Deal Alert: AT&T HTC TITAN drops to a $0.01 with a new contract


We're still expecting the HTC TITAN II to drop in the next few weeks and perhaps in an attempt to clear some stock, AT&T has dropped the behemoth Windows Phone to just one cent with a new contract.

That's pretty amazing for a 4.7" screen device with a 1.5GHz CPU and the best camera yet on a Windows Phone (yeah, we're calling it). The TITAN has been a big success, according to the folks at HTC we spoke with back at CES and we can't argue with that as it has been one of our favorite devices around.

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The TITAN though is not being discontinued as far as we know as HTC told us that it will still be sold alongside the TITAN II (which is slightly redesigned, has a 16MP camera and LTE 4G on board), so we think this is more of a sale to push Windows Phone rather than an end-of-life scenario. Either way, it's a great deal.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, Reece, for the heads up


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Deal Alert: AT&T HTC TITAN drops to a $0.01 with a new contract


This is great news!! Hope they advertize this on TV so that people get aware...
Btw Daniel, I was waiting for the report on the Mystery LG device yesterday, but... :( although I know you are busy...

I just bought one from my buddy for $75 bought unlock code for 16.99 and retired my HD7... Although can't get 3g which is a bummer can anybody help me with that

Who is your service provider with your Titan? If it's T mobile you are ass out with being able to get 3g service on it. The Titan does not support T mobile's 1700 MHz band which is there 3g in the U.S.

I have to disagree with having the best camera.  While the colors are slightly more accurate, it doesn't have image stabilization, so my old Samsung Focus took better/less blurrier pictures.  I do appreciate HTC's dedication to WP7 but my Titan has had nothing but problems (http://bit.ly/yQwFps), and I can't wait to ditch it for a Lumia.

Really? I had the Titan and have a Focus - I thought the Titan took much better pcitures. Maybe I have steady hands??

That's great but also messed up. If you just bought s Titan, I'm pretty sure AT&T won't give you your $199.98 back. Great for new comers though, the Titan is a great phone, so long as you get one that doesn't have call quality issues (like the two I had, and then returned).

As long as your within your 30 days from resigning your contract they will :D they did with me bought my flash on launch day then when black Friday came around they reimbursed me for my phone!

My current phone is damage but still usable. I am waiting for the Nokia phone coming on the 18th. Now I'm pondering if I should just get this instead.

I'd totally recommend the titan, but my experience with the two I had completely turned me off from them. Im patiently awaiting the 900 and titan II. I recommend skipping the original titan. There's too many little things that need a fix that haven't (and possibly won't) been addressed by HTC or AT&T. The 900 will be pampered because so much is riding on it, which is why I'm probably going to get it. If the carrier and manufactor are on the same page, the phone tends to be MUCH better all around.

I'm getting antsy, my wife wants this phone, I want the Lumia, we're ditching sprint, and for 1 cent, I can get started now, and return the phone when the lumia is out. If only they had a 1gig data plan for ten dollars. I've never gone over 1/2 gig on sprint, and I wonder if its because the service is bad, or I don't use it as much as I think. I thought I was a power user.

Yesterday I went to the store to see if could upgrade, but was told I needed to do it online. It is a great price even with the lumina 900 coming, not sure if I want to do it now, yesterday I would have done it.

I had been waiting for a price drop as the Titan II release date got closer but I didn't expect to pay a penny!  Went to my local ATT store today and they said they have never had any Titans and probably never will, becuse "nobody buys Windows phones."  they spent the next half hour trying to sell me Android.
I had already done my research and had made up my mind (although the Galaxy Note was really cool), so I came home and ordered online.  I've had a Blackberry since my old HTC Tilt died, so I'm anxious to try Windows Phone out again.  Now to see if they will really re-instate my grandfathered unlimited data plan as promised by the nice lady in the chat window!  

Unfortunately the sale is over - didn't even last a week!
ARRRRRRRRGH! Wanted to move my wife and in-laws from Sprint to my AT&T acct and was going to get three Titans. ...ugh...
This sux - hopefully they have another promotion with the Titan 2 coming out this weekend. Maybe Best Buy or Amazon could hook a customer up?
Time to watch the newspaper circulars...double ugh...

A good friend of mine recommended that I call AT&T to see if they would still honor the one penny price for the Titan the day after the sale ended...and much to my surprise they DID!
Kudos to AT&T and their customer service dept. I gotta give props and a shout-out to Quincy, Pablo and Edgar. They each did their part in my 55 minute phone call to get me three Titans for a penny each and make me (and my family members) ecstatic AT&T customers. They get three new lines of revenue and I get to move three well-deserving people off of Sprint and hemorrDroid phones to the Titan (every lil bump in WP7 sales helps ;) ).
Not only did we get the phones for cheap but due to the dept I ended up working with (not the usual sales dept I guess) they waved the activation fee for each phone (cha-ching!) and the phones should be received (not shipped, but received) in one to two days...wow, just wow...
Props to AT&T and their customer service for making new customers happy and feel wanted.

Received $1500 worth of Titan goodness on Friday for three lil pennies (that includes shipping and activation). Within 30 minutes the AT&T phone rep (Jeannine) had the phones activated and working...
Wow...just wow...
Don't know where the bad press for AT&T customer service comes from but you won't be hearing it from me anytime soon :)

Sorry, couldn't resist... (to the tune of The Addam's Family theme song)
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