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Deal Alert: HandyScan on sale for $.99 through Saturday


Handyscan from JDB Pocketware is a popular Windows Phone app that lets you scan, adjust, and share documents. Handyscan supports multiple page scans as well as Skydrive and Dropbox support for backing-up your images to the cloud.

Normally the ad-free, fully leaded version of Handyscan will run you $2.99. If you've been on the fence about Handyscan because of the price, we've got some good news. It's on sale.

Through Saturday, July 27th, you can pick up the paid version of Handyscan for only $.99. You still have the Lite Version that is free but if you want all the features, the paid version is where it's at.

You can find the full, paid version of Handyscan here in the Windows Phone Store. Handyscan is compatible with both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

QR: Handyscan


Reader comments

Deal Alert: HandyScan on sale for $.99 through Saturday


And just for the record, the camera on the 1020 is sick. The pictures are unbelievably amazing on the PC and even on the tv.

I didn't find much difference with the HD scanner. Nothing HD or anything. But it has some color options like b&w. That's missing in handyscan. All your scans will be in color.

"HD" is just a marketing trick, not really HD...
Quality will actually depend on the camera your phone has, plus some enhancements added by Handyscan such as short distance focusing.

This is optimized for scanning content that contains text - documents, receipts, etc. Love this app!

Not sure about handyscanner but the ones I've used on android enhances the picture so that text/lines are very readable and you are able to crop and it will adjust the planes to make the end document even

Thanks Optimus82 (for the response on why this app nay be desirable and for not being a fanboy haha)

I was wondering the same thing. I had to fax a document today and it never occurred to me to take a picture and send via email until I saw this post.

It converts scans to PDF, fixes skewed angled scans/pictures, allows adding text, multiple pages per file, etc. Hence better than picture for documents.

I love this app. Had it for months and is very convenient. I find I use it alot when I'm on the go or just need to save miscellaneous documents.

Highly recommended. Can save docs as pdfs, and upload to SkyDrive. Can also backup and restore everything to SkyDrive. 5 stars

I use this all the time. All my important documents I scan on my phone and store on SkyDrive. They are there for me to access via any device that can access SkyDrive. Also will take shots of whiteboards after meetings at work and mail the PDF out to attendees. Instant minutes.

Just bought it. Been on the fence about it. Since I don't know if I'll ever use it. Might use it to keep track of receipts now though! Thanks for the heads up on the deal!

Does it scale down the size? I took a picture once with my phone, sent the picture via SkyDrive to my PC and then used Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert it to a .pdf, but the file size was like 5MB, which is astronomical for a .pdf file. If this can give me a quality .pdf of a smaller size in fewer steps, I'll snatch it up.

I bought it. It allows you to choose the dpi and resolution and you can get a reasonable file size. Pretty happy with the purchase so far.

Thank you for the tip! Found PayPal in the trial, and paid 0.73€ instead of 0.99€.... While switching to PayPal in the marketplace does not lower the price here (France).

I don't use this app very frequently, but whenever I do it's usually for something very important m, generally a document that I need a PDF of while I'm on the go. The app is a must have for me on all my mobile devices. I bought it full price, but it's well worth it anyway.

Bought it when it came out. Saved me on number of occasions when scanner not available and when you need to scan something immediately.

Possibly a useful app. But why do they need my contacts? HD Scanner for example does not ask for them.
I like my privacy and the privacy of my friends.

Darn just bought it last week for 2.99 lol. It looks like a good app, just don't like how it doesn't attach the PDF file to the native email, but works well.

I used to use this when I had my older Phone running Windows. The free version was just Ok way back then, but it did work. When I got my 7.5 I again tried the free version and well quite frankly it was awful, and there was no way I would pay $2.49 for it!. With it just being $. 99 I decided to give it another shot. Glad I did. It seems to be much improved, and the integration into SkyDrive is wonderful. What I did notice that when I went to the HandyScan folder in SkyDrive, that although it said .pdf, it actually opened in Word Web App. I suppose that is so one can edit it? Oh well..... If that is my only concern, then so be it!. Good app to have, and for $.99 you can't go wrong.

Grabbed, it, I really could use an app like this for a lot of things... and I need to get rid of the $60 left in the credits I got for grabbing a Lumia 928 (well 3) by the end of Sept...