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3 years ago

Upload and manage your ImageShack photos with official SkyPath app for Windows Phone 8

3 years ago

Nokia has humorous dig at Apple for adding some colour to the iPhone


Apple today unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the latter being a more affordable option for consumers. Known for rather expensive price tags, Apple is attempting to tackle the low-end of the smartphone market with the new iPhone 5C. As well as being cheaper than the high-end iPhone, consumers will also have numerous colours to choose from.

Unfortunately, these choices appeared to be vaguely familiar. Nokia UK took to Twitter today to unleash the above image, poking fun at Apple for not only injecting some colour into the iPhone product line, but utilising the similiar colours. As the Finish manufacturer rightfully pointed out: "Imitation is the best form of flattery."

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3 years ago

Disney releases the raucous Monsters University for Windows Phone 8


Disney and Microsoft seem to be hitting it off well as every week we’re seeing more and more games arrive on Windows Phone and Windows 8 from the famous studio. Just last week Wreck it Ralph arrived for Windows Phone and Temple Run: Oz before that. This week it’s the more timely Monsters University.

Based off of the hit summer movie and weighing in at 82 MB, the 99 cent game looks to be quite a blast on Windows Phone. Featuring HD cut scenes right from the film, Monsters University features two “exciting mini games”, like “Catch Archie” (think Temple Run but at an angle and you ride a pig) and “Toxicity Challenge”.  Each game has a tutorial, but if you played Temple Run before, you’ll pick it right up.

Check out what the game is all about after the break in our hands on video.

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3 years ago

PSA: Microsoft aware of download data issue on the Windows Phone Developer Center dashboard


Developers have been complaining about issues with the Windows Phone Developer Center where download reporting has ceased to function normally. The problem being that download data simply isn't displayed with a "zero" in its place, offering no value to developers who may wish to monitor how their work is performing on the store front.

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3 years ago

CNET throws the Lumia 1020 under the bus in latest Always-On segment, gets facts wrong too


When it comes to reviews or opinion pieces, especially for gadgets, there’s some "science" involved but a lot of it comes down to the critic's biases. The notion that a journalist is impartial is derisory, though many still feign the notion that it exists. Just like how history can’t be objective since what the historian deems important (and not important) drives the narrative, the same applies to tech articles explaining devices and giving opinions.

At Windows Phone Central, we write from the perspective of people who are already on board with the Microsoft’s mobile OS—it’s more about the hardware and how it compares to other Windows Phones. That’s our audience. Are we biased? Of course, but at least you know where we’re coming from—we’re not pretending otherwise.  

That’s what makes CNET’s latest video so frustrating. We don’t have a problem with people finding faults with the Lumia 1020, or even not preferring it. This is the predisposition thing rearing its head and if you like Android or iOS more than Windows Phone, then it will drive your opinion. But distorting facts or just getting things plain wrong is inexcusable.

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3 years ago

Ubisoft's Rayman Fiesta Run coming to Windows Phone this Fall along side iOS and Android


Video game maker Ubisoft has announced that they will be releasing a follow up to their hit game Rayman Jungle Run this Fall on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. Rayman Fiesta Run will consist of 75 levels of running and jumping through a foody, fruity party-filled world. Along with the fast-paced running and jumping that we have come to expect, Rayman will also add the ability to swim, shrink and punch.

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3 years ago

Mobile music, podcasting, and the agony of VoIP - Talk Mobile


Your typical smartphone has two speakers. One is an earpiece for the phone part (it does make calls, right?), the other a loud speaker for speakerphone (there's that phone again…), music, games, and the like. A few handsets, like the HTC One, along with a handful of tablets, sport stereo loudspeakers, but by and large we're still only looking at two speakers.

These speakers carry the duty of all audio communication coming from our phones, unless you plug in some headphones or hook up an external speaker, that is. But even then, that's still audio coming from your phone. Our screens are important communications components for our phones, but just as important can be the speakers.

So why, does it seem, so often that what's coming out of them isn't so great? Are our VoIP protocols to blame? Or is it just mobile? Are the microphones and software available good enough for real podcasting? And does mobile have place on the theater stage or in the DJ booth?

3 years ago

Telstra touts the “sensational” looking Nokia Lumia 625 in series of new videos


The Nokia Lumia 625, featuring a nicely sized 4.7-inch display and a 1.2GHz dual core CPU is certainly an interesting phone. Its budget priced and lacks a lot of the high end features of its Lumia brethren and yet it’s still in a category all its own due to that screen size, large battery, microSD expansion and premium Nokia feel.

Telstra began selling the Nokia Lumia 625 at the end of August, while some third-party retailers had it a few weeks earlier.

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3 years ago

Top Microsoft investors urge company to throw Ford and Computer Sciences CEOs on the shortlist


Reuters reports that at least three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft desire a quick turnaround with the departure of current CEO Steve Ballmer and his replacement - whoever that may be. The investors have urged the company to look at Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally and Computer Sciences CEO Mike Lawrie for the role, placing both on the shortlist.

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3 years ago

Scoundrels for Windows Phone, searching for lost treasure in board game style


Scoundrels is a turn based board game for your Windows Phone with a slight role playing game feel to it. You compete against other players to discover treasure before they do.

Along the way you have monsters to deal with and traps to avoid as well as your opponent. Scoundrels is more of a tactical/strategy game than an action game so don't expect a lot of fast paced game play. Scoundrels isn't without appeal but may be more of an acquired taste when it comes to Windows Phone games.

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3 years ago

Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone slated to invade the UK this Thursday


Nokia UK has tweeted out a teaser that should please many UK Windows Phone users.

The message is simple. "Lumia1020 + UK = this Thursday".

Still not sure as to the where and how much but if you've been waiting for Lumia 1020 with its 41MP Pureview camera, the wait appears to be coming to an end.  The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight so to speak.

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3 years ago

Bing Partners with - shows what stores around you have what you are searching for

3 years ago

Microsoft opens new Technology Center in Los Angeles

3 years ago

Never miss an NFL game with the official NFL Game Pass for Windows Phone

3 years ago

Amber for the Lumia 720 appears on Nokia Care Suite; rollout imminent


Good news for those with the awesome Nokia Lumia 720, as the 1334 Amber firmware and 10328 OS update (GDR2) is now sitting on Nokia’s servers.

If you're adventurous and use Nokia Care Suite or Navifirm+, you can download the ROM and manually flash your device (losing all information in the process); alternatively, you can wait until your carrier begins to roll it out over-the-air, which is what we recommend.

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