Barclays continues to show Windows Phone support with official Pingit app

Barclays Pingit

UK bank Barclays has released another app for Windows Phone, but this second offering is for its Pingit service. Pingit enables customers to easily send and/or receive funds using just their mobile device. The best part is anyone can use the app and service, even if they bank with another establishment. All that's required is a UK mobile number and you're all set to send and receive funds.

Barclays Pingit

Here are some highlighted features of the Barclays Pingit app, according to the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • Send up to £1,500 a day / receive up to £5,000 a day
  • Personalize your payments with a picture or message
  • Pay businesses who accept Barclays Pingit payments

It's also possible to use the Barclays Pingit app to send and receive payments from even more people through Paym. Paym, if you're not familiar with the name, is the UK payments service done entirely through mobile devices. It enables account-holders to pay friends, family or other parties without having to abstract bank details and other personal information.

Barclays Pingit is a neat service and we strongly recommend downloading the official app on Windows Phone.

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Reader comments

Barclays continues to show Windows Phone support with official Pingit app


Citi has such awesome promos which is why I have an account with them. Great branch near here.
That is way more valuable to me than a native app.

Why SunTrust?

I'm young and I set up my first account with the same bank as my dad. I just want them to have an app. There's no excuse. Apple and Google have one.

But then again, it's great to have two superb apps that are the equals of the apps on the other platforms!
I switched from Halifax on the strength of Barclays app offerings.

I'm just trying to think of any other apps that I still need. The fancy lock screen from Microsoft will be great, and the free version of Spotify - but other than that, I'm just about there!

I agree there, PingIt is a great service even though I bank with HSBC. I may have to switch to Barclays if HSBC don't release a decent app.

You don't need to swich bank, this app allows non Barclays customers also to use their own bank too, as long as that is a personal account.  just downloaded and set it up with another UK bank and all is working, and no fees, brilliant!

Amazing app, Barclays are leading the way with showing how good a windows phone banking app should be. Excellent stuff!

Dont think it works with 8.1 . Well atleast i cant seem to get it work, just says "the app is not availible for your phone"

If you have region set to U.S. so you can use Cortana you need change out to UK download then just change region back to U.S.

I use PingIt and yes, the other person needs to have PingIt as well. If they don't have it then they receive a text message telling them to download the app ;-)

Thank you, I forgot about paym support. I was using PingIt before paym and it required the PingIt app on both devices.

Officials are great, but, I just hope in the name of Satan that they give it updates and support. (Not another Chaos & Order please)

Come on HSBC, Barclays are putting you to shame. Why am I even with you guys in the first place?

Ah man how did I miss this article. Finally saw it as a featured app on Windows Market place and downloaded. One app I was waiting for on WP :)