ESPN Fantasy Football app in the works

ESPN Fantasy Football app in the works

If you're into ESPN's fantasy football, you will be pleased to hear that the ESPN Fantasy Football app is headed to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Not much is known on the details but the app will feature fantasy team management, live scoring, news from the NFL, tweets from fantasy experts, and messaging boards.

This will be the first year ESPN's Fantasy Football app will be offered for Windows Phone and expected release is mid-August. Once we spot the app in the Marketplace, we'll let you know.

Source: tvbythenumbers; Thanks, Ken, for the tip!


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ESPN Fantasy Football app in the works


UGH! Me and my friends use NFL.com for fantasy football. I was really hoping for an App for that!

I  definitely hear you on that... MLB AND NBA can take the time to make one I do not understand why the NFL is taking so long... I would think they it would be one of the first to put an app to the platform.

Yes!  I have been waiting for this app ever since I started playing fantasy football three years ago.  Hurry ESPN!  I need this app to occupy my micromanagement time.

ESPN Scored a tackle for loss as a sack last year which lead to a tie between me and another guy for the championship. And, due to tiebreakers, I won my league. But, of course a tackle for loss isn't a sack, and come Thursday, yes a full five days later (Saturday game), the scoring was updated to reflect this. I lost a point giving the other guy the win. Bah. That being said... Getcha popcorn ready.

Plan on getting WP8 as soon as its launched (moving over from android and all its schnanagins). So pumped about this app cause we just switched from FOX Sports for FF to ESPN, and this app will make life MUCH easier.

I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this app. This is good news I play and run 2 ESPN leagues perfect.

Doesn't matter to me, but my best friend is big into fantasy baseball, and the iPhone app is one thing he is missing on his windows phone. Hopefully that follows...

Great. The 1st official fantasy football app. But after trying all of the FF sites NFL.com wins. Although, I want an app, NFL just need to get the mobile site working first.

I use tunein radio app and pinned the Espn station but yea an official
Radio app is appreciated to go to specific shows

Same here... I have pinned my local espn radio 98.7 and wfan 660 to my start screen... The beauty with metro is people thinks it is a separate app.