Wireless provider Ting to offer the HTC 8XT Windows Phone, pre-order now

HTC 8XT for Ting

While the HTC 8XT Windows Phone is slated to hit Sprint tomorrow, the 8XT is also making an appearance with Ting.

Ting is offering the 8XT for $373 and is listed as shipping in 2-4 weeks.  While the price sounds a little on the high side, keep in mind that Ting's pricing lacks any contractual discounts.

For those not familiar, Ting is a wireless provider in the U.S. that doesn't subsidize the cost of smartphones in order to avoid those pesky contracts. Ting operates over Sprint's CDMA 3G, 4G, WiMAX and 4G LTE networks. So the 8XT fits in nicely and the price isn't bad considering it's a "no contract" price.

You can find all the fine print on ordering the 8XT and Ting's rate plans over here at Ting's web site.

Thanks, Erick, for the tip!


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Wireless provider Ting to offer the HTC 8XT Windows Phone, pre-order now


HTC barely can manufacture the One and now the One mini...they don't have the money to release a high end WP (like the 8x was), so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that kind of device.Not sure they will invest much in the platform in the near future.All they care is Android.

well, it is priced right against its competition...problem is the competition is weak....and the price is not enough to keep people from making the "safe bet" and "get an android" cause their redneck cousin told them to.

Ting is an MVNO running off of the Sprint network. You only pay for what you use. Let's say I used 65 minutes, sent 50 texts and used 70mb of data. (which was my bill last month) Total price for the month $15 plus taxes. Unbeatable and no contracts. Let's say the next month I used 500mb of data because I was away from wi-fi. I automatically get bumped up to the next tier, and my monthly bill $18 instead of $15. Awesome service. Highly recommended.