HTC teases an all-white 8X Windows Phone. Coming soon?

With sales of the HTC 8X evidently doing fairly well, it would seem obvious that the company would experiment with other colors—after all, California Blue, that fire engine red, Limelight yellow and black are all quite popping. Heck, we’ve even seen a grey/yellow “employee edition” of the 8X previously.

HTC have posted on their official Twitter account a simple photo with the headline “Sometimes you just need to tune it all out. Let us help.” With an accompanying image of a boy “tuning out” the people around him while he listens to what appears to be a red HTC 8X. The two females meanwhile are passing what appears to be a white HTC 8X—a colors scheme heretofore unseen to the public.

We've seen grey before so why not white?

So, the question: is this really an HTC 8X (as opposed to One X or M7) and is it something we’ll see? To the first question, looking at the flash placement and rounded corners, it certainly does look like an 8X. Then again, the soon-to-be-announced M7 is basically a larger 8X with the same design—one difference being flash placement, which does not match here. For that question, yes, this seems to be a white HTC 8X Windows Phone.

Whether or not we’ll actually see this or it is just a prototype is another question. With reports of the soft touch paint wearing off or getting dirty for current 8X users, we shudder to think what an all-white version would look like after a few months of usage. But then again, white is the new black for smartphones, so anything is possible.

Source: HTC (Twitter); via GSM Arena; Thanks, Liam C., for the heads up


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HTC teases an all-white 8X Windows Phone. Coming soon?


At least Nokia reported that it was a huge job to make the white in their polycarbonate bodies perfect, so it may be that it is not that simple for HTC either...

Tom Warren (from the Verge) just tweeted this "I wonder if the all white HTC "8X" has a better camera in it too ;)".

I'm over Windows Phone!!!...jk, but hopefully we can get some more apps soon and that notification center they been talkn about.

I don't know what people are taking about with the finish. I've had my 8X almost 2-1/2 months. No fading and its clean. I have no case or screen protector. Usually its in my pants or jacket pocket, and I've even dropped it a few times.. I don't get it..

Just sayin

Well maybe it has. I still like the color though. I do notice my buttons are slightly lighter in color. Thought it was always like this though.. Hmmmmmm.

It's not 100% of the phones because if you read the forums there are quite a few people who have said theirs hasn't darkened even after a few months.

I have the earpiece the guy is currently using, enrages me why red is not available internationally and is exclusive to Verizon :/

A bluish-purple phone and a striking red earpiece absolutely does not match!

And the white 8X looks like it has a bezel around it. May be a trick of the lighting but it still looks like a bezel. To me, at least,

Maybe its a hard-shell 8X more like the iPhone 3GS. No more stains and a glossy finish.

If HTC would just try as hard as Nokia, they could be #1. They have better designs than Samsung and their devices seem to balance attracting the eyes of men and women more evenly than Nokia. But they subscribe to the sell and move on principle which is why they are destined for a slow depressing death.

Why does the "I like big butts..." song come to mind. My L920 is heavy but its a loving relationship

I, personally, have no issue with the weight of the phone, but it's a little too thick and bezels are so large

I dont think it is the 8x - 2 reasons:
If you look At the flash, it is positioned nearly in line With the audio-output. However in the grey shot, the audio out is More to the right.
Plus the flash seems to be a little bit out of center from zhe camera (higher) than on the grey unit.
Could be perspective though

Pretty positive this isn't an 8x. Looks like it has a bezel. The curves are too gradual. And the flash placement. Also its too big.

Looks nice but I wonder how good HTC WP's could be if they actually cared we know they make pretty good hardware so there's always going to be decent phones but they need to want to make the best WP's and apps for them cause Nokia makes everyone else look like they just doing the bare minimum then again even if HTC makes us something amazing the hardware will be on Android the next week so keep doing what ur doing HTC

HTC needs to support windows phones and not just manufacture and move on to make a new model. If they do this then they can be tough competition for NOKIA :)

It looks really nice in white. You sure this is an 8X? Or even an HTC Windows Phone? I didn't see markers that indicated it was. I thought I read something a few weeks ago about HTC bringing the look of the 8X to Android phones.

Are you guys sure this isn't the M7/HTC one? -that is due out next week or so? HTC has been touting this phone pretty regularly...due to its supposedly "awesome" ultrapixel tech...

I don't think it's an 8X. The headphone jack looks to be to far into the centre and the camera sensor looks too big.

The 8x may be doing well but the later backlash from faithful Titan and Titan II owners left without 7.8 update will grab HTC by the ass! Angry Titan II owner!

Is it possible that like certain metals, some peoples sweat will corrode, or in this case discolour the hardware more than others? My hands do not sweat like others and I have never had a problem with discolouration.

Yes it is a HTC article. And having just dumped the Titan II, is why I added my 2 cents. If the TII had been my first WP device, I would not have been getting another WP device. It probably would have been a GSIII. I got a Focus in 2010 and it was a great phone with a wonderful OS. I got the TII when the Focus drowned. I wanted a 4G device and my local ATT store had only 4G droids, except for the TII. Needless to say, because of the frustrating experience I has with it, I would have left WP if Nokia had not been able to deliver the hardware they did. Especially since Samsung has yet to deliver their flagship phone. A bad experience can taint the user experience a great deal.

on the non-us versions where the carrier logo isn't plastered on the back somewhere, the beats logo is usually above the speaker grill
however, if you look at the headphone placement in conjunction with the flash on the picture vs the 8x in the picture below it, it's a little off - looks to me like it's a DNA/Butterfly variant

My red 8x gets dark stains from time to time. Also the finger oils do accumulate over time and hard to keep the device clean without using water

my god man, the red one looks like shit.they should have stayed with the matte finish and not copy the lumia glossy red finish

 I am a Taiwanese. The photo on hTC twitter seems to be taken in Taiwan. hTC Butterfly is the most possible phone in that photo. hTC Butterfly is sold at December in 2012. I guess people not live in Taiwan shall be not familiar with this phone. Additional notice, hTC Butterfly white sold in China has a different look from the one sold in Taiwan.

This is not an 8x, tye headphone jack gives it away. The 8x's headphone curves down the sloping edge of the pho e this is flush with the top. It's probably the M7

Recently leaked parts of the M7 suggest it won't have the metal ring around the camera. So i doubt it is the M7, but i agree that it doesn't look like the 8x either. The corners are somehow off. 

I don't know about phones but white cars always look good even when their dirty. I'm assuming the same applies

It's obviously a white HTC Windows Phone 8X+ with a 4.7 inch HD display and an upgraded double layer camera lens. Of course!

Still waiting to hear when red will be available in the UK.

Starting to get a little tired of waiting for HTC related stuff.
7.8 still not available for my HD7 and red / 4G missing from the UK 8X.