Deal alert: Yellow Nokia Purity Pro BH-940 wireless headset now gets discounted too (US)

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headphones

Nothing makes our wallets happier and collectively sigh than saving big bucks on all these gadgets we must have. A few days ago we let you guys and gals know about the Nokia Purity Pro (BH-940) wireless headset discounted over $100 bucks. Unfortunately, at the time only the black and white colors were discounted. Red and white were stuck at the $349 price.

So which of those two is on sale? Guess and read on.

Yellow Purity Pro wireless headphones

While we’d love if all four available colors were discounted, we’ll take what we can get. Right now if you head on over to Amazon you’ll see that the yellow variant of the headphones have dropped in price by $110.28 bringing the total to $238.72. Not bad at all, but poor Dan is kicking himself for ordering the white model two days ago when his favorite color is now available. Don’t be like Dan and get yellow today.

Not sure if they’re for you? Read our review and find out.

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Deal alert: Yellow Nokia Purity Pro BH-940 wireless headset now gets discounted too (US)


Man... I don't know if I'd ever wanna spend even that much on a headset, unless it mows my lawn and makes me coffee, too.

people working three jobs to afford this headset and do you know why? BECAUSE THE PRICE IS TOO DAMN HIGH! givin up breakfast lunch and dinner why?!?! BECAUSE THE PRICE IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!

Yea $150 is the perfect price point I'll pay for those decent quality NFC Bluetooth and Nokia 920 accessory compatible

Anyone else find the volume a bit low on these? Especially for phone calls I have to strain to hear and even the voice prompts from the headset itself is low...

I think they're perfectly fine volume wise when noise cancellation is active.

My issue with them is that the sound is off center slightly and the forward/rewind button don't work when wired!!! Are you experiencing the same? My bro has a pair with the exact same issues and this is my 2nd (replacement) pair!

I'm considering getting these, but what you you mean by "off center"? Like more sound comes from one side or that the surround sound is off?

Like the overall sound is ever so slightly concentrated towards the left side. My ears are fine, had them tested recently because I couldn't believe it to be the headphones I paid £230 ($350) for.

I have had friends test them and no one notices until I say "do they sound louder on one side" without mentioning which side. They always say "oh yeah, the left".

Ironically they are still the best headphones I have ever owned!

Amazing IMHO. If u buy them, email me back at defonicjamz_19@yahoo.com telling me how much u love them. Btw, they are HIFI, have Bluetooth or wired connection. U can make calls with them, control the home button, and u can play music from a microSD on them. They have a slot for that.

Only if the Bluetooth is still connected while wired. That's just how the buttons are programmed to work on Bluetooth devices. Sometimes I connect the phone to speakers and I can still skip songs with the headphones by wearing them around my neck. I get compliments all the time on how nice they look too. I have the white ones

I didn't know that. It sounds crazy because all the other buttons work no problem, lol. I'll give it a go. I always thought the Bluetooth switched off when wired!!!

"Don't be like Dan..."

Sam is awesome!

Seriously though, I would never pay that much for headphones either.

The retail price is high, but everyone complaining about the current price being too high should really consider everything you get. With all the points that these headphones cover they should cost no less than 200. These have way too many features and decent quality with each feature to cost 150.

I just got the black one today.  it's amazing, even though it's wireless, the sounds quality is amazing, much better than most if not all of those wired ones i have used or tried before.  I think  only maybe one of those  bose ones I tried in the store at a bestbuy store has similar sound quality.
I think it's better to spend more money on one quality product and actually get to enjoy the experience rather buying a bunch of crappy ones.

Hows battery life? Two things scare me about wireless headsets: sound quality and constantly recharging.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the top band was solar powered for a different option of charging? While still being able to plug it in if need be.

supposely around 24 hours for music in a single charge. so if you use if sporadically, it should it should last at least over a week. the review on wpcentral said it last over 2 weeks.  also you can always use the wire cable when the battery is empty.   Im not an audiophile, but to me, the sound quality is dfeinitely up there with other high quality brand wired headsets.

Incorrect. Audio quality is a number that can be measured. Preference would be if someone preferred higher mid, lows, or highs. And as such would purchase stereophones that would replicate their preferred aspect.

Too expensive really??? Compared to beats and sms's they aren't really..... People that's just what half decent headphones are worth these days

Beats and Purity Pros are both made by Monster. Famous for over pricing and under delivering. If you want want good headphones, this is a brand to avoid.

Generally I agree, and a good set of AKGs is this quality for less money, but they do sound very very good and all the extras and benefits they provide make it a very attractive package

Here's some advice: don't waste your money. Even at the discounted price you can find far superior headphones. There are so many good ones out there from Sennheiser, Grado Labs, Sony, Aiaiai, Audio Technica and others at the same price and cheaper.

In my experience, the only people who think Monster headphones are any good are upgrading from crappy Apple earbuds. But amongst more discerning consumers their headphones are considered low quality in terms of build, materials and sound. The audio coming out of those things exaggerates bass and is generally muddy. And that's when they're working properly.

It's a princple of mine that I avoid anything from Monster. These are the guys who were selling identical HDMI cables for $40 and $80 and fooling consumers into believing that there was a difference. Nevermind that the $40 cables were already grossly overpriced. What surprises me is how they managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many people when they were largely considered a joke in the audiophile community.

On the other hand, Dr. Dre, music industry executives and an army of lawyers managed to screw Monster out of millions when they came up with the marketing gimmick that is Beats By Dre. I kind of pity them for that. But not enough to overpay for a pair of average headphones.

Marketing is where it is at. Monster is already a familiar name and pretty good at cloaking things with nice packaging and looks to make it look pricier than it already is (a bit like what Apple does). Dr. Dre advanced this further by making "headphones cool" - people buy them just because of how they look and that baffles me because I just don't get the point of choosing form over function when spending north of $300.

In short, it is the perception they have created that they are somehow worth the extra price (they aren't). Bose does this too but at least has good quality to show for it.

I was going to post my Amazon review, but in a nutshell, they are good. If you want best sound, go elsewhere. If you want maximum versatility with good sound, these are it.

Holy Crap! People complaining that these are expensive? The black ones are reduced on Amazon Canada for $439.99, or you can get the other colors at regular price of $608.99!!! Last I saw the exchange rate we were practically at par so what's up with this ridiculous difference?

Guys the Red Purity Pros are on special NOW! $245.93, idn whether to get them now or wait till next gen (if their will be)? I allready own a pair of beats pros, though they are terrible if i wear them on long periods of time! Someone wise please reply, cheers.