CW Xbox 360 app enables viewers to catch the latest shows shortly after airing

CW Xbox 360

The CW Network has released an app for the Xbox 360, which enables consumers to check out favourite shows, including full episodes, previews and interviews. Next-day episodes are also available for free with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, ignoring any cable or membership subscription costs. If you're a fan of the US network, you'll want to have this app pinned to the dashboard.

What's more is the CW app takes full advantage of Xbox SmartGlass (hello there, Windows Phone) to create a rich, interactive and integrated experience. Viewers can use their Windows tablets or Windows Phones to receive additional content not available to consumers on other platforms. This is a unique feature that should offer an incentive to at least consider the Windows ecosystem should the CW app be frequently accessed.

Major Nelson reports the following as available in the SmartGlass experience for the show The Vampire Diaries:

  • A map that follows the characters through town, revealing events throughout the town's history
  • Biographies of each character
  • Legends and lore of New Orleans and the world of The Vampire Diaries

That's not a bad list, especially if we're to see SmartGlass support expanded to multiple shows offered by the network. If all this wasn't enough, Major Nelson states there will be an Xbox 360 console giveaway on Facebook. Lucky winners will be able to walk away with a custom The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural consoles.

Source / image: Major Nelson


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CW Xbox 360 app enables viewers to catch the latest shows shortly after airing


The thing that hurts wp8 is not having those apps. They make it look like WP as a platform is beneath Apple and Android. For example i was watching the Yankee's game and a commercial for the MLB app comes up and it says it's only for ios and android and it's the same for so many apps. Until that doesn't change I can't see wp8 getting to 10% or more.

I completely agree. Even some apps that support wp8 doesn't mention WP. Lol. I'm glad that I'm not an app whore and use my phone for communication and a music device.

I'm not an app whore either but I do see that the common consumer only sees two platforms and I don't think Microsoft is doing anything significant to change this. It's not just apps either go to best buy for example and look at 3rd party speakers, cases or even screen protectors for phones. They are only compatible with ios and android I know I sound like broken record but it's so obvious this has to change and change fast! If WP is to be successful.

No you are absolutely right! Microsoft gotta act fast They should just advertise WP and Windows everywhere and pay incentives to salesmen and 3rd party suppliers or something. One thing they are doing right is advertising through movie trailers but that alone isn't enough.

well this should make the Teen Spirit demographic happy.  Hopefully this will push other real channels to do the same.  SyFy has been squandering this opportunity.

Haven't watched CW since Smallville, i like this. 
Would love to get more channels to do this, would be awesome. 

I haven't been able to get it to work. It just freezes up my Xbox on the CW splash screen. My controller and power button on my Xbox do nothing, I actually have to unplug my Xbox to turn it off. Is it like Vudu, where it freezes your Xbox unless you take off widescreen settings? I hope not, that gets so annoying!

The Xbox brand has a lot of potential as an all round entertainment brand. However it all starts with the popular Xbox console and as long as these (third party app) services remain exclusive to Xbox Gold the Xbox brand will not be succesful for movies and music. Even Netflix revealed that its PS3 app is more popular. I have no doubt on my mind that Xbox would blast past Playstation if all those Xbox Silver members had acces.

Would be a lot better if they let us Europeans and whatnot access those apps. XBL is a great service but I shouldn't have to pay the same full subscription with an American if I'm not having the same benefits..

Agreed! I have no reason to use my Xbox for stuff like Netflix that requires Xbox Gold, when I can get it for free via my DVD player. Microsoft should consider lifting the subscription requirements for things like Netflix and tv channel apps.

So you get online on your Xbox but don't have a gold subscription? What can you do on it without gold? Microsoft isn't going to lift the restriction on this current system I can guarantee that.

What can you do? Not a lot which is something many casual gamers are finding out the hard way. I think Microsoft should provide some access for online play. More than half of the Xbox gamers has a silver account or doesnt always have gold. PS4 is getting very attractive to them of Sony does offer free online play.
But at the very least Microsoft could provide access to third party apps on Xbox. These services are currently more popular on PS3 despite Xbox having more gamers and Microsoft's partners are noticing. Especially for those that sometimes have a gold membership its very annoying. One moment you can use them the next you can't. So you can't become a permanent member of any of these services.
And having constant access to movies and music is very important so they have to look elsewhere for a service that is always available to them. And Microsoft is missing out. I do hope nextgen will be different. I love my Surface and my WP but I would consider PS4 if nothing changes.

please, STFU. Gold membership is $35 a year if you look hard enough.  That's the average price of ONE GAME.

Really? Shut the F up? Is that a normal response where you're from??
First of all most people aren't going to look hard. They'll look at the prices at the average retailer and its 50 to 55 euros for 12 months at most of them.
Secondly, they''ll compare prices. Even if it was 30 euros for 12 months it would stil be more then 0 euros forever on PS4.
Thirdly, you might say that the average Xbox 360 owners buys 12 games but the same study also showed that there is a huge standard deviation. Many only purchase 3 to 6 games in the X360's lifetime.
For example casual gamers who buy the new FIFA + 3 months of Xbox Live Gold to play with friends. While they're on Xbox they might try out some of its other services. They might buy some movies and music and really like the service. But when they come back after their 3 months of gold are up they will find out they can no longer use the service. So they'll look elsewhere for a service that they can permanently use. If Sony offers such a service then that's a superb competitive advantage.

I wonder if this is just a premise to an xfinity exclusive cable tv that Xbox is planning to offer in the near future.

I'm hoping Xbox doesn't screw over their gold subscribers by only limiting cable through Xbox to just xfinity.

Is this a precursor to the Xbox tv rumor? I cancelled my gold membership yesterday and until Xbox offer more than the free psn I'll pass (also I'm waiting for the new Xbox to be announced). If they get more apps like this for gold only I can see the potential for getting a gold membership.

Side note: downloaded this app yesterday, watched an episode of "Arrow", and I swear to god it was like an hour long MS w8/wp8 infomercial. :)

Take note Foxworld app, TheCW doesn't require you to login with your cable ID. Nor should it BECAUSE YOU'RE BROADCASTING OVER PUBLIC AIRWAVES!