Bing Health & Fitness beta released for Windows Phone, helps keep you active on trends

It looks like the Bing team is not yet done with Windows Phone, as at around 3 AM this morning, they pushed out their latest addition, Health & Fitness to Windows Phone 8 devices. The app of course is a mobile version of the popular Windows 8/RT version and so far, it looks great.

However, as with the recently released Bing Food & Drink, this app is in beta. Basically, that means it’s not yet finished, and some parts may not be working. In fact, Microsoft this time explicitly stated this in the app’s description, so you should be forewarned.  Having said that, it’s damn nice, especially if you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2014.

The app itself is super-fast to launch and it has various color-coded sections based on Today, Fitness, Nutrition, Medical, and general News. Users can also sign into their Microsoft Account to sync the service to the desktop companion, and vice versa, though we have yet to try it (that is probably one of the beta features).

From the app description:

“The Bing Health & Fitness app helps you stay on top of health and fitness trends and provides the tools you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Designed for Windows Phone, the Health & Fitness app brings together great fitness, nutrition and health content, along with trackers, tools and other features. Set your daily calorie goal, record what you eat and get nutritional information for over 300,000 foods. Choose from hundreds of workouts and exercises with step-by-step instructions, photos and video. Use the GPS tracker to record your time, distance, pace and calories burned while you walk, run, bike and do other activities. Enter symptoms to get information on possible health conditions with the Interactive Symptom Checker. Keep your tracker data synced across your Windows 8 devices.”

It’s a great looking app and we’re finally glad to see it land on Windows Phone to match the growing Bing suite.

Pick up Bing Health & Fitness beta here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Via: WPCentral Forums; Thanks DreadVenom

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Bing Health & Fitness beta released for Windows Phone, helps keep you active on trends


Finally. Was waiting for that one to make use of it. I hope the syncing works properly unlike the Food App. Have to compare it to the MUI App but for some reason i cant create my own Gym plan with this one. just "cardio" tracker.

Indeed, I have my own routine and I would like the ability to create, for example, Workout A and Workout B; each with their specific exercises and having the app calculating calories burnt etc.

I miss the ability to make a training schedual or follow a pre-made one like in ActiveFitness. Also i would like if the livetile showed how many calories i have burnt, how far i have ran and alot of info like the ActiveFitness livetile.


Otherwhise beautiful app, i actually wished like a day or two ago that there was a fitness tracker that could track my runs AND keep track of my carbs. Now another wish of mine has been answered. I feel stalked by Microsoft ^^

I'll agree. Android apps are ugly. I don't think we need them. Developers for wp are ramping up just fine.

Agree that many of them doesn't look to good. Prefer fewer good designed apps over quantity with a messy look and bad performance.
Like app from Rudy Huyn and other devoted developers.
Think that MS would really shoot themselves somewhere by letting in Android apps. Hopefully it's just a stupid rumor, but have voted anyway...
Fired up an old Android to take a look inside the play store, but not very impressed... Oh, and the feel of that Android.... So happy not having to use that anymore :D

Agreed! It's a great app but if you're tracking calories and workouts, it'd also be nice to be able to track weight along with it. Fix that and I'll drop the LiveStrong app in favour of this one. Great to see these apps rolling out too. :)

In settings you can enter your weight to calculate the daily intake of calories; monitoring and track you weight daily, weekly or after a specific exercise, running for example, is not available.
Although being still in Beta it might be added later.

Only thing I don't see is scanning a barcode on food. That is a must have feature. Hopefully it will be added in the next update.

Is there an app that syncs with the FitBit via Bluetooth yet? I'm using the FitBit tracker app at the moment but syncing through my work iPhone.

I haven't seen one yet,  but hopefully we will soon since WP 8.1 will bring native support for Bluetooth LE which is required for FitBit devices.

With MyFitnessPal being broken I was excited to see this. Hope this can replace my calorie counter & exercise apps both.

Love being able to pin different elements of the app.

I haven't found an app that works as good as MyFitnessPal.  This listing on Bing is too narrow when it comes to barcodes and restaurants.  I eat My Fit Food and none of their listing can be found.  This looks great but I hope it allow intergration with MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper as I use both and they work fine together.

But MyFitnessPal you have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again. It's annoying but it works. 

I love the new design style. One of the things that irritated me about the WP apps were the stupid heading with MASSIVE font letting you know what app you were using.   On a small screen device like lumia 521, the chrome would take up so much room.

I hope all of the current apps out there get rewritten to maximize screen space.  


Pretty sure the '3.x' is for all forthcoming Bing apps. It's more like a generation thing, not actual version 3.0 of this app, since there was never a 1.0 or 2.0.

Hi Dan, got a question that you may or may not be able to answer depending on whether you have signed an nda with ms or have other contractual obligations bit here goes. I have seen a number of users request apps that probably should have hit the platform by now and i was wondering, are devs holding back some apps so they wont have to recode when 8.1 is released? If im not mistaken, the leaked doc mentioned something like that, no? It may just be me but it would be awesome if that with a whole new os we also receive some top apps that are already optimised for it. Also, i wonder if the reason gta:sa doesn't have cloud save is because 8.1 with back-up app data natively? Anyways, what you think?

I would like to see the GPS tracker replaced with the pedometer tracker. It would be great to have it sync with the Fitbit or other tracking systems.

Every Bing app, it seems, requires running in the background. One thing I hope to see in the wp8.1 update is a higher limit for the number of background apps running. Or some way of fixing it so that having more apps installed that want to run in the background doesn't mess up updates for all of them. Maybe they have said something about this and I missed it?

Just taken the words out of my mouth. You didn't miss it as I also haven't yet seen this mentioned in WP8.1 rumors.

I seriously need Microsoft to provide templates to some of these developers! Apps by them are the only ones that do the Metro/Modern UI 100% right. Other apps like wpcentral do it right too but I hate how the text covers 50% of the screen and minimizes the content -_- and this is present in so many apps. Heck Microsoft even has live tiles inside the app. I'm impressed.

Generally this because the App templates provided by Microsoft with the SDK had giant text for the titles and headers on the Panorama and Pivot type apps. I've noticed that the Bing apps dramatically reduced the font size. Also noticed that in one of the Windows 8.1 leaked screen shots, it appeared that the panorama font size look smaller. Another thing....it seems like they have moved away from the dark them that was somewhat unique to Windows Phone (the Bing apps force a light theme). I am still a fan of the dark theme, but I wonder if Microsoft has had a change of heart.

Would be great if it synced with the Xbox One fitness data... MSFT needs to leverage all of their properties when doing these things.

OMG, been waiting for this apps and I must say, one of the best and well designed apps on WP. Finally! Even better, the fact that it syncs across PC, tablet and phone...thx to MS account...loving it.

Hmm..another quality app..android has huge number of apps but few are upto standard...thts why i moved to wp..simplicity..standard apps..and its uniqueness..in a crowd..proud to #window phone user..cheers

Is there a reason why can't find the Bing food and drink app in the marketplace? I've been looking like crazy and just can't find it

"Do not download this application for public use while in Beta testing."
OK, I'll shield my screen with my hand, so the iDroid people around me don't see it.

I wish this app would be able to communicate and link with RunKeeper and MyFitness Pal like they way they are able to with each other and this would be perfect.  Trying to track Calories on the RT app sucks and the Health Vault app has so much potential but lacks alot of features it could have.  But I'm glad this made it on the WP.

This is a great application however it would be great if they combined all the platforms into one ultimate fitness and health suite. If they could tie this into Xbox Fitness, health vault, and make it compatible with the weight scales, Fitbit, Fuel, etc. that would be incredible. Think of a virtual health coach that would be able to take all your data and suggest diet, fitness routines, and allow your personal physician to access data and even input information from your physical exams. Having this information available on Xbox, PC, and Phone would allow you to have your entire physical health history and fitness routines with you at all times.

Oh cool. Great I just dug down and found it. Now if they could just link it up with Xbox Fitness and the other applications that would be great. A suggested meal list based on fitness goals would be killer. This is a great start and I look forward to seeing where they take this.

Bing team, your app is perfect, except on both apps, windows and WP, I cannot edit my own nutritional values for food. Please add this!!!!! It would make it the best app. 300,000 foods sometimes doesn't match exactly what I ate, and if I know the nutritional values...let me edit it! Or add my own edited foods!!

Can't really use it. I use kilojoules.
Calories is an old unit that should have been left abandoned when it was replaced by kj 50-60 years ago.
Why can't I opt to use kJ?
I can use real units in height and weight, strange they've left out kj/calories...

I have noticed that these bing apps actually do not sync accross devices, even though there is that feature. Why is that?