a free to play title that Windows Phone and Windows 10 gamers won't want to miss. Read on for our full review and hands-on video!

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Surprisingly, you just won't find many platforming games (that aren't endless runners) on the Windows Store. Windows Phone has the tablet and PC OS beat in that area. To make matters worse, several quality Windows 8 platformers don't work properly on Windows 10! Thus we've rounded up the best Windows Store platformers that play nicely with Windows 10 as well as the best ones that don't.

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New York-based accessory manufacturer CTA Digital has just such a solution for Xbox One owners. The Multi-Function Carrying Case for Xbox One is a messenger-style bag that can hold an Xbox One, a Kinect, and a few accessories. Will this case actually fit everything you need to transport with your console? Read our detailed review with video to find out!

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Games in the Forza series traditionally offer VIP memberships as optional paid DLC. Becoming a VIP in Forza Motorsport 6 promises extra cars, faster progression, exclusive races, and in-game recognition for other players to see. Read our detailed review to find out how Forza 6's VIP membership stacks up against the Forza Horizon 2 VIP access and whether it's worth your twenty bucks!

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Tonight we played Goat Simulator from Double Eleven and Coffee Stain Studios. Goat Simulator is a wacky physics simulation/playground starring a very destructive goat with an extra-long tongue. And while we played, we gave out tons of codes for the game. Read on to see game impressions, a list of contest winners, and the replay video in YouTube format.

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This weekend, the proxy robots of Warframe are rising up against the good guys. Players can participate in limited time events for huge rewards, pick up premium weapons at big discounts, and earn double credits just for playing. If that's not enough to get you playing, we also have 50 codes to give away to our super cool viewers. Read on for the event and giveaway details!

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For creative gamers, a big part of the Forza series' draw is creating custom decals and car designs. Forza 6 does not disappoint, offering the same robust editor as found in Forza 4 and 5. Users can even share and download their designs, making it easy to decorate your car with community designs. This guide will walk you through downloading custom decals (including the Windows Central logo!) and applying them to your cars.

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Forza 6 is here, with over 400 cars included in the main game. Early editions of Forza 6 include a free DLC pack called the 'Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack.' Microsoft also offers the 'Fast & Furious Car Pack' for $9.99. Downloading either pack will unlock the cars it brings, but they don't just show up in your garage. Read on for a quick guide to grabbing your DLC rides in Forza Motorsport 6!

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