The drunken attempt to destroy a Nokia Lumia 920

We've been tipped by Matt (known around the web as @RogueCode - he used to fire up some content for Windows Phone Central) that a few drunken friends have attempted to smash up a Nokia Lumia 920. The Corning Gorilla Glass really shines when battered by a beer bottle.

Here's part two of the test where the screen on the older Nokia device, which was also receiving some abuse, finally gave in. Note that both videos may contain strong language. Also, it's revealed that the owner actually really likes Windows Phone and his invincible Lumia 920.

If you're wondering, this is exactly what the Mobile Nations crew do on a nightly basis. It's the only way to remain sane in this world.

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The drunken attempt to destroy a Nokia Lumia 920


...my lumia 920 screen is full of scratches. Nokias comment: get a third party screenprotection. grrr!!!

I too have scratches on my 920. I guess Gorilla glass has its limitations. It takes impact nicely but can get scratched, eventually.

I'm pretty careful with my phone, either it's on its fatboy or (without anything else) in my jeanspocket... Nothing there that should be able to scratch it.

Sand. Grains of Sand in your Pocket can scratch it, because Sand has the same hardness Grade as the Glass. Protective Pockets might not help forever, since they cause Problems themselves, as well. You might wanna check out my full Comment further down there.

Sand. Grains of Sand in your Pocket can scratch it, because Sand has the same hardness Grade as the Glass. Everything that has at least the same hardness Grade -can- indeed scratch it. Surprisingly to some, Metal [Keys for Example] is actually less hard and shouldn't be able to scratch it as easily.
Additionally, the Screen's coated with some Kind of protective Layer which is supposed to prevent Scratches from occurring. Breathing on the Glass and holding it against the Light will reveal scratched or worn Areas. It can be worn down over Time by just taking the Phone in and out of its 'protective' Bag, when the Fabric is rubbing the Glass. So the Glass is effectively unimmunized to Scratches over Time, when the protective Layer's down.
Furthermore, even small Scratches on the Display will indeed compromise its overall Integrity, making it more likely to crack there than anywhere else. That's because of the compressed 'Nature' of that Kind of Glass.
Look it up yourself if you wanna.
So yeah, getting some Kind of Screen Protection might turn out to be a good Idea, actually.

Nice tan, nice nails, nice bangles, nice top, nice cigarettes, nice .. mmm .. Face! Hey, Is that a Carling Black Label?

This makes me want to implement Nokia's Slam technology on a Lumia 920.
And, if I'm not mistaken, the feature phone in the video is a Nokia Asha 200/201. It's actually a shame that WPCentral didn't take note of this.
Since, you know. It's a Nokia phone duking it out with another Nokia.

LMAO at that end note.... Totally understand though. Why so serious?
EDIT: not sure how drunk they are, but my drunk friends and i would definitely have gone to the garage to get a hammer.

My 920 dropped from ~50cm (~20inches) on a concrete floor and it fell so unfortunate on the screen that it broke the glass. Then i look at these videos and i'm like WTF?

I dropped mine on concrete floor when I was trying to put it in my front pocket. I am 6 foot tall, so lets say it fell from about 54 inches on its face/glass. It did not even get a single scratch anywhere. But spinning it on smooth vinyl surface table one day during a meeting, permanently dulled/muffed the glass at it four high areas near the corners.

lol.. my sister drop her s3 about the same 50 cm.. and guess what.. its in coma now n screen is total crack. she scream at samsung as replacement LCD screen is going to cost her $300 sgd lol.. and its drop on shopping mall floor.

At least only the glass broke, the phone still works perfectly. But guess what, because of whatever reason it's not possible to only replace the glass, even if the display panel is NOT broken.
This is the story of 250€ (325$) leaving my pocket.

Same deal, from my lap while getting out of a car, my Lumia fell face first to the pavement (anyone ever notice that when a 920 falls, it always lands face-first?).   Glass was SHATTERED and spider-web'd all around... but the phone still worked with no problems.  But I've had lesser phones with worse falls that had scratches and never shattered.
Its all  a matter of falling just the right way at the right angles and CRRRRRunch.  It WILL crack.  Slamming it with a beer bottle doesn't mean anything when the hand of Lady Lucks comes around looking to break something.

Yeah, corning makes glass that is very scratch resistan, but it is not scratch proof. Same goes for cracking the screen. If it falls really unfortunate, the screen is going to break.. Simple as that. Hope you got your phone fixed, though.

Uh.. .physics? Science?  Who is a scientist around here?  Large flat area colliding with another large flat area = ??.
Let's see someone try it again with the edge of the bottom of the bottle at an angle rather than the flat botton falling directly on the screen.
Also would like to see someone break said bottle and threaten to cut everyone in the room, and is taken down by getting hit over the head with a Nokia.

tbh, the impact surface of a beer bottle is usualy a lot smaller as the center is bulging upwards. So you usualy have only the outer circle of the bottom hitting the screen. Still, it's a rather large surface and not even a "real life" situation.

Indeed.  How about applying that force, lets say about 30 lbs worth, through an object with a smaller surface area (the tip of an ice pick perhaps)  I aint gonna try it but these videos don't say as much about the strength of gg2 as they do about the power of a stout lager.

How the hell do I put mine in my pocket once, for 2 mins, with my car keys and end up with a small yet annoying scratch on the screen yet these guys can smash the hell out of theirs and nothing happens to it?

My wife's 8X shattered the other day- dropped only 3ft on to the dirt/grass. I'm pretty pissed.

Anyone know how to replace the shattered glass? I saw someone selling the glass panels on eBay. What tools would I need to extract the broken glass and put in the new?

More relevant to the story- my toddler threw my Lumia 822 onto the bathroom tile. Not a scratch.