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Facebook Messenger announced for Windows Phone

Today in Barcelona, Microsoft announced a new Facebook Messenger app coming for Windows Phone in the “coming weeks”. The app was a collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook and ensures the top messaging experience for Windows Phone users.

The app was one of the most requested features to have a standalone, regularly updated app for Windows Phone and now it will be open to all users going forward.

No word on specific functions, but because it is a standalone app, it can be updated with new features on a regular basis.


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Facebook Messenger announced for Windows Phone



Can't send pics or receive pics through the integrated chat. Thats a big thing thats missing for me. And group chat also. The native chat works well but its bare bones.

but who's fault is that? MSFT which can't update their OS if their lives depended on it. so bad and so slow is the WP dev team that it took less time for FB to make a dedicated app, basically a patch around the slowness of the WP team, to support features we had since....10 years ago.


Integrated chat only work when chatting with users that are currently online. Half the time people send me messaging with the option "appear offline" on, so I don't receive their messages. I hope the app fixes that, allowing us to send and receive offline messages.

while whatsapp's group chat is great, it is not good enough when you want to keep up with a group chat from your computer or tablet also. only being able to chat from the phone kinda sucks.

In the US whatsapp isn't really a thing because most of the carriers lock you into paying for unlimited SMS. And there is no way that I would be able to get any of my friends or coworkers to use it when they all have iPhones or Androids. I feel like a lot of people want to get away from Facebook but all my friends and contacts are there already—even my parents. No way I'm getting my mom and dad to sign up for yet another service with login credentials that they'll just forget anyway (and then bug me about it using a group facebook chat or Skype call).

Yeah this one's kinda funny since WP has it built into the messaging app.  Not sure what is to be gained by adding a stand-alone app.  Maybe group chat?  Meh - not really a big deal to me even though I use FB pretty frequently and rarely touch the messaging portion.

I thought so too...until I used FB messenger on an android...man the freedom to innovate like chatheads, etc. When its a standalone is why I hate integration now and why I get MS is moving away from that.

why do you want a single app when you could have 20 chat apps updating in the background all spamming your notification center (oh wait WP lacks it in 2014 still). I much rather run an app for each service none of which collaborates or consolidates itself in the OS. why would I want that!

Because you either integrate IM APIs into the OS and wait forever for updates.

Or you break out each app on its own for frequent updates. MS have switched to the latter.

They have done this, as over the next month or so 8.1 update will introduce notification and action centre. You can either be notified, or you can chose to have them silently go into action centre - all collated into one.

So you have the best of both worlds. Frequent updates. One place.

Feel free to stop trolling now that I have corrected you. :)


let me check: it will be out this year. yup definitively not MSFT in any major way. If that was the case, it would ship with windows phone 10.1

And good thing Google and Apple have nothing to do with it either. If that was the case, it would steal all your data, spam your contacts with malware, and/or be launched in a broken state.

I saw this recommendation to another person but I thought I'd give it a shot. Thnx for the suggestion... I like Booklet. It is quite tight and clean. Admittedly I haven't used it a lot as yet, but on the surface it looks like it does what I want.


The integrated chat is too buggy never got it to work on my data network, Wish they either dump it or make it usable.

I had some problems dude... But now it works really good... I'm not in need of Facebook messenger actually... By the way, I'm using 2g network...

It's something related to where I live because I none of whom I know who live near by could get the integrated messenger to work either.

Mmm may be... In my friends circle, 3 of us using built in messenger out of 5 Lumia guys and we have no issues...

Hmm, well it never synced messages I sent to people anywhere else like in the browser or the Facebook app, occasionally a message would never be delivered at all and it was often slow at receiving them.

Plus, the intergrated inbox is removing integration with Facebook, so you'll have to use this app come the 8.1 update, whether you like it or not ^_^

It's a good decision. They can replace it with an app that can be updated on it's own and doesn't have to rely on OS upgrades.

i said i think ! 
but every app on WP8 use 100% of the screen
"Chat heads" doesn't
so it may come with a different UI 
or with live tiles option 

lol, didn't mean to be rude
but just to make sure "only opinions!" :)
but seriously i think it's really cool if we get it

Hahaha . Okay then . I hope it's a metro style . A poped out live tile as chat heads maybe ? Lol .

The chat heads will surely be confined within the Facebook app, like on iOS. Only on Android and on jailbroken iOS can the heads exist outside of the app.

i think he meant, if you used Chat heads on Android
it's not the same on IOS
you can only use it if the FB app is open
which he think will be the same with WP

No problem :)
you did the right choice !
i used to have Android (HTC One X) it was flahship phone
Switched to L520, and soon i'll get 925 

I would like to have a function of replying to the message in the action center without having to open the app to reply. I believe this thing is available on BBOS10 but it would be nice if it gets implemented

i hope not. i bloody hate that thing on android. and you can't even turn it off properly, it's facebook taking over our phones through the back door

They could easily do the WP version through live tiles, pin groups / chats / people on home screen. In fact, WP8.1 probably is going down this route, or at least I hope they do. They just need to open up API's and hooks so that when an app receives an update, say a FB message, your pinned contact (people) will display those updates.

For group chats, you can pin those too, so it'll be much cleaner than chat heads.

I was getting Facebook toasts hours after the messaged arrived in Messaging. Then, maybe two days ago, I am now getting the toast for Messaging and Facebook at the same time.

Nope, do your research dude.  All of them will eventually be removed because of the new awesome integration.  Official social apps will be able to INTEGRATE themselves into the OS.  This alllows for faster updates from the social media company instead of waiting for an OS-level update.  So for example, when you login to the Facebook app, you'll see all your FB contacts, photos, events, etc. in the appropriate hubs/apps.  I'm sure the all other ones will follow suit, but Facebook will be the first to showcase this new integration.

And when you chat you need to open a NEW app - is that 'awesome'?

FB messenger should be integrated in the current app, not a new one.

I think you're a bit off, and speculating way too much.

And the app dependency is hopeless and pointless. There is absolutely no way that an "app" is better than built in. No matter how buggy some of you like to claim the current messaging set up (which is BS) it will never be as buggy as an "app" can, and will be.
And with FB's current involvment in app making form the WP platform I really don't see how this is in any way better. It seems like WP is waivering and catering to the crybabies.... that shit is never good.

but, but the integration in the people hub is a the one I liked the most. >.< they should have let it stay on the people, And I really like the live tile of people hub, I don't care if they will remove it from the messaging app.

Agreed - it was pretty sweet to show off, when I had a Lumia! But like a few others said in the comments, it wasn't particularly reliable. :(

I'll take a standalone app any day if they make it have reliable notifications. That's one thing I don't have with Facebook on my BlackBerry 10 phone (my OLD BlackBerry had a devoted Messenger app that worked 90% of the time!).

It has already been confirmed that the apps will be able to integrate into the OS. But it's different now since they hook into the OS. So the developers are now responsible for making it hook into the OS Where it used to be Microsoft that had to program the integration.

This is a lot better, let's wait and see how it pans out. I don't mind jumping between apps as longs as everything comes together in the associated hub. I am also hoping the messenger app will be able to recieve more than just sms messages...but I'm guessing that's a long shot...

I don't think they will... or at least I'm hoping liike hell.
If you look at W8.1 the people hub works a lot like WP, but you don't have to put FB, twitter, (whatever else) info in anywhere on the device. As long as you have the accounts linked through your Live/Outook they show up on the device.

MS loves delays apps/games releases to release them all in big announcements. Just wait for BUILD: final Instagram, new FB, new Twitter, Flipboard, Snapchat, Candy Crush etc.

while i agree with most of that list, whats wrong with the official twitter app currently? works fine for me

So, we will can change the default messaging app for FB Messenger app and receive all the messages in one place. Great!!! Can't wait for WP8.1!!

actually it's confirmed (not officially, but in the SDK) that WP 8.1 will alow us to change the default messaging client, and facebook messenger on android already support sms so it's actually cool logic out of some info we have and it will probably happen :) 

Mmm i know that dude... But replacement with fb messenger!!! And think about the wp restriction stories... So i think fb messenger can't handle sms... Or maybe I'm just over acting like a wise lol...

We don't know yet what WP8.1 will allow, anyway, why adding an option to select a default messaging app? What else then changing the default sms app will this allow? If it would be just for the IP messaging it wont really change anything, sms app will work as it did and the chat app will work as it did, the option would be irrelevant. So yeah, I believe MS will open up the platform a bit and we will get a mixture of iOS and Android, which is good, an open platform for more options, but still locked down to a level that it's fast, secure and reliable :D

PS. they did kind of the same thing already with camera lenses, you choose the default lens and it totally replace the default camera app, I'm using Nokia Camera and works totally like it's a stock default app :)

Ya of course we still in need of lot of features... Not only this sms ryt... But your imagination is reasonable... I just made a comment... Leave it :P

FB messenger can handle SMS on android. so it just might be the case on windows phone also. allowing fb messenger as a default messaging app for texting.:)

Why don't they just more integrate Facebook messenger into inbox, which works just fine? What's the purpose of having both?

They won't have both: it's begin removed from being integrated as a stand-alone app in Windows Phone 8.1. The built in service will be replaced with this app, which can be updated on a more regular basis, which much greater flexibility than if it remained built in.

Agree, The features they plan to develop for messenger can be added to default integrated Facebook app easily I think, at least it would be more reasonable.

The integrated Facebook Chat is notoriously unreliable and adding new features means an OS update just to add something as simple as Stickers. Going with a separate app means that new features can be added without an OS update ;-)

At last, the first good news from the MWC... Waiting for it..
Hope so it won't have any toast notification problems as the original Facebook app...

Feels great to see my favourite OS growing day after another, I hope microsoft keep pushing such apps and updates for windows phone time to time...

Don't worry this will be in coz by April fb integration wud be gone for wp 8.1 preview... And fb has already made an official app for wp so why worry

and talking bout the messenger it arrived too early xD ... i think vlc devs are dead...
tr2 ss 512 mb support is also dead... opera mini not available.... fuck everything, i just want vlc....

I was actually happy with the live tile Facebook pin for messaging, but I will GLADLY take this! May probably stick that and WhatsApp side by side, what the heck.

Because the built in fb messenger is being removed in WP8.1
There are pros and cons to this:
Pro: Can finally send pictures to friends and have a fb group convo
Con: No more unified messenger.

I think that Microsoft should update the unified messenger app and update to put all the cons I mentioned in the app to make one great messenger app

That sux if thats true. All the built in stuff is what makes it different from all the other shit. If i wanted an android phone i would have bought one.

Why does it sucks? Do you know all that built in stuffs you said are making hard for MS to keep them updated or on par with other platforms? Look at how crippled People hub facebook functions are as compared to the Facebook app. I do welcome this. At least, I don't have to get an Android phone to enjoy a decent Facebook messenger, while I'm still on Windows Phone platform. Ain't that nice?

the Con the you said might not hold true if it is like the FB messenger in Android that allows texting and making it as a default messaging app

I'm not sure what the android experience is like but is it bad?

is Facebook also integrated within the OS?
Because in WP Facebook is integrated within the messenger app. And you can instantly switch between phone and Facebook contacts

The built in messenger app is mediocre, it doesn't supports pics, stickers, or anything else beside text and location.

Where as the fb app by Microsoft lacks speed and feature, the chat is very slow and often crashes while sending pics.

That's why they should fix the issue in the WP8.1 update. Instead of removing the built in messenger app they should update and fix it.

Since I use the app alot, I enjoy this feature in WP8

What I hope they do is include an option in the messenger app to receive toasts through the SMS app, like how it functions in the GroupMe application.

That would give users a separate app and also include the integrated messaging that other people may want.

okay before someone says to you...let me tell you....is it so hard to read article....its just 7 lines....

I was excepting this from you. Try harder next time... KID.

That was collabration. Not yet mentioned It is by Facebook Inc. or not.

Facebook App by Microsoft is also a collabration & it is crap till now.

JThat's why I prevent using it for now. Unless they make one that's on par with ios and android.
I know the integrated one lacks lots of things like sharing post and stuff but the "official" lacks things the android and ios version has.

joe said "More apps coming from partners over the next few weeks" on stage,

So I hope this app is actually developed by Facebook

While fb chat in messenger hub is buggy and I won't really be sad to see it go, I really hope they dont remove Facebook account integration. I really like having it for my contact list and having all of a friends info in the one place.

Well if they can manage to make it work like how it works on android or ios, with just installing the app, I would mind at all if MS took away the whole Facebook integration from WP 8.1

Finally! I hope if it will have same features from other OS, or at least the ones that are very requested.

I'm sorry, but why is this such a big deal? By having my facebook account on my 1520, my fb messaging is threaded in my sms; no need to load the fb app, or even need to think about a messenger app

Is only a alternative to the native system. Is good, because some operators offer the data using this app.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the hub concept is being scrapped, at least how it is currently implemented. That's not going to make some people happy (like my wife) who use the People hub's What's New feature more than anything else.


But I'd stick to the integrated inbox.my office blocks facebook and in a strange way the integrated fb chat in my inbox works its way to bypassing the firewall