These are the first photos of the Lumia 730 and new 'Debian Red' firmware

New photos of Microsoft's next mid-range phone, codenamed Superman, reveal a bright green Lumia 720 successor is being developed, along with new firmware.

Two new Lumia phones, thought to be the 'Lumia 730' and 'Lumia 830' are reported by the Verge as arriving in the next few months. Recent images leaked of the Lumia 830, which is thought to have the codename 'Tesla.' Now, the first photos of what is understood to be the Lumia 730, codenamed 'Superman' have been obtained by Windows Phone Central.

The Lumia 730 looks to be the successor to the Lumia 720, one of the more popular mid-range phones by Nokia announced in early 2013. The Lumia 730 is aimed at the growing 'selfie' market as it allegedly features a 5 MP front-facing camera and a 4.7-inch display. Additionally, the Lumia 730 looks to carry on the bright green color scheme found with the Lumia 63x, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 series and features on-screen keys.

Not much else is known about the phone at this time, although we are attempting to gather more information on specifications.

There is also evidently new firmware being developed for this phone that likely coincides with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 or even Update 2, which is thought to arrive in November. The name of this firmware is 'Debian Red,' which is the actual name of a color, though more often associated with the Linux Distro. However, Debian Red' is very likely the internal codename, similar to how Lumia Black was originally called 'Bittersweet Shimmer' and Lumia Cyan was 'Cherry Blossom Pink.' The firmware names go in alphabetical order, starting with A for Amber, Black, Cyan and now D for Debian Red.

Any features of Debian Red, including improvements or optimizations are currently unknown, although we are working to find out more.


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These are the first photos of the Lumia 730 and new 'Debian Red' firmware



Was that named after one of the Angry Birds as Bittersweet Shimmer was an album track? And if Debian Red is an internal name they'll have to find another D colour. Denim?

Nokia always made compromises in each Lumia so it wouldn't affect other models sales they kept on doing this & forgot to make an uncompromising phone & that's how my Friend now Nokia is of Microsoft.L720 should had a 1gb of ram at that time.I hope this upcoming L930 is a successor rather than just a new model for sake just like L530 which makes no sense.

doesnt matter,it lacks a camera button from what i see and capacitive keys,not worthy of an upgrade over my beloved 720,rather get a 930 instead even if i have to wait a bit longer for it to release and the higher price

L930 too has On screen buttons & Seriously speaking it is a waste of money. You are stuck with 32gigs of onboard storage & its not enough knowing the fact "Others" Section takes up memory for me it is taking 4-6gb now *L920. Just see the specs of L730 once released then think of buying L930. :)

Lolwut dude 930 has capacitive keys and camera
Also 32gb is enough for most people
I have a 32gb card in my 720 and out of the total 40gb(approx) I still have 8gb free so yeah I don't mind the 930,others may have a different opinion
Other than the 930 none of the other 30 series lumias have impressed me over the 20 series
All newer ones seem like downgrades except for the 930 which has a newer design to offer,it may have its drawbacks but its not a bad phone
The other storage doesn't take more than 1.5gb for both my phones-720 and 820,6gb other storage is a thing of the past for many only a few people have that much today

L930 has capacitive keys oops forgot that.I replied to ur comment while having my meal & watching E3's press conference so ma Bad :P Xd

most people dont use/need more than 32gb, this obsession with specs is getting way out of hand. No matter what Nokia brings to the table its never enough. i never heard an iphone user complain about only 16gb. They're just happy to use an Apple product. Nokia give u OIS, NFC, wirelesscharge, Zeiss lens, on an OS that actually works with 512mb of ram but nonetheless.... Complaints

^true dat,i myself have a lumia 720(and 820) along with an iPad and I often like to wonder how I got a much better deal than my iPhone touting friends(in India we must buy it for the full price no contract for $900) and still get a better experience than an iPhone with all apple apps and stuff on my iPad(some apps which aren't available on WP but very very few) and can take better photos , great battery life etc with my 720 for a much lesser price

Because apple only makes 2 different phones (you could say 6 maybe if you classified the storage option as a different phone), where Microsoft/Nokia makes 8 different models of phones...Some have expandable ( up to 128GB expandable) and some don't.

I personally wasn't sure how I'd do with 32GB, but with it all backing up I just delete what I don't use and it's all good.

Happy with my 920 till we get another high end device in Canada (wife has the 1020).

Let it be we don't need iPhones conversations in here :) Hope u'll not regret on 32gb non expandable storage option.Sir u have a nice selection of Lumia's for your family so L730 would be the next phone for your wife because of front 5mp cam ? Xd :)

Bittersweet Shimmer was a Crayola crayon colour, seems like the other two aren't though so wasn't a trend

Only D colours are Denim & Dandelion, so I'm hoping for Deep Purple

Good shout. At the time it was announced, it was tied to the band Fuel who had two album tracks Bittersweet and Shimmer. Stick Dark or Deep in front of any colour and you have hundreds. Or Dusky Pink..

Note that Nokia used the internal codenames 'Bittersweet Shimmer' and 'Cherry Blossom Pink' for the Lumia Black firmware and Cyan firmware respectively. So 'Debain Red' fits the trend as an internal codename.

Seem to be a legit name, since its falling in line with the alphabetical naming through colors, even though i never seen this color in my crayola box, but nonetheless......

Does anyone get confused like I do about these models. I know they are basically tiers. 500 600 700 800 900 1000 but I still lose track of all these models especially in the 1000s

Microsoft needs to stem these madness - get a low end, mid range and high end device - that's it. Applie, Moto etc are already that way.


You're right about the different models, the 10's (ie. 00, 10, 20, 30) I suppose, denote the generation of that model.
So for example, the Lumia 920 was released around 18 months ago and was superceded this year with the 930.

I think it's easy enough; the last two digits are the revision (00, 10, 20, 30) and the first are the model range (9xx,10xx,7xx,6xx,etc.)  Each model offers different mixes of features and is designed with a specific type of user in mind.

I quite like the model naming, and would rather not see something like Apple has with a one phone fits all approach.

I think that the way you explained it is amazingly clear, I never thought of it that way, and ai thought I understood the system. I also agree with you when you say this model for naming phones is better than the one Apple uses, or LG. or anyone else

I find people actually don't move on to more logical naming. Just simple arbitrary naming. With the lumias, the numbers are logical.....

It's not that hard, really...
The front digit denotes the tier (5,6 = low-end; 7,8 = mid-end; 9,10 = flagship; 13,15 = phablet)
The second digit denotes the generation (0,1 = Mango era; 2 = WP8 era, 3 = WP8.1 era)
The last digit denotes the variation in the same tier

The only exception to this is the 810 which is a WP8 device
Also, the 1320 could be thought as an anomaly as its number is bigger than 1020 but no better overall than it as the 1320 is 1520's downgrade

Cherry Blossom Pink is also an actual color (RGB 255, 183, 197)


My money is on 'Denim' for the final name of the firmware. Just guessing here, but I think it would make sense. Denim is RGB 21, 96, 189 (if you want to see what the color looks like..)

how nokia works:

use red color type name for beta test

use other color type name with short length and 1 word count for release

and each update are connt from A to Z (amber, black, cyan) (bittersweet shimmer, cherry blossom pink, debian red)

next update name could be demin, desire or diamond

Not liking this at all! Particularly if it doesn't have a dedicated camera button.
I can accept this if it was a cheap low end device, but the 730 is anything but.

Camera button defines a Windows Phone! I understand why they have relaxed the requirement for this button - so that third party firms can easily adapt Android devices for WP - but first party devices need to keep it. Maybe not on the 530 etc where every dollar counts but mid to high range need to keep this feature in Lumia phones.

Don't bicker until you know the specs, it could easily have a captive button in the bezel.

Also, It's to late to change the phone much at this point so when it's released and doesn't have one then send in complaints, we need phones to make it to market at this point. It's been ridiculous what MS is willing to sit on in such fast paced markets.. If he doesn't change or make sure they get it right the first time we won't have any device's left to get market share up.

Microsoft sucks in making decisions.Lumia 730 should have a camera button 1.Its has a fucking Pureview technology. 2.It is a mid tier phone not a low end or high end phone.

If you look close enough on the picutre you can actually see that it has buttons on the right side of it. I can spot the volume and camera button on the side just like on the 920. It's just that they are in the same colour as the shell of the phone so they are really hard to see.

So it actually has buttons, nothing to panic over here, walk along :)

Yes, I think I can see a camera button on the photo. I hope so anyway!

BTW, this is one of the negative points going against the HTC1/m8.



Some waterproof capability

Since we're stating some of our wishes, good list by the way.  The early sales of the 635 with promotions hopefully betray a demand for independent purchases, speaking to point one.

Yes.But in countries like India where we don't have Exclusive shit,Contracts we too have wait if any Lumia is Exclusively for some carrier which shouldn't be the thing which makes us to choose another phone coz who knows when the contract will end & will be available for us some Lumia's didn't even made to India such as L928,822,Icon(L930 it is coming but had to wait too long).Not yet available & it doesn't makes sense to buy 1.No micro sd support. 2.No dual sim config in High end Lumias yet 3.No glance screen 4.Makes no sense to buy.

Snapdragon 400 should be the minimum standards in Wp & Snap600 for mid tier phones clocked at 1.7ghz quad core processor it would be cool & 1gb ram minimum to low end as well to mid tier wp's.

But btw if it would be having some Carrier exclusivity we too would have to wait till the contract to end which Sucks.Hope it is a successor not like L530 which is a big Fail & downgraded Lumia for name sake.

Dandelion, Daffodil, Dark Green, Dark red, dark blue, etc, dusk, dorado, denim, dun (yes that's actually a color),

The word 'Daquiri' has a nice ring to it. Although dubious if it could count as a colour :P

The cocktail tends to be red though :3

It is update 1.Because update 2 is not even pushed to developers for testing so how can Nokia make their firmware so early.

I don't think so it has Wp8.1 update 2 because Even Microsoft hasn't yet ready to push it to Developers Preview for checking bugs. 1.Nokia had its firmware names Wp8 gdr2(Amber) wp8 gdr3(Black) wp8.1 (cyan) so the upcoming wp8.1 gdr will be (d something)

2.It has gdr1 update because Nokia hasn't given their firmware of wp8.1 first update aka gdr1.Nokia will be showcasing their additional features coming in their gdr1 firmware update launching soon with L730 & L830 just like they did with L1520's event which showcased Lumia BLACK Firmware.

HOPE U Understand.

Its clearly update 1 as Microsoft is working on it too.There's no chance of this Update to be the Update3.The update will come this year & maybe this phone would be launched in Nokia's own style.I mean they would unveil the Lumia & have people a look to their enhancements on Wp8.1 update 1.

So sad about a real successor of NL620, unlike that 630... I'm tempted to wait for this 730, but 4.7 inches are too much for what I intend to carry around. We'll see in the future

Same here.  It's annoying that all new phones seem to be going to large display sizes.  Only the low end phones have 4 - 4.5" inch screens.  I want a phone that is compact, but still has reasonable quality.


However, I notice that this phone has virtual buttons instead of dedicated capicitive buttons.  If the extra screen takes the place of the space that would normally have capacitive buttons, then the 4.7" screen may not make the phone any larger than a ~4.3" phone.

4.7 on my Titan wasa nice size, and I really didn't notice the difference much with the 4.5 on my 920.


However, when back home, I had a look at the "930" (actual Icon with Verizon), and I will stand by my feeling that 5" is the sweet spot for larger phones. I am torn between the perfect size (930) and expandable storage (1520 - too damned big! LOL)

Haha. 5" is the sweetest spot but L929(Icon) L930(International Icon) both had no Expansible Storage option & Glance screen Man wtf.Nokia messed up.

The Lumia Icon/929/930 and the Lumin 928 are almost the same phyiscal size, only slightly bigger than the 928.  However, the screen size is 5" as compared to the 4.5" screen on the 928.  So wait to see if they are able to do the same with this phone, getting a bigger screen without making the phone itself that might bigger.  It may only be slightly larger than the 720.

Debian Red is the red used by the Debian logo.  It's named after Debian the linux distro, not the other way around.

I'm not getting a phone with those virtual buttons, it just seems like I would always accidentally touch them. I also just like the look of the buttons on my 520 more. Though I need a new phone maybe mid- range now.

Count me in. Seems I will have to jump straight to 830 or above from the low end just because MS sees capacitive and camera buttons as a high end feature.

Who knows yet maybe Microsoft would have fucked it up by having no micro sd support,Glance screen & what else would Mr Elop & Nadella do.

Disappointed that it has on-screen buttons. You kind of expect it on low range phones (530, 630) but I think the 730 deserves better than those horrible looking buttons.

It doesn't have to be cheaper, but a price near it would be competitive. I mean the Moto G with LTE goes for $219 so a similarly spec'd device shouldn't have a price too far off. But then again it's Nokia branded so it'll probably go for $300+.

At some point the older phones may no longer get these newer Firmwares, just the OS updates.  All depends how it's managed internally of course, but once the firmware is stable proving OS only updates (like DP) on them is the cheaper way forward.  Newer hardware will get newer firmware until that stabilizes.

To date Nokia have still been enabling things like Bluetooth 4 LE which will require firmware (Cyan), but once that's all stable I can see them leaving 2 year old phones alone at the lowest level.


I still don't understand why MSFT cant update phone firmware via preview for developers. Previously the O/S and Firmware were delivered by two different companies. Now they should update the firmware via preview for developers. I though that was what Joe was saying...

I didn't think I would like it as much as Cyan, but the green is pretty amazing inc you have it in hand. It like glows.

One of those situations where you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Some people just don't get it.

Pureview is Software enhancements for having superior Low light shot performance than Non-Pureview wp's.L 730 & L830 both have Carl zeiss lens & Pureview technology. :)

Looks like another phone without a physical camera button and onscreen keys. Hopefully both features are retained on higher end devices, not a fan of these budget cuts.

Plot twist:Both are ridiculous priced compared to the hardware you get No proximity sensor,No glance screen,On screen keys.