Windows Phone 8 UK carrier availability and pricing


Windows Phone 8 has been launched and so its time we found out who gets what and how much its going to cost.

During the event last night they advised us that we’d be able to get out hands on the devices from next week. We have a rundown of who’s going to have what. Read on to find out more.

We previously took a look at when the devices will start shipping, so here's the pricey part. The good news is that between the various outlets in the UK we’re well served for most of the popular handsets, here’s how it shakes out:


Three UK

  • HTC 8X – from £30 + £29 per month
  • HTC 8S – *Details coming soon*

Vodafone UK

Will be stocking Lumia 820, 8X and 8S but no pricing details shared just yet

Phones 4u

  • Lumia 920 – From £19.99 plus £46 per month
  • Lumia 820 – From free + £31 per month
  • HTC 8X – From free plus £31.00 per month
  • HTC 8S – From free plus £20.50 per month
  • SAMSUNG ATIV S From free plus £36 per month

Carphone Warehouse

The retailer is said to be stocking the Lumia 820, HTC 8X and the HTC 8S but no pricing was announced during the event. As of time of writing there is no new information listed on their website either.

Carrier availability looks to be strong here in the UK and its good to see adoption of the ATIV S from Samsung which has so far been rather elusive in terms of hard news.

We’d like to know what you think of pricing and availability here in the UK, what network and phone do you fancy the most. Please tell us in the comments below.


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 UK carrier availability and pricing


Whilst I fully agree with this, I think its because we were expecting too much to begin with. I think the pricing of the tariffs are wrong and the selection of usage is hit and miss but they got the contract lengths pretty reasonable. 
I mean if you look at a Lumia 920 for instance..12 month contract £51 a month and £50 for the phone. Works out at £662. Take off £470 which is cost of phone which makes it £192 for the plan for 12 months (unlimited mins and texts with 1gb data)..Divide that cost of £192 by 12 and that gives 16 per month.
Depends how you look at it I guess :/

Mate you're a genious!!! I though i will buy lumia off the store but here i get the same thing as on my sim only plan and dont need to pay upfront !!!

Called around and sim free is hard to find many of the online retailers do not know if they are getting it. This is very disappointing from Nokia. Phones 4U told me that they are just doing contracts.

Hey what is your thought on how reliable this company is? Saw other articles and people were a bit unsure.

I've personally not had any dealings with them but I bought my Galaxy Nexus from Simply Electronics (and they have bad reviews), but came through for me. 
My best advise I could say is if you intend to get it from them, pay on a credit card so you are protected :)

Tescos is offering the 820 with free wireless charger and free charging shell for £20/mo. Can't find sim free 920 anywhere.... Yet

I just want to buy my phone SIm free wanted the Lumia 920 but will just get the HTC Windows Phone 8 X

Im on O2 and I was going to get the Lumia 920 but im not switching network so then the HTC 8x took my fancy but after comparing it with the ATIV S and after seeing the hands on from yesterdays release im really impressed with the samsung device. That huge screen, expansion slot for micro sd's, the aluminium finish, the larger battery. Theres just too many plus points to the ATIV S for my daily use when compared to the plus points of the 920 camera and the HTC beats audio.

That's what I have been thinking. I just don't want to see a 920 in the wild as I know I'll want to throw my ATIV S. Another factor for me is that I'm not so fond of the thin, plastic feel to the GS3.

Originally the plastic feel of the GS3 was what put me off the ATIV S but to find out its aluminium was a big plus. Theres no denying the 920 looks stunning as a phone but i would rather have function over form any day of the week. Bigger memory with the possibility for expansion on the ATIV just cant be beat by either the 920 or the 8X

The 32gb on the 920 would be plenty for me, but I agree for option for micro SD is pretty sweet on the ativ. I'm just worried about the fake aluminium effect. If it passes as metal, then I'm cool with that. If it still feels like plastic them I'm out.


Morningstar today about Nokia:
Share price assumption at this moment: 2.40 euro (Nokia share is in Helsinki right now 2.06 euro, in New York 2.56 dollar)
Best scenario (if WP8 phones go well): the stock price will go to about 7.70 euro per share)
Worst scenario: no bankruptcy, because Nokia would be sold in parts before that.
Estimated price for this: intellectual properties over 1 euro per share;
other business parts (smartphones, featurephones, NSN) at least over 1.50 euro per share.
And NAVTEQ´s price not included (Nokia bought NAVTEQ with about 7 billion euro). All in all even in this case, Nokia share price would be at least over 2.5 euro. Pretty much like my thoughts and analysis.


I'm gonna hold out until the timed exclusive ends with EE and then get the 920 on either O2 or 3-UK....

Shame Nokia have been so foolish by making 920 exclusive only on EE with their absurd pricing for their 4G network.... And, considering loads of people on Orange have complained about slow speeds since merger with T-Mo; I won't be venturing with them :(

Loads of people ? not heard one person to be honest that sounds like bollocks.
O2 are the absolute worse network to get a contract with unless you want a company to rip you off and add lots of hidden unexplained costs.

Yes moron, as I said loads of people.... This ranges from my Wife to about 20 of my friends on Orange who have said to steer clear as since the switch to EE their speeds are terrible.

And I'm with O2, and have been for 6 years and never had a problem with being ripped off and "hidden costs"

I'm also one of the ex-Orange customers who was a victim of the merger. Network capacity collapased when they merged the networks. I was out of contract for ages but trundling along paying £5 a month with all the service recovery credit they gave me for the crap network. Left for Vodafone, brilliant coverage where I use my phone - even rural Northern Ireland. My HTC Mozart had 'H' most of the time rather than '3G' when on Orange. Now my 710 has H most places if not E. Its funny that my Vodafone HSPA connection in Northern Ireland is faster than the BT fixed landline, around triple the speed delivered O_O

I may be getting your comment backwards. but H is faster than 3G. if you get an E or O showing, thats slower than 3G

4G > H > 3G > E > G. For some reason on Orange pre and post merger the Mozart showed 3G or G, when I moved to Vodafone it generally was steady on H or E and now my Lumia 710 on Vodafone is generally H in most places except rural Devon where its E or G. Orange/T-Mo seem not to have invested in the faster Edge and HSPA+ technologies over wide areas. Only specialising in bring non-penetrative 4G to small areas by siphoning off 2/3G spectrum.

Was just on phone about my upgrade with t-mobile. was shocked that i would have to change contract and would not even benifit from any 4G usage seen as i wont get it for at least another year.....oh and the £160 for the handset on top of a 46 a month contract. Think the HTC 8X on o2 might be coming my way.

EEs pricing is shocking considering the 4g coverage. Def gonna wait for the 920 to open up on voda or o2. Just ditched orange and won't be going back

I thought that too untill one of the guys on wpcentral pointed this out :
lumia 920 unlimited minutes+texts 1gb data = 49 upfront plus 51 a month for 12 months
Total cost 661 minus lumia cost 470 = 191 divided 12 = less than £16 for unlimited minutes, texts and 1gb data which is better what i've upgraded to on sim only plan with loyalty discount (600min,1gb data - £15.5) and you dont have to pay upfront for your mobile !!!
plus lte...

I spoke to my local Phones 4U  who say they will be selling the 920 for £459 sim free, and have stock in the next couple of days.

Nokia 920 is available on EE web site but as my area is not going to have 4g there is no point in me paying extra for this service T-mobile and Orange have said they are stocking this phone next month but Im getting frustrated at the lack of info.

Thanks for posting the image of the instore placement.  Do you know what is said next to the yellow and red swatches?  I've tried zooming in and can't make it out :/

Just been round to phones4U they are still waiting for the 920 and the 8X to come in should have them by friday. The text next to the red/yellow swatches says exclusive to phones4U

I have just spoken to carphone warehouse, they can upgrade my o2 contract with an 820, unlimited texts and minutes, 1 gb data on a 2 year contract, £30 handset charge

I think the price is expensive. I want to go three network and phones 4 U are the only one doing the 920. Serious it seems like I'll be stick to my phone I have now as 920 it alittle pricy

I have just spoken to carphone warehouse, they can upgrade my o2 contract with an 820, unlimited texts and minutes, 1 gb data on a 2 year contract, £30 handset charge
sorry for £26 a month

phones4u have now got wp8 displays setup. The L920 is on EE exclusive but the 8x is on all carriers. My local Vodafone store basically said no wp8 until January.

Called Orange/EE they told met upgrade would be £179 but loyalty discount of £130 on a £26 p/m but they could not sell it to me today will call me back... Hope phones4u haven't screwed me over...

I'd love to be an early adopter with one of these phones but at the same time not being able to upgrade until May I'll be able to see how things pan out. Each one has its strengths but I'm hoping that Carphone warehouse will do phone and tablet deals with Windows 8 RT. I have a HTC Titan at the minute and have felt frustrated by the app exclusives Nokia have so I'm hoping Nokia announce their tablet then I can be colourful and kitted out totally by them. The frequently commented video frame rate stuttering on the MS surface put me off that device. Its exciting times though and my decision changes regularly :)

No Cyan 920 to be seen anywhere, is this an at&t exclusive? Plus siding with EE, shooting yourself in the UK foot Nokia. Blue HTC 8x for me. I read somewhere on WP central that Nokia were playing the marketing game differently this time and not giving all the suppliers all the phones and going for exclusives. Pathetic idea, im with orange and could quite easily pick up a L920 on EE but hate Orange and don't want anything to do with it. I want to go back Vodaphone, no L920, so HTC it Is.

I'll be sticking with GiffGaff for £10 per month and buying one of these sim free as I did with my current Lumia 800.

OK, so I wandered into Phones4U at lunch time. They had the Lumia 920 advertised SIM free for £369! I didn't get a chance to to talk to the sales person as they were all busy. Then I went to the EE shop, and they said I can upgrade to the Lumia 920 on T-Mobile in the unlimited internet "full monty plan". This is £36 per month + £39 for the handset.

I've just phoned Phones4U.  They said they are getting the Lumia 920 in Sim Free they just don't have a date yet It's going to be £460 and the 820 is £370.

about EE... I am with Orange and I am sure I will have to go with EE now. Am I eligible to get ripped off by EE's crazy tarriff although I dont fall under their LTE enabled zone?

yes same as me you'll get 3g simply, and if u around 4g you'll get it too
And its not that expensive take a look few coments back on 12month contract it turnes out you pay less than 16 for unlimited minutes plus 1gb data and you dont need to pay for mobile upfront yey!!
btw they out of stock right now i need to wait a week to get it :(

Phones4u should be confirming prices and availability tomorrow. Ive just been told by one of their facebook page staff... fingers crossed

Well if the 920 is that expensive I won't be getting it, think the HTC 8x ill get instead in that gorg tennis ball yellow

I'm on three because its the only good signal in my area. I really think nokia have messed up on their launch again! I went with the htc 8x in the end as there was no sign that the 920 was going to be available on other networks.