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Firefox Mobile still not coming to WP7

Mozilla's Director of Developer Relations, Christopher Blizzard, sat down with Gizmodo to discuss Firefox's mobile browser (formerly known as Fennec). Blizzard took the opportunity to reaffirm the company isn't developing for Windows Phones. This isn't anything new but it's more so how Mr. Blizzard make the affirmation that caught our attention.

"[On Windows Phone 7] they said, 'You can use stuff in Silverlight if you want, but you have to come through our app store, and we get to veto.' We're not going to bother. They're gonna ship some version of IE, which is gonna be terrible..."

We will assume "they" is Microsoft.  In referring to Windows Mobile Blizzard said,

"We were going to do Windows Mobile because Windows Mobile really needed a good browser, but they shut down their platform.".

We can't blame for Mr. Blizzard presenting Mozilla's mobile browser as the best thing since sliced bread but there are good browsers out there for the Windows Phone. Skyfire and Opera come to mind.

So, can a Windows Phone 7 ever survive without Mozilla's mobile browser? Are the current crop of browsers on Windows Mobile that bad? Personally, I think Mr. Blizzard is well off the mark. How about you?


Reader comments

Firefox Mobile still not coming to WP7


Cry me a river! They got NOWHERE on their version for WM after years, and now they're not going to do one for WP7, I personally don't care, it's a phone to me in the end if the new MIE version is sound and if skyfire and opera mini can make it in later for those who want those options then that covers everything.

I'm not losing any sleep over the lack of FF on my next smartphone.

Sadly, I think Firefox is on it's way to oblivion. I think Firefox needed the WinMo and WinPho platforms more than they needed Fennec. I cant see them being a big player in Android or iOS, so what's left? Symbian for now but it is dropping market share. Add this to the decline of Firefox on the desktop and you start to see a trend that points to it being yesterdays browser.

Says who? someone from a company thats loosing its market share in desktop to ie8 and chrome, with ie9 being the fastest browser out there its just a matter of time before microsoft ports it to the wp7 and when its there its gonna be awesome, no one can beat microsoft on hardware accelaration, even firefox 4 itself is using microsoft directX to enable hardware acceleration and didn't bother itself to look at openGL

Who really cares about Mozilla Firefox Mobile on WP7?

From my own exprience and also from all those vidoes that you can see all over interent the new IE doing a great job on WP7.

Firefox Mobile not coming to WP7 simply because they know they can't compete with IE on WP7.

No one really need to have crappy browser like Mozilla browsers on their phone and desktop anyway.

Firefox has no footprint at all in the mobile world and will not gain any significant ground with an attitude like this and it's no big loss.

i'd take opera mobile any day over FireFox. FireFox for the desktop used to rock but all it is good for now is crashing. IE is now my primary and it is great. i can't believe i just wrote that i like IE over FireFox but that's how it is these days.

So whats thier excuse for winmo 5.0 - 6.5 ? Wince 6 and 7? Those all give you a native sdk? Wheres firefox on those? They have released some of the crapiest builds for windows mobile. First minimo which really wasnt that good, and then Fennec that makes my tp2 crawl. I think it wouls be good if they actualy stopped and rewrote the entire thing in silverlight, maybe they can figure out why its so slow on the mobile side and why so bloated on the desktop side.

Somehow Opera has ben able to make a standardds compliant browser that takes less mem and runs faster and includes flash, why cant mozilla? they just want to use legacy code because it dosent require them to be creative and they can use firefox to bash people on the head with thier foss agenda

Other than that I think Mozilla are som whiney Biatches

Firefox is good for computer, desktop, but it's not significant for mobiles instead of that i prefer opera it's quite appropriate for mobiles.

>"We were going to do Windows Mobile because Windows Mobile really needed a good browser, but they shut down their platform.".
I presume they have never heard of Opera.

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