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Open password protected documents in latest PDF Reader update for Windows Phone 8

Joe Belfiore, manager of all things Windows Phone, has announced on Twitter that a new version of PDF Reader is available for Windows Phone 8 owners. The app now supports password protected documents, as well as those set as 'read-only'. Released back in November, it's good to see Microsoft further developing the official PDF app for the platform.

As well as the two new features listed above for opening documents, PDF Reader also sports some improvements and bug fixes. You can download PDF Reader from the Windows Phone Store.

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Open password protected documents in latest PDF Reader update for Windows Phone 8


It's about time. I find it almost laughable (in a sense that I completely expect it) that Microsoft is slow to update their own apps for Windows Phone. Their pathetic excuse for a weather app is still stuck in the past though!

Still says no bookmarks. Useless with a 700 page document or manual. Bookmarks work on other versions not wp8. We need adobe. Smdh

Yes I'm sure. A service manual or PDF that already has bookmarks cant be accessed. I dont want to bookmark am already bookmarked PDF with 700 or more pages. Makes it useless for a so called business phone. The version which is adobe worked great on wp7. So now we get PDF reader instead of adobe which is crap at the moment.

Still wont open documents that Adobe Reader managed just fine on Mango. Specifically Corus' Blue Book which, I need to access everyday.

Great update. Now you can delete and share individual PDF files (through SkyDrive). Edit: You can also bookmark, search, and rotate the PDF. Not sure which of these features are new.

Everyone needs to try and share a PDF.

For some reason when you share the original and new file becomes corrupted somehow. I'm not able to open the "shared"/ error and not able to open or delete the original file /error. You are able to delete the original in PDF viewer after you deleted the "shared" file in SkyDrive, but the rest remain.

You can easily bookmark and PDF is faster and does not freezes! Yes it still missing some features like highlighting but way better then before! Ppl plz download the new version test it and the post! Thanx ms for the update, can't wait for Skype to be updated

aint that the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before windows phone 8 came out from the way MS was talking about skypes intergration into wp8 i was under the impression that it wont be a seperate app but that it would be part of the os
anyone know if they might do something like that in the coming updates

I don't think Microsoft ever stated that it would be baked into the OS... That was just hype from us fans. It still works nicely though, just download Skype, sign-in and you're good to go! It doesn't ever need to be running in the background which will save a bit of juice.

Yeah, file is corrupted when UPLOADED to SkyDrive. The uploaded file won't open from SkyDrive on a PC or on the app.

A big improvement but sharing doesn't actually work (and seems very convoluted having to do via SkyDrive too, it'd be better to have an option for email attachments). 

It still amazes me how much this app lacks polish. That's one thing that Apple does really well... iBooks is a super good PDF reader

I still cannot open password protected documents from work, at least we can delete unwanted files now and there had to be an update for this, how lame is that!?!

Some people will dismiss this as unexciting but this is so very useful to some people. I hope they give OneNote a similar update next.

Useful sure, but its still a bad app. I've found several pdfs that just wont even open and I'm asked to look in the store for an app.

After I updated mine I opened a PDF file that was impossible to look at with out it lagging to all hell! Now they all load as they should... 
Now my question is does everyone understand this is how Microsoft rolls? They release an app and the update takes forever unless someone there has an epiphany or does something amazing on their free time or so it seems... I really would like to visit their complex and see how all this stuff rolls out or maybe someone there could make a documentery so we can see why this crap takes forever or why someone there might think they are rolling stuff out in a timely manner! 
I think the idea is most of us know Microsoft is a 200 Billion Dollar company and would think developing stuff like this should be easy as pie as I would think they have the worlds best coders and developers but maybe I am wrong...

About a month ago I tried opening my salary slip which was password protected. Which wasn't supported I had sent feedback in an email requesting this feature. So which is now fixed. I'm happy with the update.

My pay stubs are password protected too, so I was excited to see this update, but alas, after putting in the password, PDF Reader crashes...

Okay, maybe I'm overreacting, but I'm so excited about this right now! Lol. It's the only option us 920 users have -- and I know that's not saying much. Still, I'll take what I can get.
Sometimes though, I do miss Adobe on my Samsung Focus :'(

Amazing that the pdf reader can't even read normal pdf files on my phone, heck it even forgot hot to read a pdf file it read before. Sorry but this pdf reader is worse than crap!

Opens the files just fine for me and it opens the exact same files I opened before the update just it is a lot faster load times! Could it be the files on your phone are damaged or corrupted for some reason? Can you resend the files to your phone or upload them again or did you already try it? 
I haven't experimented with it yet...

Yeah, glad I can finally delete those old PDFs that I only ever viewed once and have been sitting around forever.

simply pathetic that it took from Nov thru Feb 6 to get this basic, minute update.
Microsoft just does not "get it" or move at the speed that mobile requires... the marketshare of WP sits <3% for primarily this reason sad to say.

It now does everything I need it to do. In other words it actually opens PDFs from my email - something it would not do last week.

Hmm...still not opening a one page PDF file that I sent Microsoft to test with.  Good that they noticed the need to improve the app but the pace is typical of Microsoft.  Still good now that we can delete files.
For those files that can't be opened, use a free PC tool PDF24 to "SaveAs" a new version.  That's how I did to half of my books.

I'm still waiting for Reflow. Even a 4.3" screen is not enough to make some documents readable. it's easier to read a long document with reflow than zipping left and right trying to follow large columns of text. Get on it, MS!