Nokia Zoom Party

You can party with Nokia at the Zoom Party in NYC this Thursday

This Thursday, Nokia is having an event in New York City. It’s going to be a pretty big deal. We have 41 million reasons why you should keep your eyes on our site that day. The event in the morning is open to press and anyone else lucky enough to get an invite. It takes place at 11am, but you’ll be busy with work and school. So you should totally take up Nokia’s offer to party with them later that night at the Zoom Party. Details after the break.

If you find yourself in NYC this Thursday, July 11th. Register and go to this event. The event is open to anyone 18 and older. You’ll need to RSVP at the source link below and get there early since it’s still first come, first serve for anyone who signs up. Doors open at 7:30PM, but it’s always a good idea to line up early and guarantee your spot inside. What’s happening that night? Your guess is as good as ours, but we imagine you’ll be getting some hands on with a Lumia 1020.

If you’re stuck on the west coast (like me) or can’t make the party we’ll be sure to bring you pictures and stories from the event. Our very own Daniel Rubino will be there. So if you want to shake hands (wash yours!) with him you best be going to this party. You can also follow the #zoomparty hashtag on Twitter.

Source: Nokia Zoom Party, Via: Twitter, Windows Phone Daily


Reader comments

You can party with Nokia at the Zoom Party in NYC this Thursday


There was a live stream with the Lumia 900 afterparty in times square... With Nicki Minaj.
Makes me wonder who they might bring to perform, if someone will be performing.

We're looking for a performance, not a gig to throw water bottles (or grenades if you're good at photoshop) at.

They don't think like us DallasFortWorth hipsters.. You know, outside the box.. Sometimes it's better to look at the big picture,,,,

I don't have much faith Justin beiber will be there, but it would be monumental if he did show up.. You'd better pray someone with his influence shows up..

but from marketing point of view, having bieber will bring the teenage girls to nokia which will bring all the pedophiles and skinny dudes also.which will bring the instagram official also.
win win.

About the 1020? July 11th, after dark (showing off low light) and the more recent article showing at&t Lumia 1020 inventory with colors. Yeah I'm pretty sure. You still have doubts?

It was total sarcasm, but thanks for not being an ass about it... I am an avid WPC reader/commenter, and have been for years... Nothing gets by me. Again, thanks for your candor.

Lol❕.. Yeah, I was being sarcastic to.. I think the damn phone showing up in att's database pretty much proves it.. Plus, that means it's coming very soon.

I know your comments enough to know that you were being sarcastic too... That's why I didn't respond to your comment. LOL

Sharpmango is being sarcastically rude... Its allowed... He can be in our party. I just wonder if he is offended at our ability to identify each others context via text. Would be a weird thing to be offended about.

I'll be there, god I hope its not Justin Beiber, if it is my ass will be back in the train to Jersey City. Never been before does anyone know if they give out SWAG?

Last Lumia party I went to I won the purity HD headset and got the purity in ear headphones. Had a great time actually. So I'll be there again ;)

I will definitely be there... oh wait...I forgot I'm in a different country... and continent... Anyone feeling like donating a plane ticket?

That would be fun. I'd take my camera so I could take photos and first impressions for those that couldn't be there.


Nokia Evening Event - 11 July 2013

Registration is now closed due to an overwhelming response, and we are unfortunately not able to accommodate onsite registration.

Thank you very much for your interest!


All you people who think that Justin Bieber is going to be there, must be dreaming. Justin is Apple's Ambassador, everything he does and uses is all Apple. Heck, he even advertises about his albums only on iTunes, that should tell you something about him showing up in an event like this which is all Microsoft & Nokia.

i am pretty sure after this the sheep demographic i.e. those bangwagon clowns who jump from iphones to samsungs will soon move to Nokia and feel special.

You do realise that theyre just people choosing to buy smartphones right? It doesn't make you a better person if you own a WP.

You are right it doesn't make you a better person to buy a WP... It just makes you a smarter person, at least until they become mainstream.