Nokia reportedly not coming to CES 2013, waiting for MWC instead

According to the latest rumor, Nokia has just cancelled its plan of showcasing new products at the upcoming CES in January 2013. Instead, the Finnish phone maker is now cooking up some surprises for Mobile World Congress 2013, about one month after the CES (Windows Phone Central will be at both events).

People have been expecting Nokia to bring up the next wave of Lumia devices, and probably more powerful Pureview goodies, for CES 2013. The month-long postpone could be a sign that Nokia indeed has something up its sleeves, and is needing a little bit more time to polish it. Let's just be patient.

Meanwhle, Huawei's first ever Windows Phone device the Ascend W1 is expected to be revealed on CES 2013.

Source: WPDang


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Nokia reportedly not coming to CES 2013, waiting for MWC instead


Between announcement and release Nokia always has a big gap so i am not worried with my 920, it is not Samsung wich releases a phone every month.

This may sound insane, but I think I'm actually pretty set with my 920.  Great design, durability, 720p, dual core, great camera.  I honestly can't imagine what they could introduce that would make me regret getting my 920.  Quad core and 1080p are gimmicks and I'm not professional enough at cameras to want a better one than the 920 already has.

Not really, the release cycle for most phone manufacturers is about 6 months.  By the time anything shown off by Nokia at CES or MWC hits the shelves, it will have been about 6 months. 

20 MP over sampling and OIS perhaps. In truth I expect them to just implement the oversampling on the S4 Pro censor or a custom chip. The next flagship will probably combine both. 3X lossless zoom isn't so bad though. A 5/4.8 OLED screen from Samsung will round out the package. Nice upgrade for those with the L900 that chose to wait it out.

Would these specs please the masses with the L920 so recently released?

This is pretty much what I am waiting for. I really want the 920, but I know after MWC, I will really want whatever they announce. So I'll just wait it out.

+1 to that
The worst part is the memory is not expandable on the 920 (the only reason I am not bending over my back for it)
As we all know, the w8 phones are now direct x compatible, the games that are made for it can easily to upto a gig each.
I am stuck with an iPod touch 2g - 8gb, the games in those days were hardly 20-ish mb, after a year or so, it moved to about 600 mb, thank Gameloft for that!
So, I made this note to myself, never, ever fall for something with limited storage, even if it comes with a real rocket launcher!

Dual quad core CPU, 4K display, 8 GB of RAM with 60 MPX and optical image stabilization, augmented reality, finger print scanner, 4.5 inch display, Gorilla Glass 3, 130 grams, expandable storage, unibody design, made of titanium, 5 extra antenas with satelite connection to NASA, specila line with president and no carrier dependant updates. 
Sadly, it was all possible and believeble untill the last line, now it's just a nonsense 

It would be amazing if they had something incredible to debut. It would also be nice if they were taking the month off because they didn't feel any pressure due to impressive sales of Lumia devices this quarter...though I know that second part is just optimism reaching critical mass.

A February announcement could mean an April launch. I think it would be wise for Nokia to get in a pattern of October/November and April/May launches to keep things fresh but not rampant releases like on Android. Similar to WP it is a nice combination of the Apple way and the Google way.

6 Months will overload people and the changes in 6 months won't be amazing enough to justify a model line refresh. It will become like Android where each model is only a touch better than the last and just enough to annoy those that purchased the last one and always want the latest.

I'm not sure if I consider 6 months to be overload.  I think it fills in nicely for people with expiring contracts; I'm not sure if someone's eligible for an upgrade between March and April it is realistic to expect them to wait until November or buy a 6 month old device when other competitors have newer devices available.

What day is MWC? Will this be before or after Sprint gets whatever WP8s it's getting or not? (If you guys have any idea if it's worth the wait after MWC or not, a simple "yes" or "no" would suffice.) Unless we really are looking at a Lumia 940, which I'm sort of doubting, I'll probably just get whatever Sprint gets first.

LUmia 920 got some flaws i want to be fixed in new models (or by software update)
- daylight camera performance
- laggy touchscreen while charging with third party cable
- case not solid enough (compared to the 900). I can press it and it makes sounds and moves a bit
- vibrating sounds broken and is not strong enough
- super sensitive touch works only randomly
- matte versions of yellow/red

forme the "glove mode" works always, but takes a second or two to calibrate before 100% working. It's still miles before competition :)

Dammit! That's what you get for being a first adopter. So those who bought the 900 will be treated with a better Pureview, while those who skipped the 900 for the 920 will have to wait a year or two until contract over!

Seriously. I hope they don't release a new phone, there are too many issues with the 920 that need to be resolved first. Also, wouldn't we have seen or heard rumors of a new device? Crappy leaked images or "inside" sources haha... I'll be pissed if they release a new phone as my 920 has spent too much of its short life either in troubleshooting or where it is now, at a Nokia repair facility because it bricked during a Nokia Care recommended full reset. Fix/focus on the 920 first.

Also, they'll probably release more entry level or mid range if anything. They seem to be pushing out quite a few of these devicws .

Nokia still need to make money, and for companies other than Apple, that means volume. Flood the market, more chance of someone finding something they like.

Even if they would release a new phone it would not be available until April and it still would not stop your 920 from working, so what's exactly your problem?

Worried a little about the surface phone. Remember the kin, they had sharp build it. And sharp built the tmo sidekick. Ugly piece of shit ever! So who are they outsourcing this too? How about the camera? Don't wanna think about it. Got Nokia.

I share the concern. Not sure why Microsoft can't put out a near perfect product for one cycle. Is it the hardware or software engineers they got that need replacing or something? Its time for Microsoft to "click in." The customers have been clicked in, just waiting on MS to come up with something amazing. Surface was close

I think this will probably be a Verizon release. Either way I am happy with my 920. I moved from android to get away from a crazy release calendar, so I am hoping this won't be another att flagship phone.

They won't be announcing a Lumia flagship in the MWC I guess since it's kind of early; maybe we'll see something like the Nokia 808 which got released last year in the same period or even we might see a tablet.
Also looking forward very much for a Lumia 710 successor, most probably Lumia 720...

its logical . they just released their line of phones and release january so why should they go there  if they have no news to offer. would be a waste of money to stand there

they;ll release the full pureview phone. the timing fits cause it's the end of the one year cycle for the original one.
also i guess they will launch the 720, but that could happen even sooner, without the need of a conference.
maybe another low end wp8 phone, definetely another wp7 low end phone.
and when it comes to pure speculation- a possible note like device(it was rumoured since last year) and a tablet