Nokia's Kevin Shields and Microsoft's Joe Belfiore sit down for a Lumia 1020 Q&A

Belfiore Shields

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and Nokia's Kevin Shields sat down with Michael Stroh to talk about the new Lumia 1020 and its 41MP sensor. The interview concentrates on the collaboration between the two companies and how it figured into today's announcement in New York. Ready to learn more about Windows Phone and Nokia?

Questions include specific examples of how the collaboration between the two companies has worked and how the OS itself has helped. The answers are both insightful and provide a small peep hole into what we can expect from Nokia and Microsoft in the future. We'll not copy and paste the Q&A so be sure to check out the full read over on the Windows Phone Blog.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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Nokia's Kevin Shields and Microsoft's Joe Belfiore sit down for a Lumia 1020 Q&A


I couldn´t stop laughing myself.... I think it´s because they are very poor over there, like not being able to buy food poor and we are talking about a 700$ phone... That is why it is hilarious... like very poor people hosting a line to get Lumias 1020s. It´s like Mercedes giving away free cars in lets say Mozambique

iPhone can afford that because they are well established. Windows Phone & Nokia are still working to establish themselves as a true competitor & the price point might scare ppl off before they even try it.

Can they please hurry up with GDR2 and GDR3 already?  Quite frankly their GDR2 update should've been out back in April-May.   Now it's looking like August which makes GDR3 late in the year with 8.1, when, next March?   Come on guys, hurry it up already.

Obvious questions: Storage! SD card! AT&T Exclusives. If you expect any real answers then prepare to be disappointed. Go to the Nokia conversations blog and see the Q&A post for the 925 to see what I'm talking about. The Lumia 1020 is a AMAZING phone but I'm just saying be prepared for disappointing obvious answers.

So the question is: will the pro camera app be available to the 920. I would like to use this gorgeous UI

I dont think any such thing was announced or even planned. The 925 comes with the same windows build with nokia amber update and it doesn't have the pro camera so I doubt itll come to 920 any time soon...if ever.

No need to explain. Take a picture, show the user and then zoom in. Take another picture, show the user, then zoom out. They'll get the message.

Someone should have asked Mr. Sheilds where he found time to work on this amazing camera phone while simultaneously breaking a 22 year silence with the new MBV album.