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CTIA 2010 Special Edition Podcast

Phil is joined by Dieter and Kevin as we talk about the news at CTIA 2010. There was just a smidgen of Windows Mobile (the HD2 on T-Mobile), but plenty of Android. Listen in!

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Pardon the interruption, just wanted to take a second to let you know that I sat down with Mickey and Joey from The Cell Phone Junkie recently to record an episode of The Cell Phone Junkie Unlocked, the premium version of their podcast. Most of the talk was about the launch of Windows Phone 7 Series, and we had a nice chat about the Android-powered Google Nexus One, too.

You can subscribe and listen now at tcpjunlocked.com.

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WMExperts Podcast Episode 90

We're back, folks! After a week or so to recuperate from Mobile World Congress and the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series, Malatesta and Phil return for a few good Windows Mobile -- er, Windows Phone -- rants.

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SPE at MWC Podcast Three: BlackBerry, HTC, and More!

We are outie-5000 from Mobile World Congress, folks. There are a couple straggler posts we'll catch up on, but in the meantime listen in for our thoughts on some BlackBerry news, yeah, but also HTC's big announcements. Listen in!

You can find the first SPE MWC Podcast here and the second SPE MWC Podcast here. The second  podcast is where we talk up Windows Phone 7 Series, so if you missed it, check it out.

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Phil, Dieter and Crackberry Kevin wrap up Monday's Mobile World Congress news, including Microsoft's little announcement of a thing called Windows Phone 7 Series.

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We saved the best (and penultimate) episode of our Smartphone Round Robin mini-podcasts for last — Windows Mobile, baby! Once again hosted by our pal Mickey Papillon of The Cell Phone Junkie, all your favorite Smartphone Experts editors talk about what they saw during our time together. Listen in below!

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WMExperts Podcast Episode 86

So many Windows Mobile rumors floating around, Phil and Malatesta need Rene Ritchie's help to tackle them all! Join in!

FYI: If you've had trouble with the iTunes feed, delete it and resubscribe. Sorry for the trouble!

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Since the entire SPE team was here at CES in Las Vegas, it made perfect sense to take some time away from ogling gadgets and chatting up our friends in the blogosphere to record a podcast. We talk up what we've seen so far, including the Nexus One and Motorola Backflip; we also chatted a bit about what we're hoping to see at Palm's event today.

As you might have guessed, the show was recorded and hosted by our pal Mickey Papillon of TCPJ. Give it a listen!


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Just a reminder that we're taking a break from the Smartphone Round Robin this week to cover CES. But that doesn't mean we don't have something special for ya: A pair of podcast with all your favorite SPE editors.

First up is the second podcast we recorded during the Round Robin, brought to you by our pals at The Cell Phone Junkie. It's embedded below, but you've already subscribed to TCPJ, right?

How to listen to the Smartphone Round Robin Podcast Part 2:

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