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Alleged photo reveals early build of Windows Phone 8.1 Blue, notification center

In early 2014, Microsoft is expected to release Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue”, a true OS upgrade for current Windows Phone 8 users that will bring along with it numerous design changes. One of the big features that many users expect is a notification center, and early reports, including ones from our own sources, have confirmed that this feature will be included.

Today, a photo has appeared on the XDA forums posted by user ‘When I’m gone’ that allegedly reveals Windows Phone 8.1 Blue on a Nokia Lumia 620. The photo was almost unbelievably “found on an SD Card”, which is either a poor source story or casts doubt on the authenticity.

Screenshot taken by Joe Belfiore reveals new task bar layout

In the photo, we can see a Notification tile with an ‘*’ used along with a counter. The same ‘*’ is used in the task bar to correspond to the alert. Speaking of the task bar, it has been updated with icons moved slightly and nicely matches the screenshot Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore posted earlier, also thought to be Windows Phone 8.1 Blue. If this is a spoof, detail is being adhered too.

We also see what appears to be a unified inbox that includes Outlook but also Skype. Skype on Windows 8.1 destktop is supposed to get deeper integration with the OS and it would make sense that the same would happen on Windows Phone 8.1—this could be the first sign of it, were this photo to be accurate.

Finally, the background reveals what appears to be a “Microsoft Confidential” notice, perhaps related to the flashing of the phone and a warning.

Back in June, a Lumia 920 developer device was bought that contained an early build of Windows Phone 8.1. It too had a notification center, though we've heard that version has since been scraped for a different layout.

Windows Phone Central cannot verify the authenticity of the image, but like this weekend’s massive GDR3 leak, the information in the photo does match reports of features found in 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 is in late stages of development.

We can add that notifications for the Center could optionally be "ghosts", meaning they won't cause Toast notifications or alerts on the device, but instead will show up in the Center. This will evidently be a developer option, part of thew new SDK and it will be used for more common notifications, ones that are not deemed urgent.

Source: XDA; Thanks, Fraggy, for the tip


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Alleged photo reveals early build of Windows Phone 8.1 Blue, notification center



+1 the swipe from the top is just natural and really the best place for a notification centre. I don't see the point in having it in the same place as your other tiles with notifications already shown on them

Isn't the whole point in choosing Windows Phone 8 over the rest is to be different? Every OS has their problems and if they all copied each other, what would set them apart? Windows Phone 8 is about tiles, thought everyone would be used to it by now?

No! This is a horrible solution as we make larger phones, making it hard to reach the top of the display with one hand. It needs to either be: swipe up from the bottom, or from the multitasking screen.

Wait, so the notifications centre will be a tile? Pardon me asking, but what's the use of that when we already have the other live tiles pinned?
I don't have any use for a notification centre with live tiles, honestly, but thinking from the pov of someone who wants one...that approach doesn't seem to make too much sense...wouldn't something like swipe from the left be more practical and useful?

Logically WP doesn't need a notification center, but in practice, some devs fail at life and don't use live tiles, which means you can miss toasts.

The notification center tile ideally is just a tile that covers up the holes left by bad devs. Or if you just don't want to pin a certain tile. The NC logically should not show notifications from already pinned tiles. Who knows if the actual product will be so smart though- I fear tiles will be redundant otherwise.

If it's just a tile, why is there also an asterisk on the task bar? It seems to me that, if this is real, they're simply aiming to provide multiple ways to access the notification centre. I'll bet that there's some kind of pull-down menu too. Otherwise, why bother putting anything on the task bar?

Yes, I hope there are options to the notification center. A page to the left of the start menu or a pull down from top list plus a live tile and lockscreen notifications.
I would rather see the the pull down from the task bar as a quick settings menu though.

I'm more interested in file management tweaks than in notification center but it's too early to start launching heavy attacks on Microsoft. A tile is just a shortcut to something else. It's probably easier to work with a tile in the beginning and then move the entire thing to left, right, up or down swipe in the final stages of development. What's more important is the fact that a center probably exists. ;)

And this is why people are stupid. We see one screenshot hinting at one bit of functionality, and half get pissed because they assume they know everything about the feature.

Let me play Devil's Advocate for a moment and pose the question... How is it "simpler" or "better" to need to swipe into an environment to see notices than to have a customizable tile-- always visible-- that summarizes that content and lets you tap (vs swipe) into for details?

Or perhaps this is an indicator of a modular design in which apps can be updated by store instead of big OS update. A swipe mechanism requiring an OS update, mind you.

Pull your heads out of your rears and think things through before reacting. We don't know the extent of this feature. It's merely a hint.

Also possible, this is could just be a hoax.

So if I'm I'm the browser or an app I can see the tile? A tile on the home screen isn't always visible but if we could swipe from the top we could get to notifications without having to go back home.

If you're in the browser, you're looking at the screen and see the notifications as they come in... why need a center? ;)
But sarcasm aside, and taking your idea with merit, you have a point. It's good to have an alternative entry into the NC. But see my point? We have one screenshot and no details behind how it works. See the * in the taskbar? Maybe it does something! *gasp*
Maybe we should be thankful that the functionality is coming in ANY form and wait for details of HOW it works before we get our panties all bunched up.

Yea that's what I was thinking. If that * could do the same thing as tapping the tile then I have 0 complaints. And it also wouldn't be copying other OS'

I don't really see a way for them to do an always accessible (via gesture) notification center. You can't swipe from the sides because most apps use that for navigation, you cant swipe from the top because that is already used, and you cant swipe from the bottom because you'd probably accidently press the capacitive keys.
I think we're just going to have to live with needed to return to the home screen to check for notifications.

Nicely said...I too don't understand why everyone complains and compare with other OS...they needed a change so moved to WP and after coming here why are you comparing things. MS is trying to ne unique and make the OS lot more easier for all. I like the idea of tiles because you cannot pin all the apps to the start screen, so this seems to be easy way.

Quite honestly, if WP8 becomes a blatant copycat of Android and iOS, I might as well just use them instead. The whole idea was to think things through and be different. That's what I like about Microsoft's approach. :)

being different for the sake of just being different is retarded. why fix something thats not broken? if a car manufacturer change the doors of a car to be on the top instead of the side good just because its different?
Im getting sick of people trying to find a different approach to something just because it HAS to be different and not because its better.

"I can't believe MS didn't even give us a notification center waaa waaa waaa"

"I can't believe MS gave us a tile instead of swiping waaa waaa waaa"

Since the asterisk is in the top menu maybe there will be both a pull down menu and a live tile for notifications.

Seems like a decent solution but like others are saying id rather have a swipe to the left type of deal. Make them accessible at all times and not to mention, show more on the lock screen! I guess if the notifications actually pop up and and are more organized in this tile then its a start.

I don't get it , wp8 was about swipe swipe swipe and now its just tap tap tap :s a notification tile? You open it like a app? X to close multitask? I don't get it?

Seriously? What part of WP8 is swipe swipe swipe? What part of constant swiping is efficient? Taps are quicker and the tile approach gives you an at-a-glance summary BEFORE tapping/swiping into it for details. How is that a bad thing?
The fact is, everyone here is all in a tizzy about one screenshot as if "OMG! We know everything about this feature!"

I get the impression that people don't care about efficiency and just want "innovation" to show off to their Android and iOS friends.
If you are using your phone and you get a notification you will see it on the top bar as you normally would.
If you are just picking your phone up or taking it out of your pocket you go to the start screen and see the notification tile stating you have X number of notifications.

Why the background of homscreen Is still black !! Coooomn, make some color for this os its sux.!!

Wow, humans are greedy.
We bought windows phone KNOWING all the lacking features, and now that they're all coming, you are complaining? I don't know about you guys but I feel windows phone is doing great progress, at a perfectly reasonable pace. Great times are coming, people.

What if you had the notifications centre count on the glance screen or lock screen as well? Saves having to go to the home screen.

Probably a bunch of idiots,they don't realise that they are losing milions of new customers over a damn swipe,they can get people from android that have low cost laggy phones but hey"the notification center has limited accesibility",there is no swipe.I like wp and love nokia but this is not about being diffrent it is just being uniquely stupid

I know so many people who never use the notification shade on Android. I understand people wanting the feature but lets not act like its impairing enjoyment of our phones.

I really don't care about the notifications, not a need for me. With that said, I can see people complaining about "another tile"...should just build on Me tile. Either way doesn't bother me, any features we get are good in general.

windows phone is doing great progress? When we get working notifications?  i have been waiting for 2 years...

Dissapointing.Zero innovation with this.Better have it on the left side.Its the best solution with notifications that can be implimented in WP.

No matter how the notification center is accessed, it makes perfect sense for it to have a live tile. Why should you keep checking the notification center non stop when they can just have an icon on the home screen that tells you whether you need to check it or not?
Also, the suggestion of putting it to the left of the homescreen isn't really anymore efficient than if it was just an app. Both would require you to return to the home screen, one would just require a swipe and the other one a press...

This. I also wonder if the NC time could just have those notifications of apps that aren't pinned to start.

If they put music & setting toggles in the live tile then I wouldn't mind. But having those options by swiping left to right would be nicer

Exactly. We know exactly nothing about this feature except that it offers a live tile.
Personally, I wasn't interested in the feature at all until I saw this screenshot. Having 1 tile to rule them all? Count me in!

Here's an idea - keep the notification centre open. Then use the multi-tasking view to access it from wherever you want. Problem solved!

There's white as well but yeah more color options and especially for the themes. Maybe have a color gradiant chart and customize your own colors. As far as everything else, I'm good with it. Although my 928 doesn't seem to have the read back text option like my 920 did or am I missing something?

Lack of innovation! Why don't you just use a gestures like Windows8? Swipe to Left for notification center and quick setting maybe..

Well I'm happy MS isn't taking the bad advice from these "i wish I didn't get rid of my android/ios" whiners. Provided you can exclude apps that already have a live tile pinned, a tile notification center is the only logical, efficient solution that's keeping in the theme while not undermining the ENTIRE PURPOSE of this operating system.
For you morons wanting a more traditional center- the point of windows phone is live tiles. Not "redundant overlapping interfaces".
Good day.

Excellent, I agree. Most WP users miss the point of the whole OS.
Also fed up with the rude comments when I don't agree that WP needs to be turned into Android..

I wonder if notification center the way we want it done isn't possible. Perhaps there are patents Microsoft has to work around. I want to swipe left for notifications!

I don't get it with people wanting a notification center. Having one and also having live tiles is overkill. The point of this OS is to keep things simple. Adding a NC would give you two notifications to look at. I'm doing fine w/o one and never gave a damn about one with an older device from another platform.
But like someone mentioned above that's just me.... Just seems unnecessary. The notifications mainly will be messages, emails, weather, tweets...those are all on my start screen already and im not lazy enough to think scrolling down a second or two is a hassle...

Another bullseye...

Seems a lot of WP users still don't get the point of the whole OS design. Plus most of the Notification Centre advocates can't or won't learn to use the OS correctly. Most don't even realise there are loads of hidden options. Tap and hold for more options being just one of them.

I'm sure I'll get a nasty or whiny reply saying I don't know what I'm talking about.....
Unfortunately.. I do!!!!

The problem is you can't pin every app to get live tile information. Some people have just too many apps and live tiles have so many limitations. Updating in 30 minutes is pretty much useless for a messaging app, toast notifications can be missed and they tend to not work for so many apps for some reason. Some of these may not be Microsofts' fault but they are there.

As I've posted repeatedly... you have NO IDEA what other improvements/functions are coming with WP8.1. NC might have several entry points and you seem to misunderstand how the live tiles work... a counter increases immediately, not 30 minutes the way live tile feeds work.

Ok then most of my apps aren't working correctly. Because I definitely don't see that immediate increase with battery apps, let's say.

You mean we don't need a notification center within a notification center which needs to be accessed by swiping to the right to look at another start screen which has the exact same information we get from tiles on the main start screen?

One thing iIU would like to point out. This is most likely a MSFT employee that is on the development team becasue that is a  prototype version of windows in the background. Another thing I would Like to point out is that employee either just just got fired or is about to becasue the windows build string in the background is not blacked out. Lastly, does anyone know what phone this is, either a Lumia 920 as thats used the most or a htc 8x because out the otterbox case. Thanks!

Laughable attempt if true. I wont be getting a new WP when my contracts up of this is true n

Ehhhh, I'll be happy for a notification centre whatever form it eventually takes but I hope they maintain some consistency with their current UX and the more mature Metro UX that's appearing in Windows 8.1.
I would much prefer a swipe to the left from the Start screen along with access from the multi-tasking view though.
Still, there's lots going on for the Windows Phone team right now, they just got merged with the Windows team and now with Nokia too. I can't imagine what's going on there...
Hopefully they get themselves together fairly quickly and we'll get some solid announcements on WP 8.1 around Christmas.

As someone who tests all platforms including WP8, you've got to admit a notification center is a glaring big honking hole in WP versus the other 2 platforms you might personally not like. That said, you wonder why marketshare is low on WP platform?? This one ranks high up there on the complaint list. Apple's notification system got a little better, but Android has had it perfect right from the start, and implementing a right slide similar option seems WAY better than the current and possible leaked versions.
So getting one of those? Seems there might be many who end up doing so, which for WP8, is not a good thing now don'tcha think?  

Forget everyone that want a me tile or another app for notifications! It needs to be accessed with ease not a f-Ing tile!

Is consistent app updates for marketplace live tile coming in gdr3 or blue? Or is it still a cluster update once a day?

Ok Microsoft, if the notification center is s live title that's it for me for, I want a notification center like ios or Android cause I need to access all my info from the lock screen without unlocking my phone , i will wait until October and see what happen , my next device will be the iPhone if Microsoft don't give us a big update

Hahaha. You people are funny, complaining on leaked photo. I bet my phone, it will look totally different when released.
Iam sure MS will not do top of screen nc in droid/apple style. If you like it, then wp is not for you i'm afraid. :)

Knowing Microsoft it will be worse. Just like that silly X to close app. That must have taken them years to come up with that non imaginative way to close apps.

Given the star, and the space around it, I will assume (hope) that a swipe brings down the status bar and tapping on the bat opens the notification app, which can also be accessed through the live tile. In the app, you could have the settings for what apps it apps attention to unifying notifications, nit not trumping live tiles. Win win.

about GDR2.. yesterday the amber update was available for lumia 620, unlocked, SEA (specifically, Indonesia). the update includes glance, lumia color profile, datasense, call blocking, flip to silence, etc (which means i forgot what else). good luck for everyone who haven't got it, i guess..

Just hope to get it soon, whatever it is. I've been waiting 2.5 years for a notification center. Having one is a must because some apps are terrible with notifications, like the app, which lags and notifies me about the new word of the day from three days ago every night.

We already have pop up notifications when in the browser or a app,but a notification tile or intergraded into the Me tile would be prefect.

I dont believe that you have to use the live tile to get to the notification center. I believe that you can swipe down from the top. The live tile must just be a quick way to check notifications without going to the notification center or give the most recent ones. lastly,
That website is ran by MSFT

they should use the buttons on phone to acces the notifcation centre like double pressing the home button,or the back button will bring a hole new interface for notificatins like we get in multitasking bar,just swipe away any direction to remove the notification.

I can't wait until my contract is up with AT&T. I'm going to give them the finger and sign up with a carrier who pushes updates in a timely manner.

I actually don't care to much about the notification center, however of they are going to put it on a live tile I wish it was with the me tile, at least its all together... Also I like some of the ideas of swiping left. What I really want is for Skype to be better...

This is what gets me about WP8, i love the OS (i had a LG Optimus 7 and now i own a Lumia 920) but its really annoying that we have to wait so much freaking time for this simple things to come. Notification Center, Orientation Lock, Quick Access to Wifi, Bluetooth is not like they are amazing and revolutionary features...
I own the Lumia 920 and still no GDR2 update for me. Im seriosly thinking on going back to IOS it almost seems like the Windows Phone OS is just not Microsoft's Priority (or their customers).

Are there any former Windows Mobile users here than can answer this for me...In Windows Mobile, was there a Notification Center?  If so, was it similar to what is on the current platforms (i.e. iOS or Android)?  What did it look like?
I had a notification center, of sorts, with my N8, it was a 'pull down' type of center; I didn't use it much, but I could appreciate why some want and/or need it.

WP is loosing its elegance as its evolving. 1st came that horrible X to close apps and now this tile, give me a break, Atleast I want to see Windows Phone keep its elegant nature intact.
1) Give me swipe down to close app instead of X
2) Notification attached to glance is nice from Nokia's point of view but freaking tile, really Microsoft can't come with more elegant way? If it can't then what's the point of having so many engineers and designers in-house. All I'm trying to say is give a notification center on the left side of the home like slide to see what notification needs my response.
I like WP and have Nokia lumia 920 but it lacks many things. Yes they are improving but not fast enough, especially when competition is evolving so fast and even when they decide to update they seem to be making half baked job of it.

The left side of the home screen is a great place for other features but not a notification center. You should be able to access your notifications from everywhere, maybe a swipe from the bottom or just stick with what is already used in other platforms. Don't be worse just to be different MSFT.

I agree but I believe this is a very early build where the back end people add the features and then hand it to the front end UX (user experience) people to work their magic on implementing it the best way possible. the gdr3 videos posted a day or 2 ago completely match screenshots posted months ago here...

and also the notifications icon in the screenshot in this article match the one in the screenshots on that same link from months ago, proving it is an extremely early build!

The point of a notification centre is so that anyone can access it from any app, menu, or settings page. What's the point of having one if you need to exit whatever you are doing, just to click a tile on the home screen. A company as innovative as Microsoft can't think of anything better? Why not swipe up from the bottom of the screen; that way its different from IOS and android (don't care if IOS 7 has a control center by pulling up from the bottom of the screen)

I think swiping from the bottom or sides would interfere with how apps already work, ie scrolling up & down in IE and scrolling left to right in a panoramic app.
Pulling from the top after tapping and selecting the "task bar" would work, but some apps disable the "task bar" so that would be a problem too.
Remember that this a small leak that doesn't really show us much of how it actually works or the options of how it works... and it's a development build and unlikely the final build.

Seriously, let's hope they rethink it or the Tile is just a extra feature of the center because if it isn't this is the WORST implemention of a notification center.
Would like to see with 8.1 swipe down for Action Center (seriously, put more here instead of just notifications) and swipe from the left edge to switch App (like on W8).

Yes! Exactly my feelings. Implementing it as a tile will be useful to less people than a swipe-in notification centre.

I'm sure that the notfication tile is probably optional and keeps a log of all your notfications but you wiill still be able to access it more easily like a swipe. I hope.     -__-

I don't understand merging the Skype and outlook tiles. That doesn't even make sense. I'm hoping for more Skype integration, but not with tiles that have noting to do with Skype.

Well, simply seeing a new tile doesn't tell us much about the integration of Skype - same with the notification tile. It kind of does make sense integrating Skype with Outlook because are already doing that with Outlook on Windows 8 and the web.
Also, remember that this is a leak of a build that is unlikely the final build.

Well its the people hub, so it looks like it showing more than one notification for a specific user, like the group tiles do now, but from more than one source. Just my guess.

lol quit getting all uprate...Microsoft confirmed ages ago that that implementation of the notification centre was scrapped.

While it certainly isn't a feature I've desired... I guess a notification center should work out well enough for people who see it as a make or break. 

Why can't they use that extra row for icons to just have a fixed pane either on the right or left of the screen, where some of the essential tiles, including the notification tile, can be pinned. This pane remains where it is irrespective of how much you scroll the homescreen up or down. Either this, or as so many people have pointed out, have the notifications and a quick setting menu when one swipes the home screen from the right edge.

The slow pace of MSFT causes this. You can't ask for people patient when you're not open to share what is really happening. I'm sure that if MSFT had a blog sharing their thoughts for the platform with frequent updates that would calm everybody down. WP team has a track of bad updates, you can't overlook that.

I don't know, we all know what updates are coming and when to expect them.
Ranting and raving about unconfirmed leaks and unfinished builds is pretty pointless.
Particularly on something as small a picture of a tile, we have no idea about it's options or how it works.

Stop embarrassing yourself MSFT. I wish WP had enough users like Xbox so every time MSFT came with those half baked ideas we would make so much noise that they would backpedal like they did with the Xbox One.

I wish some on here would stop embarrassing themselves by making assumptions about a single picture of an unconfirmed, unfinished build that doesn't really tell us much about how it works.

That's what everybody said about Xbox and all came out to be true and MSFT had to backpedal. There's always some truth behind those leaks or WPC wouldn't even report it. Complacency ain't help here.

What leaks from Xbox?
Like I said, this is simply a picture with no real information. Yet everyone wants to jump to conclusions.

Hopefully it will be built into the os and you just have the option to pin a particular notification to the screen. I don't need any more tiles on my start screen...

Who cares, we ain't going to see anything for months and months, in at&t's case years so why start anticipating now.

A tile?
This isn't a notification center lol. It has to be accessible from anywhere on the phone. Unless Microsoft plans to have this notification center ALWAYS show up on the multitasking ribbon when you press and hold back. Maybe that's what they're thinking? Even  then, Idk.
I'm not going to bash Microsoft for this yet, though. We still have a long time until Blue (I'm guessing we won't get it until Spring 2014) so they might change this.

I TRIED really hard to reply to my own comment but failed because suddenly I'm suppose to press the worlds tiniest button (is it a button? I don't know?) I have to guess my way forward in this darn ui

Goodthings: ok look at ie regular iPhone app where all an apps "category's" or "sections" are like tabs on the button just to tap them. Like the clock app or contacts app, where in wp8 (and some in later android) there is swipe to the sides to change section..i just thought wp8 was about the fluidity of swipes?
Now I tap an X and tap a tile.
Gestures you know? Like on actual windows ? I've said it before but android is actual similar and more consistent to my desktop experience then my wp8 device is.
My vision of what wp8 would become is just not matching my expectations! I see wp8 as swipedisyswipe with swype keyboard and swipe to home and NC etc. I'm not saying "BU THIS SUCKS WHO WOULD WANT THIS?!"
I struggle with settings because wp8 UI is suppose to be texty and not throw icons at users etc but when it comes to multitask there is an X icon and so on. Crap I suck at explaining myself in English . Sorry, keep on going nothing more to see

I TRIED really hard to reply to my own comment but failed because suddenly I'm suppose to press the worlds tiniest button (is it a button? I don't know?) I have to guess my way forward in this darn ui

No I tried pressing the dots in the right corner and pressed "SUPERCLOSE-EVERYTHING-EMERGENCYKILL-BING" button, hallelujah

notifications in a tile??? What a crap implementation. They could have made that change a long while ago... Here's hoping to some os gesture support to bring it up

Status bar should stay always visible (no more info desapearing after some seconds) and the notification center should be a swipe down from the status bar (like android and ios). It's the only way you will always have access to it. If it is a live tile you will always have to go the start screen first to see your notification center. Same if it is a swipe right in the start screen. Other OSs have it right (even symbian had), why not just do the same? They copy some of your stuff, you copy some of their stuff. Simple!

I HATE the idea of having a permanent status bar. What do I need that for? Let developers choose to include it or not, like it is now.

Ironically, antoxs, you've struck on one of the things that most frustrates me about the
WP8 ui, it doesn't recognise urls and automatically make them into links. Basic things like that are so lacking in this OS, I can't see how M$ are going to compete.

Why not? I wish. Looks really intuitive and easy to get notifications, but anything looks better than a tile really.

Wait so long for so little. How much patience does Microsoft expect ppl to have? Are they deluded?

I'm sure what they eventually release will be great and we'll all love it. More importantly - they need to fix the crap background agent infrastructure, that 99% of live tiles are updated by. Users complaining about apps that stop updating live tiles, is due to an OS problem with background agents, that the app can do nothing about. Added to that, too many agents just randomly cause them to stop running. And apps that are not opened for 2 weeks have their agents blocked, which the user does not understand. Then starting the app is supposed to start the agent again, but that is not stable since many users have to re-install to get things working again. This whole experience is pitifully designed and buggy. It brings down the quality of windows phone and gives a bad perception of the apps. They have had so much time to fix this stuff, I doubt now they ever will.

To come out from a one digit market share WP8's features should be equal to android & iOS phones or better.
If MS & Nokia think that limited syncing ability (no wifi syncing), a limited office app, a limited SkyDrive option where 99.9% of business users will not put their sensitive files there, a limited use of music app (streaming shouldn't be the only option), a limited notification system, a limited hardware use (FM radio debacle) will give them an edge then they must be mad.

Why does Joe Belfiore run Blue before GDR3 is out? Wouldn't it be more likely that he is running GDR3?

A tile for notifications is weak. Should be a shade that slides up from the bottom or down from the top

My guess, seeing as this is in all likelyhood an extremely early build, is that they are testing ways to integrate a notification centre. This could be it as the "1 Skype" and "1 Outlook" would show as two notifications on the noification tile.

One using the People Hub, interestingly the photo shows the tile having the icon from Windows 8, with notifications listed on the tile and the other using a notification tile.

The problem with using a tile as the notification center is you have to always go back to the home screen to access it.  I want to check notifications from anywhere.  This is why using a drop down menu is best to me.  Another reason a drop down "shade" is best is because of familiarity.  If you are trying to convert those people from android and iphone, familiarity is key.  Most smart phone users know about this feature and to not offer the same thing is a mistake to me. 

We don't know if this screenshot is authentic and if so, how old it is. I thought WP 8.1 would get a new UI, similar to windows RT and that's the reason for the delay.

Well, its an early build, and I'm still gonna stay to buy whatever the new Windows Phone is. That concept video though.. Was gorgeous..

If every Windows Phone from every manufacturer is able to multitouch at least 5 points, why not pinch-in with 5 fingers from every app to get to the notification center, and pinch-out to get back to app. Don't know, that could work.

GDR3 = General Distribution Release 3 - The best way I can describe it is a Service Pack for Windows Phone 8.

8.1 = Blue - The next major version of Windows Phone.

Tiles and more tiles. Even simple tasks like seeing notifications require a tile. C'mon we are running out of screen space for pinning too many tiles. Scrolling up and down to start something is not really an enjoyment at all.

I have always thought the notification centre should be in the volume box that appears when you press the volume keys. You pull down that and all your notification appear, also with some controls such as brightness, orientation lock and the music player that was originally in there.
But I guess that's just a dream.

Why is everyone surprised, it's exactly in the philosophy of the OS, a notification center. 'Oh, I want to access it from anywhere...blah, blah', get real, the number of toast notifications you miss makes a complex feature irrelevant. Remember it's not for missed calls, missed texts, missed facebook posts, etc. It's for missed toast notifications, so pull your panties out of your crack and move on with life.

First there were the complaints about the alleged X to close apps and it should be like android, now its complaints that the rumoured notification center doesn't swipe down from the top like android. Ever consider you are using the wrong OS?

I was going to switch on 2014 because i thought they will have a normal notification center, for fucks sake this is stupid, goodbye microsoft, hello iphone 5