Foodies rejoice, as Bing Food & Drink is released for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft and Bing are on a streak, releasing their second app this week for Windows Phone and expanding their content. Today, Bing Food & Drink appeared on the Store with the ‘beta’ moniker in tow. The app is an extension of the already existing and highly popular Windows 8.1 version.

So what is Food & Drink? It’s a combo recipe/shopping list/news/cocktails/wines app, laid out in a gorgeous Modern UI with bold, eye catching photos. Basically if you’re a self-described ‘foodie’, this app is for you. Likewise, if you’re on a diet and trying to avoid temptation, this app is probably not for you—although if you use it for just recipes, maybe you can sneak it in.

Bing Food & Drink (Beta) 3.0

“The Bing Food & Drink app makes it easy to explore recipes, choose wine and cocktails, and learn how to make your next meal a taste-tempting success.  You’ll enjoy beautiful photos, easy to follow instructions and helpful tools such as a shopping list and collections.  Keep your shopping list synced across your devices. Share your recipes, shopping list or collections with family and friends. An indispensable companion, the Food & Drink app will have your kitchen sizzling.”

The app has the ability to Share built in, add to collection and even a Live Tile to boot. Just as cool, you can sign in with your Microsoft Account to sync across your collections to your Windows 8.1 app and vice versa. We really like that.

It’s great to not only see this gem of an app come over from Windows 8.1, but come over in style. The Bing team gets design and you’ll be challenged to not keep this on your phone. Even being able to customize recipes according to your diet needs e.g. low sodium, no wheat, raw, vegan, etc., is extremely helpful.

Bing Food & Drink is a killer app, so you should definitely give it a spin and show it off to your friends (it’s only available on Windows Phone so far).

Pick up Bing Food & Drink beta 3.0 here in the Store or scan the QR code below. (And don’t forget to check out Bing Travel, released earlier this week).

Update: Microsoft has passed on the following comments about this app, noting 

“We are testing a beta version of the Bing Food & Drink app for Windows Phone 8. The app will be available on a limited basis to undergo testing and experimentation to ensure the best possible user experience.”

Thanks, Mohamed A., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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