New and exclusive Nokia Lumia 505 coming to Mexico’s Telcel with Windows Phone 7.8?

Nokia may be once again creating some exclusive phones for regional carriers and this time it’s reportedly the Lumia 505.

The phone first popped up on the questionable Facebook page of Guerrero Móvil, where not much info was provided besides the image and it being exclusive to Telcel.  At the time, that wasn’t enough for us to run with the story as there was no other confirmation of that device (and to be honest, anyone could throw together that carrier mockup).

But now over at WinP.cn, they have evidently come across Wi-Fi certification information for this phone, which certainly seems to confirm that this low-end device exists.

The Lumia 505 (RM-923) reportedly features an 8MP rear camera and is most likely Windows Phone 7.x device (there’s no evidence that it is a Windows Phone 8 phone). The Lumia 505 is thought to be the sister device of the Lumia 510, which also features Windows Phone 7.x and has the “old” Windows flag for the logo. In other words, that’s not a mistake but on purpose. Overall, this looks to be a similar approach to the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile versus the Lumia 820 released worldwide.

Not much else is known about the Lumia 505, but presumably it will have a single core 1GHz CPU, 800x480 4” TFT display, 4GB of storage, 256MB of RAM with a 1300mAh battery.

Source: Facebook; via: WinP.cn; Thanks, hengxiang32401 and RenatoFontes, for the tips!


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New and exclusive Nokia Lumia 505 coming to Mexico’s Telcel with Windows Phone 7.8?


Ohh looks Hot , idk why nokia doesnt bring a nice looking phone to low end carriers like boost, virgin or metro.
The lumia 920 design has been overdone .

Releasing phones with 7.8 is lame. Why not Windows Phone 8. Lets move on already. You can already get a new contract for little change. Why do this?

cause not all countries have the contract systems ... many countries have to buy phone outright for thier full cost, so this makes sense as not everyone can buy high end phones so if it makes the userbase bigger what is the problem? if you dont like the device it you who should move on and find the best device of your choice and the one in your budget.

yup, im from México and if you want to buy a high-end phone (ej. nokia lumia 920) you need to stick with a 24 month contract ($85 dlls a month), plus you have to pay like 200 for the phone. And off contract the 920 will cost like $900 dlls... thanks kind of expensive, dont you think?

It is because of the contact systems and what you have to pay upfront. I went yesterday to Telcel and to get a lumia 710 I needed to pay 345 pesos (16 pounds)... but for the lumia 800 the price was around 5000 pesos (240 pounds) which is considerably more for the average mexican consumer. I wellcome this kind of strategy from nokia, markets like China, India, Mexico are exactly what they need to get a foothold in the smartphone world and will be with cheap/afordable devices that they will make it to the masses. 

because not everyone can get a high-end phone, and not everyone needs the full-feature os. Some only needs a fast phone, good quality, for few bucks. dont you think? nokia with S40 OS still has phones on the market, and they still selling pretty well :) 

This was on charts for all developing countries where a bulk of folks want/can afford a $100-$200 phone. Good that MS and Nokia are tapping into wider market. Remember the Nokia 3310? It sold like hot cakes due to its sturdiness and price.

yeahhh but is not a cool topic, in Mexico the Lumia 920 and 820 will not be available before April or some other far date

First the 820/810 and now the 510/505 combo - why does the better design have to be one off and the not so pretty one a worldwide phone? Somebody from Nokia needs to explain this!

I feel like OEMs need to inform users when a new phone they are selling is not going to see any major OS upgrades, EVER. Someone like my mom would snap this up thinking it's a great budget smartphone and then see the neat things people do in ads, only to learn she can't. I include Android in this statement, by the way.

Apple is selling iphone 3gs and iphone4 ... i dont think these will get a major update... and they do not tell that, do they?

If your mom (or anyone) buys a phone without really being able to distinguish between 7.x and 8 then probably they won't mind about the upgrade thing. That's a power/informed user mindset not applicable to the broader population.