E3 Sneak Peek: Xbox Smart Glass

Xbox Smart Glass

The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) is just a few days away and Microsoft has given us a small glimpse at a new Xbox companion, Xbox Smart Glass. Xbox Smart Glass will be optimized for Windows tablets and phones to allow users to control their Xbox console, play videos and other media from their tablets and phones, and send videos to the Xbox to play on the television.

The app sounds similar to the Windows Phone Xbox Companion app but with a lot more gusto. Plus there's the Windows 8 tablet coming into play which is appealing in and of itself. Xbox Smart Glass will also be available for Android and iOS tablets and phones.

Microsoft will be demoing Smart Glass at E3 next week and hopefully will shed more light on the capabilities of Xbox Smart Glass. We'll be in attendance at E3 and hopefully we can shed more light on Xbox Smart Glass.

Source: Examiner Via: Engadget; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


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E3 Sneak Peek: Xbox Smart Glass


I understand why it isn't exclusive to windows phone/tablets, but it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity

Let's just wait and see how much better the WP/W8-edition of the app will be before we say something. ;)

Not expecting much in that regard, so far the WP versions of MS apps have not had any compelling features over versions for other platforms. Not counting on their "optimized" versions to amount to much.

It should be available on all platforms this is a Xbox feature not a Windows Phone feature afterall.
What I can see happen in the near future is more Xbox Live game integration on Windows Phones and Tablets.
FYI play Final Fantasy on your Xbox continue the game on your Phone or Work PC something like that.

Yeah, complete fail... Although a lot of xbox owners would be howling for blood if they couldn't get it on other platforms.

Such as when it first came out? Wasn't it something like 1-2 years before they even bothered to release it on Windows?

Three screens sharing as one. Fantastic. Wish I could do this a year and a half ago with a USB cable but wireless is better as is releasing never. Stupid name. Should be MetroLink.

I apologize if I missed where in the article the author or Microsoft say that Smart Glass is the official rather than code/ project name.
Smart Glass is very similar to other types of tech designed to bring integration, i.e. "single pane of glass," etc.
I wouldn't count on this being the final name.

Yesh the definelty could found a better name but at least Xbox is in it so people will recognize the brand. But I would took out the glass part and put air, or stream :P

I understand supporting iOS, but MSFT should not be releasing things like this for Android. this way WP would have a better positioning as the iPhone alternative that comes in many form factors and with top-notch Xbox integration

I agree. Or at least make android wait like a 3-6 month period for all things Xbox related, after being released to Windows Phone.

Its Cool But... MSFT should keep it WP only... WP needs cool features like this to make the world see that WP is better than iOS & Android... besides iOS & Android have alot of apps that WP doesn't... Would Apple bring Siri to WP? No... Will Google bring anything to WP? ...

I could understand this argument if you (MSFT) knew for sure that everyone who owns a 360 owns a Windows Phone. As much as they want everyone investing in the entire ecosystem, I am gonna assume many 360 owners don't have or use a Windows Phone. So should they be left out?

The thing is i think MS n the Xbox team are like separate entity.. They have different way of branding and handling things.. It's like the xbox team has the right to make their own decision without ballmer's approval.. Like office and bing team releasing apps for ios.. They have their own target, and usually not according to what windows team's goals.. Their marketing is also different, and their activities are more gated..

Though I know this is an obvious step for gaming to take, it will be interesting to see how the demos compare to what Wii U will be offering. I think it was another bold move of Nintendo to drastically change the primary control scheme of a gaming console, and I have high hopes for how they'll deliver this week. Long live the Big N AND the Big M:-)