Otterbox reveals protective case for Nokia Lumia 1020

Lumia 1020

Smartphones are expensive investments, especially the high-end models. Anyone purchasing a new Windows Phone will want to care for it as if it were a living being, and cases are available to help prevent damage to a mobile device. While Nokia handsets are known for being built to survive nuclear fallout, even the Lumia 1020 needs some pampering here and there. Otterbox has unveiled a case for the new flagship Windows Phone.

Here's what the Otterbox Defender case looks like:

Otterbox Lumia 1020

Sporting an impact-absorbing outer layer, rigid plastic shell, built-in screen protector and holster belt clip, the Otterbox case is a perfect companion for any Lumia 1020 owner. The accessory is listed for $49.95 and is available in black.

Source: Otterbox; thanks, Patrick, for the tip!


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Otterbox reveals protective case for Nokia Lumia 1020


No thanks. With a Nokia and their solid build quality you have to remember that less is more. This is just a big dumb case.

While the 1020 is still beautiful. I wouldn't call 10.4 mm thin. Besides the camera cover is aluminum so that should give it some protection.

I'd still like to have a case to protect my device. Nokia's may still be more durable than say an iPhone, but the Lumias aren't as indestructible as the days of yore.

I strongly disagree. My daughter dropped my 920, 6 inches from the ground and the corner of the screen hit the concrete first and destroyed the screen. It is an extremely sturdy phone but not impervious. My wife just upgraded to the 1020 and she's going to get this case.

My otterbox is to protect the world from my 920...
Stole that from another user in the forum about a year ago...

Because it would really be like carrying a brick around then! And oh, the the lady's might not know which package to choose : )

You better buy it!! I also thought my 920 would be durable like they said "throw a nokia to the floor, the floor cracks" but I literally drop it from the counter of my bathroom and the screen was destroyed ;( it's still like that cause I won't pay over 200$ for that but it sucks and I wouldn't want your 1020 to be the same...

The screen on my 920 was destroyed yesterday. I went to At&t to get a replacement. I had 3 options since the cracked screen is not covered under the warranty. 1) Use an upgrade to get a new 920. I had one but it was for the wife. 2) Pay $100 and get another 920 with the remaining balance of the warranty from date of purchase which was roughly 4 months. 3) Use the insurance, pay $125 and get a 920 in the mail with a 1 year warranty. Mind you, to do the latter I would have to send all kinds of b.s. paperwork for that to happen. I left without a phone infuriated. I happened to go to a Microsoft Store afterwards and told them my story of woe. For $99 the Microsoft Store swapped out my 920 for whatever color I wanted. I had Black but got the Cyan one instead. I also got a 2 year warranty with the phone. Never again will I deal with At&t for upgrades or exchanges again. The wife upgraded to the 1020 at the same time. Another reason why Microsoft rocks.

Not ruining the beauty of the 1020 with that monster. I don't get why people are worried about droping their 1020, just use the damn wrist strap and you will not drop it.
I love that Nokia has put in the lanyard hole, hope to see it on their future devices as well, it makes it a lot less neccessary to have a case for the phone.

With a great big thick case like the ottorbox I'm sure that it would be possibile to strip the wireless charging cct from a charging cover, and mod it into the ottorbox. it's probably what i'm going to do actualy. that way you get the added protection, and also the functionality of a wireless charging case.

You wouldn't need a phone protector with wireless charging since the 920 has wireless charging is built right in while the 1020 needs a wireless charging cover.

I meant the 1020 doesn't have it wireless charging built in. That was my point, it would be nice to have a case that has the wireless charging capability built into it for the 1020. That way I wouldn't need to buy the cover and a seperate case.

grrr... still waiting for more wireless charging enabled cases to come out.
I like the idea of a case on the 1020 primary for the ability to reduce the hump syndrom on the back.  Making the back closer to flat is a pretty big bonus.  The official Nokia wireless charging shell does this a bit.  But I wouldn't mind a case with good rubber gripping that adds a little bit more thickness, and comes in various colors to boot.
Classic Nokia Cyan, Red, and of course PURPLE!

beauty in design is not their goal. Their goal was to make "protective" cases under a intensely harsh environment

Not in my experience been using otterbox for over 5years. Since that time I have never had to replace a phone because it was destroyed. Otterbox has protected all my phones with 100% success. Not to mention all my family and friends who use them. They to have never broken a device that was protected by one.

you can get the same effect with far cheaper cases.. otterbox does nothing special, its just a name, and they also wear out retardedly fast, i have 2 friends with otterboxes, neither one of theres still fits the phone as they are warped to hell.

The iPhone is a single model.  This is both the weakness and greatest strength of Apple.  It is a single model that focuses all tech lust on a single iconic product.  Plus, it makes accessories a big win win.  Accessory companies can bank on a single model to fit to, and a wide audience.  The cost is lack of choice for the customer when it comes to the phone itself.

That's a single model coming out year after year. On Android and WindowsPhone you have have a wide selection of phones to choose from.

Nonetheless, that's still only one flagship per year, meanwhile, Nokia has released three flagships this year alone (Lumia 928, 925, and now the 1020), and we can easily expect more this fall with the GDR3 update.

nokia clear black display development program:
1) hire Stephen Hawking.
2) develop pixel sized blackholes.
3) develop a mechanisim to move black-pixel-holes on LED screens.
4) develop the software to handle it
5) create best exprerience ever.
*note: dont worry the blackholes cant effect the phone, because the phone itself is undistructable, that a whole defferent program.

How is it that phone accessories companies can make cases and covers for every Lumia and Nokia phone but the 928??? Wtf now all I want is a Speck or ottebox case but noooooo. Fuck em its bullshit

Granted, the Lumia 928 has a more limited audience. Only US Verizon customers, meanwhile, other phones are avalible on a gloabal scale.

It's still disapointing the 928 gets no love, but I guess case makers don't think there's enough of a target audience.

I have been looking for a good case!!! Thanks for the link!
Any background on Trident and their case record?

i have one for sale in pink if your interested! I bought one for my girlfriend but she didnt end up gettingthe phone so now im stuck with you :(

I have a Trident Aegis case for my L928 and I love it. Great protection and easy to take on/off. I recommend it highly.

I looked at the Trident Case, but they don't have one in white. I have a white phone. I would at least like them to match. When I saw this story, my first thoughts - wtf? How is it that there are so few options for a phone that has been out for 3 months vs a phone that just came out.

I think the issue with accessories for the L928 is that, AFAIK, the phone is exclusive to Verizon and there's no international version of it. That being said, the Trident Aegis and Incipio feather do a good job of covering my needs so I'm not that upset about the lack of cases for the phone. Of course, more choice/selection is always welcome.

So I know that Lumia's aren't impervious, but am I the only person who thinks that that case is an abomination? I can understand an Otterbox on the ever-so-fragile iPhone (which is still too sexy for a case), but to cover up Nokia's creation is a sin!

My phone is naked and proud like Adam and Eve (before they sinned, lol)!!!!

No actually. Quite the opposite really. (How did you even come to that conclusion?). I didn't know us Christians couldn't have a sense of humor.
Don't be so sensitive bro ;)


( I really do up your comment; hold the applause though . . . I just clarified for my buddy who I offended somehow, lol)

Having worked for the starship wireless company for the 4 years, I can tell you that otter box cases us cheap material. You have no idea how many holsters people bring in because they break so easily. Also, the rubber must be some cheap ass Chinese crap. It gets all loose and wobbly you won't believe it.

These are the voyages of the starship wireless. It's continuing mission, to explore strange new phones, to seek out new cases and chargers, to boldly go where no cell company has gone before?

I use those thin rubbery Nokia-branded cases, which add no unshapely bulk and give perfect grip to the 920 and the 900... see if there's one for the 1020.

I use my wireless shell as a case, that's enough, its not like I have an iPhone or Samsung that need a flak jacket

I was planning on using the charging case as case with zagg body shield under it. Can you comment on wireless charging case? How much protection do you feel it gives? Thx;)

The way I look at it, the 1020 as well 9xx series are beautiful devices. Dropping that much coin you should have mobile insurance. It's a disservice to have the phone encased as well as using a screen protector. Kinda like women dressed in burqas, it ain't right!

Nothing will prevent that screen from breaking.  My 920 fell out of my pocket while getting my keys onto the parking lot and shattered the screen and I had an otterbox case

This will be the first time in four years my phone has not been in an Otterbox. They don't make one for the 928. My old BlackBerry looks brand new after two years.

Well, if the induction coil is so freaking thin, why shouldn't it be a slam dunk to just create a semi-adhesive sticker meant to go on under any case?  Like those tags on the inside of DVD cases.. but less sticky.  More like those kid story books.  


If the issue is getting it to align just right, create a cheepo acrylic applicator that snaps on at in the right place.. and when removed, leaves the sticker behind.

It irritates me that Otterbox is showing Lumia users no love regarding colors and designs. Would love to have an Armor case perhaps in white or yellow.
Incipio is coming out with one for the 1020 shortly.

I bought an otterbox for my 920 then I got tired of carrying a brick and switched to the Nokia OEM case.

Hey, a case with a giant circular cut out in the back.  Except this one isn't strictly for vanity to show an Apple logo, this one actually lets an awesome camera peep through.
Unfortunate that it doesn't have wireless charging built in.

What i find odd is many, if not most, of the reviews for acessories on this site do not lead to US / ME  being able to purchase
them from THIS SITEs " Shop Accesories".

Built to withstand a nuclear fallout? My lumia 800 screen shattered when it fell 4 feet onto a tile floor yesterday. Super pissed.

The otterbox case for the Nokia Lumia 1020 has been refined just like the phone itself...a perfect match that FIT!

I managed to squeeze my Nokia Lumia 1020 into my Otterbox Commuter case for the 920. I had to come up with tricks to get the buttons lined up (thought exactly same position). The main reason I did this is not so much for protection but for the tripod hole I tapped into it. These camera modules are screaming for a tripod (low-light scenes with l-o-n-g exposure times, concert recordings with the HAAC audio, self-shots...). Waiting now for delivery of the wireless charging adapter-plate. Then I'll have--maybe--the world's only 1020 with a tripod fitting, wireless charging AND fits into Levi's 505 pockets (my design criteria). But I haven't managed to post pics of it. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1375205_101519757...