Verizon details Lumia 928 update; includes group messaging, lacks FM radio

We already brought you news earlier today that Verizon and Nokia were updating the Lumia 928 with the GDR2 and Amber OS and firmware. While most of those features have been previously reported, Verizon has gone ahead and highlighted the key changes, in case you wanted to know.

The updated info comes via their website where they list the alterations in a PDF file. For your convenience, we’ll republish those key changes below.

NOKIA LUMIA 928 – Software Version 3045.0000.1328.2046


  • Silence your phone easier with Flip to Silence audio feature
  • Make assisted calls more easily while roaming in select international destinations
  • Select, download and pin music easier with the Xbox Music Experience
  • Access song and album information more accurately with the Xbox Music Experience
  • Enjoy better web browsing with improved HTML 5 compatibility in Internet Explorer
  • Connect with greater stability when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype


  • Group Text; Note: This feature is off by default, but users can configure via the Messaging application by selecting Settings, Group Text, and changing the toggle to On.
  • IMAP for email, CardDAV for contacts and CalDAV for calendar when setting up a Gmail account
  • Easily change advanced settings like shutter speed and light exposure on Nokia Pro Camera (Nokia Pro Camera available for download from the Windows Phone Store)
  • Updated Display+Touch Setting; Adjust the color profile of your display; Check the time more easily even when the phone is in idle mode with Glance Screen
  • View how your phone’s memory is being used and clear temporary files with Storage Check
  • Updated audio settings, letting you silence the phone’s ringer just by turning the phone face down
  • Improved texting performance and Bluetooth connectivity

Overall that’s a robust set of changes, however it has been noted that FM radio is not on board, presumably due to the hardware not supporting it. Still, we know the group messaging feature is something that a lot of users wanted, most likely more than the FM radio.

How’s the update working for you so far?

Source: Verizon; Thanks, AR2186, for the tip!


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Verizon details Lumia 928 update; includes group messaging, lacks FM radio


Documentation from Nokia would seem to contradict that.  Sounds more like VZW holding it back

FM Radio – entertainment on the airwaves.

Powered by Windows Phone 8, FM Radio comes to Lumia. Plug in your headset and tune in to your favourite radio stations with an easy to use interface and stereo sound. (FM Radio not available on Lumia 620)


From @NokiaCareUS

he Nokia Lumia 928 doesn't have the hardware required for FM radio, but Nokia Lumia Amber brings the new Nokia Smart Camera. ^RS

Gee thanks RS.... THANKS FOR THE LIES in your marketing.

Me too.  I know everyone says TuneIn but you can't listen to sports games generally through online radio apps.  I just wanted the FM tuner to listen to sports games.

Same here, Red Sox games are free over the air on WEEI (103.7 here in CT/Westerly,RI) but, MLB wants like $40 a year to stream them...

Just got the update on my 928. I'm really surprised by how fast Verizon rolled it out. Glance is awesome and so is the Nokia Pro Cam app :D

It shows a dim clock, as well as a couple notification icons, when your phone's screen is off. You can set it to always be on or to only turn on when you wave your hand over it. You can also set it to be dimmed at certain times like when you're asleep.

What? Yours show notification icons on the glance screen? I have a 1020 on att and it only shows clock and battery

My mistake, there's no notifcations. I have this weird set of squiggly lines above the clock and i'm not exactly sure what they are, though.

No problem, for a min there I was thinking Verizon got something att didn't lol, and fyi those lines are a very poor icon of the battery status lol

Nice info tragic, thanks, I never put my phone on vibrate so never noticed that, tried it just now and now I understand the squiggly line reference lol, but you do have to admit the Batt icon is very poorly done lol, thanks for the info

Go into settings > Display + Touch an then slide over to Glance. Set it for peek. this allows you to wave your hand over your phone to show the glance screen. It's also hand because glance turns on when you pull the phone out of your pocket, so if you want a quick time glance, there ya go. Also it only displays stuff like battery charging and what not. Not email stuff. Also, in display, you can set double tap to wake, which is another awesome feature.

Also noticed you can change your default search engine to Google from Bing in Settings -> Internet Explorer -> Advanced Settings

We're talking Verizon Lumia 928, not generic Windows Phone. It was not available on the 928 until today


don't ban me ...but this is RIDICULOUS !

I agree, as it is the update has nothing of the features requested on windowsphone.uservoice.com site , and to make things worse, Verizon removes the only feature Microsoft is adding in the GDR2 update.... can't believe this.... this is ridiculous!!!

Just download TuneIn Radio and you can listen to local FM radio. My city has horrible stations though so personally, I don't care about that omission. :P

Haven't tried flac...after the update it doesn't seem like things scroll as smoothly anymore like it's a bit jittery

I was hoping for FM Radio- My car radio went out and would have liked to just use FM Radio instead of having to use Data to play from TuneIn or Iheart radio apps. - Guess Ill pull out my old Focus Flash and use the FM Radio on it as my car radio untill I get around to getting a new radio installed in the car!

unfortunately that probably wouldn't have worked, as you need headphones plugged in to use FM (they function as the antenna).

Yeah it'll still work with the aux cable. I used to do that overseas with my 610, as my American car couldn't pick up the even-numbered European FM stations.

On Windows Phone 7.5/8, You need the headphones but, you could hold(like a right click) and listen through the speakers....I am sure it would work the same on WP8 but, you still would need the headphones plugged in.

hmmm that makes sense! They say the best UI is no UI, I suppose the same applies to improvements :)

finally I can play my office VM that I get in email. with this and WF app the only thing I’m missing in my  life is Intuit GoPayment so I can use the reader and not have to use the mobile site. that extra % is starting to add up.

Glance just shows a dim clock on your screen when you lock the phone. the double tap feature doesnt work, for me atleast.

Did you do OTA or flash it yourself? It isn't available for some reason through the NCS ROM, but does work over OTA updates. I flashed on of my 928s last night

Really? On my 928, I just go into Display + Touch and slide over to touch, then there is a check box under the touch sensitivity drop down that says "Double tap to wake up phone". Works like a charm for me

Turns out you just need to update the app in the Windows Phone store, then it enables the peek feature.

The clock moves around on the screen, like a screen saver, so even if these newer pentile AMOLED screens are susceptible to burn-in (don't seem to be any reports of it), you won't have that problem from Glance.

UMM no storage check. did i miss something somewhere? and no amber label in extras or about. Did Nokia miss something?

Installing this won't delete my saved games progress for Xbox games on Windows Phone, right? I know the article says it won't wipe any information, but I'm paranoid about losing my game save data.

Not if you use the built-in updater on the phone, no. Over The Air updates don't make you loose data, you're thinking about re-flashing.

That's why I flashed my 920 with the Euro Dev Rom cause the carriers do whatever they want.If I wait for AT&T I'm pretty sure they won't include Data Sense when they release the update. Now I got everything as is intended to be.

No. They still have to update the 822 and the Ativ Odyssey as well. Just give it some more time.

Verizon is blocking the FM radio because they want people to use up their data plans.

Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.... I have unlimited data but, I want FM so I can listen to local sports games that you cant listen to off the apps due to the limits that MLB has on them....
WTF verizon...

I'm majorly pleased with the update! My camera functions sooo much better, and two of my three major issues with WP8 have been fixed: group text and other fix. The only thing left now is custom text messaging, and I'll be completely happy.

can we spell class action suite against VZW? I seem to recall this same issue on other handsets that Verizon supported/brought to there market.

Time to call Verizon and start complaining about the lack of FM radio when the hardware supports it...
I will call them tonight when I get home from work, anyone who wanted the feature should do the same thing.
It has been said from NOKIA that the 928 has the same chip and supports FM radio...

It's really disappointing that Verizon didn't include the FM radio.  I work in midtown Manhattan and during the day the data speeds are so slow, I am lucking if I can update my RSS feeds.  There is no way I can stream audio through Tune-In or iHeart Radio.  I have the same problem right across the river in queens.  I haven't had a chance to update yet, but I hope that they activated the ability of the radio to pick up LTE AWS and just left it out of the release notes.
Does anyone know if the Verizon visual voicemail is any better?  I hate that I have to have it as a separate app.  Is this only a Verizon thing.  On my AT&T lumia 900 is was integrated into the phone app.

The problem with Verizon if you try to flash a Rom to get FM Radio is that there are no other variants of the 928 because that phone is only sold by Verizon.There aren't European or Latin American Roms for that phone. The 928 is exclusive to Verizon. It doesn't have international version.

I'm disappointed about the FM radio, but some of the other things are nice, even if I won't generally use them. Also, for some reason Nokia changed their calendar alert sound. It went off for an appointment and I had no idea what the sound was for until I looked at the phone.

This article caught my eye because of them enabling "group text" which I think is hilarious.  I never understood the logic in disabling group text on Verizon when it's clearly available on other carriers.  Now that I and all my other Windows Phone using friends at COMPLETELY MIGRATED to using GROUPME for all our cross-platform messaging, Verizon's texting can eat me with a spoon.
CardDAV & CalDAV support is WONDERFUL for no other reason than to quiet my dork Gmail-using friends.
But what I'm really excited about is the Nokia Pro Camera support.  If anyone's seen these tuning facilities on the Nokia Lumia 1020, this is KILLER.
All in all, good job Verizon/Nokia.

I thought so too, until I unplugged from the charger. It is always on when charging, but off the charger it works as advertised. I wave my hand close over the phone (need to give it time to register, less than a second but more than instant); the clock turns on a half-second later, then it turns off after 15 seconds.

I hate the fact that Verizon and other providers have the power to block a feature like FM Radio, if the phone manufacturer and Microsoft adds a feature to the product who are they to block it. The government should step in and create laws to limit their power. Imagine if the electric company could limit the functions available in your appliances just because you are using their electrical power. It really makes me mad that they do this things !

Call blocking is not working for me. Blocked 2 numbers and the calls came through about 3 hours after... Anyone else see this?

Amber update ruined the color on my phone. The colors aren't as saturated as before. They are all slightly muted now. I have no idea what to do or if it is short term. That was one of my favorite things about this phone and screen- the vibrant color...at a complete loss

Can't get an FM radio when hardware doesn't support it. Check the specs on Nokia's website. 920 shows FM radio, 928 doesn't. That would lead me to believe that there isn't an FM chip in the phone.

Has anyone had a problem with connecting to the Facebook/twitter thing in the messaging part where you can check Facebook/twitter without having to log onto those apps.. It keeps saying cannot connect :(

So they removed a bunch of the message alert tones with this Amber update? I liked the Nokia ones and they removed them, WTF!?!

The Verizon category was there before update.

I find it very odd that Nokia's OWN outline of the Amber update (www.nokia.com/global/windows-phone-amber-update) states that only the 620 WON'T get FM Radio. Assuming Nokia knows their hardware better than anybody, this means that presumably it is Verizon that is blocking the FM Radio feature from being applied to our 928s. One has to wonder why on earth VZW cares about people having FM Radio; push us to suck more data and pay them more? Glad I'm on unlimited.

Unfortunately, I think you are correct about VZW wanting to charge for bandwidth...
I am happy to still be using my Zune HD for FM radio while I am at work.
Yeah, I know....What's a Zune?
I still love this thing!
I might be able to retire it if VZW ever enables the FM function on the 928.
Don't get me wrong, my Zune is still my in truck device for all of my tunes.  I am having separation anxiety I guess, and can't comit my phone to doing all of these duties just yet!

Any idea why the 928 is not getting FM Radio? I have the 822 and am hoping for this feature. Plus, I am trying to convince my wife to get the 928 and this would be a nice selling point.

after amber update i lost center button control on a set of westone adv cans (has iphone controls) only the center button worked which was fine now nothing, that kinda tees me off! sick of all this proprietary crap! now they're just headphones. wonder what they did that would have changed that?

I didn't get glance when I updated today but have the profile color and lockscreen clock.