Calendar for Windows Phone 8.1

Fix for the botched Calendar app on Windows Phone 8.1 is now live in the Store

Earlier this afternoon we harangued Microsoft about the recent Calendar app update for Windows Phone 8.1 that occurred on Monday, June 30. The update virtually broke the app for thousands of users by crashing whenever one adds a new appointment. Soon after our article, the app was unpublished from the Store preventing users who rely on auto-app updates from suffering the same fate.

Tonight, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to address the situation, noting that a fix would be available very soon.

"WP8.1 Calendar fix is ready and getting posted to the store. Will take a bit of time to show up everywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience!" – Joe Belfiore, Microsoft

Apologies aside we knew Microsoft would quickly address the bungled update though it still raises questions about how such an obvious bug made it through certification. People may brush this off by claiming Windows Phone 8.1 is currently in beta (it is not) or we knew what we were getting into when we signed up for Preview for Developers, but the truth is official 8.1 devices have been on the market for weeks e.g. the Lumia 630. For the sake of the platform's success, such incidents simply cannot happen if Microsoft expects to make any inroads in the competitive mobile space. They need to execute flawlessly.

For now, if you're on Windows Phone 8.1, you can head to the Store to get version 1.0.14127.247 of Calendar.

Update - For the record, this is not a new version, but rather the old one prior to the June 30 update. While it's a 'quick fix' for the add appointment bug, it also brings back a region specific bug affecting those in Russia. We surmise that Microsoft will attempt once again to update Calendar in the coming days with bug fixes, making it a true update. Thanks, @Alovchin91, for the heads up.

  • Download Calendar for Windows Phone 8.1 Note: Since this update is so new, you may not see it in your region right away. If that is the case, please try again later once the update has propagated to all of Microsoft's Store servers.

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Fix for the botched Calendar app on Windows Phone 8.1 is now live in the Store



Why can't Microsoft put an Every other Feature in the Occurs option? Every other Friday, Every other Saturday, every other Monday. I have games, trainings, paydays, weekend worked, all kinds of crap that occurs Every Other Week and all these years Microsoft still can't put in that lil feature. And why the hell can't it go Landscape!!!??? WTF MS

thats a really great idea wonder why people aint talking bout this.....why come in handy with school time tables and such


The punchline is don't be lazy and use auto updates.  Look before you leap - read the version notes and apply a sanity check before putting stuff on your phone and whining about it here later.  I say this with love must be either extremly lucky, or kitting or have a short memory.  Just check the various communities about Apple or Android app glitches. You will have a lot to read......  :-)


LOL!!!!! Core Android features force closing (including the home screen) was one thing that made my next phone a Windows Phone.

everytime apple updates it's OS it always gets screwed up . go to there forums and see for yourself. thats why i never update my ipad or ipod. there both the same as when i bought them.

I can't Believe you people are Unglued. I tried to add and event and it didn't work. Then I tried a few other time and Just moved on. I knew in 1 to 2 day my patch would be in. When life deals you lemons make lemonaide or move to apple. Just shut up about it, quit your crying.


Microsoft just wouldn't be Microsoft without fixing unbroken things by breaking them just to have to find a way to repair that unbroken thing they broke.

Yeah, they do a fair amount of whining when mistakes are made. Just listen to 'em scolding MS like it wet the bed. lol.

Yeah. Obviously, they were not doing these intentionally. But making WP native apps upgradable without having to update the whole system was for the betterment, at least that was what they wanted. First time experiments often fail but the least they could do was to test it without releasing. At least that's what we could expect from MS but now we've to rethink while updating... Or that they'll rethink.

Just got it.

As for this entire business...I wonder if the apps are even going through testing anymore. This clear blunder left me with more doubts about the quality control on the store than anything else...

I don't think the qc on store ever check apps by MSFT. The only way left for us is to turn off the automatic updates

Well they clearly should. Though even generally, the quality control had been dropped in the store.

Fortunately I don't have automatic updates enabled. I like to see what gets updated and when manually.

Well, those things sometimes happen. Maybe someone uploaded the wrong release or they thought their update was so minor nothing could go wrong. As long as it does not happen all the time and gets fixed in time I don't have that much problems with it.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe they DID test it and it worked perfectly on the devices "in-house," but those devices didn't have something on them that the rest of the world does?  Or perhaps someone messed up and didn't load the correct version onto the Store servers?  Many things can happen when upgrading apps, especially at the pace Microsoft has been.  God knows Apple and Google aren't immune to these kinds of glitches.  Bing it if you don't believe me (see what I did there - Goog what?)  Instead of COMPLAINING all the time, appreciate that Microsoft is working extremely hard to create an OS to rival the competition.  Look at the progress they have made in just the past year alone.  Microsoft IS listening to us and they AREworking as hard as possible to provide us with features we want like Cortana, Action Center, etc.  The fact that they fixed this issue in one day proves it.   Are there still issues?  Of course, like Xbox Music (I really want them to make creating and editing playlists easier - similar to Android where you just create a playlist, name it and then select the songs you want in it and click save.  And I would LOVE it if we could have interactive live tile for Xbox to pause/play/ffwd/rev songs from the live tile.)  But I digress.  We have to support Microsoft's attempts and accept some glitches and setbacks in order to reach that ultimate goal of having the BEST OS on ALL devices.  I sincerely believe that THRESHOLD OS (Windows 9 / WP9?) will be the thing to blow Apple and Android out of the water!  Let's hope I'm correct.

I wish they bring the weather within the calendar back. It's a small feature but yet useful...

No more weather for me either, It was working fine before latest update. And yes, all location services are turned on. Lumia 925.

Fixed. Had to go in to calendar settings and turn off location settings, back out and then go back in and set location settings back on.

I wonder how they are going to start selling Lumia 930 in Russia next week with this bug. A usual user will just return the phone.

I'm not sure you're very familiar with the "usual user". How many people have choked down the crap android was pushing at them without returning their phone?



No, it's not. They fixed it yesterday, but broke new/edit appointment. Now, they fixed the latter bug, but broke this again. Seems like they just pressed "Undo".

And please note that I really posted this thread on May 18, but they fixed it only yesterday! And moreover, today we don't have a fix for this yet again.

Try switching the time zone in phone settings to GMT+4 Moscow. It's not because of 24h time format, it's because of time zone changes in 2011 in Russia.

Thanks for the link!, so glad I don't have auto updates enabled. I don't think it needs an o/s fux but more stringent and robust qc of their own apps. As it looks like MS will never kick the habit of breaking things that are not broken lol.

When rapid release gets too puffed up.
This incident, like the recent Outlook outage, just can't happen. We are paying customers guys, not guinea pigs.

The only "final release" is for software that is end-of-life (EOL), meaning no further development and expiring support.

The correct term is Release to Manufacturer (RTM).

I disagree with Daniel.  RTM does not guarantee full functionalty.  Full functionality is determined by manufacturer, for computers this would be HP, Lenovo, etc.  Mobile phones are unique in that this is two step:  manufacturer (Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.) and carrier (USA only apparently.

The easiest analogy:  buy any laptop pc.  For example purposes, install clean Windows 7.  I guarantee no full functionality from that laptop until you download drivers from manufacturer website/CD.  That is where Windows Phone Developer Preview is at. 

The app problem is a different issue.  Clearly, it is a QA issue whether incompetence or incapability.

On the bright side, interns will cycle out in a month and the real devs return from vacation.  Hang in there folks!

Well said! And then there's also the effect of a build for "RTM" being different and may behave differently from a "preview" build. Past BETA releases of many other products (not just from MS) behave differently from RTM'd ones when 99% of the code was unchanged. Some things may be enabled or disabled when it's switched from a debug build to 'general release' build as debugging and feedback features are turned off or others turned on which can cause behavior differences. I think of all the times I've run into issues where enabling debugging or using checked builds appeared to 'resolve' issues in some cases, and ressurected 'fixed' bugs in others, yet the code itself remained the same.

But this was not the core anyway. It was an app provided with the core and never should have never made it out into the wild. I think back to my days of testing, and back then, every button, checkbox, slider, network connection process, interop with other apps, etc. all had to be tested and was verified by at least 4 other testers (5 total) and you had to sign-off on each item individually. I wonder why that did not happen here. Did testers simply assume it worked and signed off without actual verification? Was it simply seeing if it installed? Ineptness/incompetence definitely seems to be the case.





We have a joke here in the US, sounds like an indian job [indians are known for taking shortcuts and releasing partially-baked stuff]. Maybe the indian in charge just gave it the A-OK and published it to store. hahaha

Since Windows Phone 8.1 isn't a final release, and Microsoft is shipping Lumias with these bugs on them to consumers, we should assume that Microsoft won't accept payment for those devices until after the software is fully functional and usable, right?

When do the refund cheques to Lumia 630, 635 and 930 owners who thought they were purchasing a usable, ready-for-prime-time device with working calendars get issued?

Great that they fixed it quickly. But they still have the AM/PM bug (does not respect formatting setting of 12h/24h). Sigh.

It doesn't use my date format either. Date format for my locale is YYYY-MM-DD but the date picker in Calendar uses MM-DD-YYYY. It was fine in WP7/7.5/8. 7/7.5 was even better in that regard as you could customize your date formats.

It happened because there is no qa, it should be more simple to roll back massive issues than spend a day coding a fix

Oh Danny Boy, one glitch in such a complex world or coding is not the End of the world, just like Malware and Trojans aren't killing the Android momentum

The quality control should have atleast checked once before submitting the app but they didn't.. Laziness laziness everywhere

Its not a glitch that is difficult to replicate but a simple function as adding an appointment which caused the app to crash. This is a core app not some third party app one downloads from the store.

"The update virtually broke the app for thousands of users"

Where are the Android wags posting they didn't know there were that many WP users?

Nahhh! I can't use my phone until now. Stocked on home screen becaise of this.1hr ago have already passed and no response yet. Soft reset doesn't work. Now I know what is the limitation of uni body.

I'll definitely download this update, as soon as I turned on my phone.
Lumia 720

I went to install app from the WP Central app and it said "View" Lo and behold, it had auto updated while I was eating lunch. Confirm it again works as advertised.


Now, where is my next update for "Music?" Overdue, lads.

I've never had an android or iPhone. All windows mobile and I waited until wp7 came out. Only thing that upsets me this late in the game is I want and will continue to support no matter what but common with the updates already. Official 8.1 is out, 630, and I do have preview on my 1020... But push the darn official out and move on to the next update, should get the one after that before Christmas also...

Wow that's the first time I've been really upset with Windows Phone in my three years of use. I depend on the calendar app, probably my third or fourth most used feature because I do shift work - never remember where I need to be!

Glad the fix came quick, unhappy the issue existed in the first place.

Onto some good news, now :)

What are they going to fuck up next, the phone dialer? Oops, but wait something HUGE is coming soon! Pffft. I'll get excited when you can do basic shit.

Don't worry dialer and email app are next, rest everything is already fucked up... Just let that huge update come up

I have no problem with MS having a bug in an app here and there but when I pay for a music app and after 3 years its still subpar and basically garbage compared to Zune i get pissed.

We all hear you and on board. Until they fire who ever the ego maniac is in charge of Xbox Music and Video, that is not listening to us, that we just want Zune back rebranded, nothing is changing.

'Calendar Update for Windows Phone 8.1: A cautionary tale.'
By Daniel Rubino.
(I'm making light of it with this post but in all seriousness, this is a great entry that Belfiore and his teams should pay attention to regarding Windows Phone.)
((But this is a VERY prompt response and I'm completely stoked about that. Good job.))

EDIT: Forgot quotes. And a bunch of other stuff...

Apps like calendar, music, video, file manager and folders they should be build in OS. We install so many different apps for doing so simple things. WP 8 were smoother in apps like music games calendar and so on. The OS is really good but I believe even with WP 9 it will still be incomplete. For me its a shame that I can't send a full size photo by build in mail app and need to install another app for this reason when I got a Lumia 1520. That's all for me right now.

But when I close the calendar app, it stays in back, I have to close it from multitask-screen.

Now this is a genuine gripe worth complaining about. I still don't understand how making XBox Music the premier music service isn't a priority with the way people feel about music. I don't, but just about everyone I know does.

Nice and quick. Good job. Wish they would update the tile to be a little more exciting like Simple Calendar or Super Calendar...some options to pick from would make me go back.

I agree. I use Cal just for the live tile. I like the fact that it shows the next 3 upcoming appointments on the large tile as opposed to just one upcoming appointment on the stock calendar's tile.

You are welcome. 


This has been an I opener for a few folks. Yes when folks outside say in all fairness MS is not treating us with disdain individual shout from the hip. Its not easy to defend this one though, maybe a few people use the app? Now i can update the app with 1/2 confidence.

Daniel, we need you to be pissed on the Music app as much as you were on the calendar one, it may get us closer to a working music player! :)

They're not allowed to make mistakes, it's just not permitted... They're not people and therefore not afforded the luxury of any benefit of doubt. They must be destroyed or someone made to pay, may they jump on their sword without delay!

You're not allowed to make mistakes in certain situations.

If you're the pilot flying the plane that hundreds of people are on. Or the engineer who monitors a nuclear reactor.

Or even the company that wants to own a professional's digital life including his calendar.

If everything you do in those situations isn't perfect -- and I mean PERFECT -- you're not cut out for the game and need to drop out.

Microsoft needs to start moving A-listers onto Windows Phone. People aren't going to continue to tolerate shoddy half baked mobile software rushed with bugs and "mistakes" that grind their digital lives to a halt.

We need a detailed explanation of why the app was f****d up to begin with. MS needs to hold itself accountable here. "Sorry for any inconvenience" just doesn't cut it. Not for something as critical as the calendar.

No you don't. You need to know they fixed their mistake fast and that is owning up. Makes me wonder if you hold yourself to that high of a standard?

First party apps are screwed for one simple reason: MS are removing the deep link OS intergration in order to push out updates via the Windows Store (they've done it fr 3rd party apps and switched to using API's). It's the same thing Google did with Android to ensure faster updates.

The problem is that bugs like this get missed easily.

Yeah, it isn't like he is a paying customer who deserves to get what he paid for or anything.

Your car's transmission exploded at 12,000 miles eh? Well shut the hell up, I haven't seen YOU design and build a transmission...

Yeah it works again!!!!!! For all you complainers - calm the fuck down. Every developer, big and small, has this happen once in a while. Not every developer owns up and then gets you the fix in less than 24 hours. Shit happens.

No no nothing is ever good enough coming from Microsoft, that is just how the world works! No matter what they do, it's terribly wrong and they should be made to regret it, that is the function of the internet... To make them pay for making anyone pay O_o

Blind fan boy to the core, eh? They should've removed the update instantly instead hours and hours. Then they should've uploaded the old version for people who updated to the broken calendar.

No matter how you put it, MS fucked up again. And at the moment they are doing absolutely nothing to appear pro-consumer (i.e. no changelog, no explanation), which means they are fucking it up even further. Amateurs.

Who me? I'm with you, this is completely unsatisfactory! I don't think that first statement was necessary but honestly after these past five years, no even more of just absolute bumbling shenanigans they must be shut down. I may as move on to another platform since they can't even manage a simple calendar! =/

I'm just glad they got it fixed that. Only been using a WP for shot a week. Breaking the calendar app wasn't a good step to win me over. But fixing it fast is

Not impressed with Belifores tenure as showrunner this far. Inconvenience? My wife is a Quality Systems Data Engineer for a major pharma corporation, and believe me this kind of fuck up in that world would cost people their jobs. It's not the what, it's the how. The lack of proper and thorough QCing that does not inspire confidence in who's in charge at WP.

I concur. For that app to pass code review, meant management signed off. So it is a failure on three levels: dev, QA, and management. Reflects VERY BADLY on the team and you can bet the other groups on campus are aware of this.

Hopefully, this is a rare occurrence. This is their "gimme".

Oh my days were forever horribly ruined by this devastating debacle, how dare these people at Redmond even consider attempting anything, when the world over knows just how terribly they make things! To even consider showing the fallibility of human beings playing at any kind of business... May they forever regret their actions and go home never to trouble us again!

Yeah, those of us who had our business day completely disrupted by incompetence and carelessness in a basic area should sit down, shut up, put our lives on hold, and wait for Microsoft to "get around to it." Because mistakes happen, and it isn't like we are paying customers of a distant third place ecosystem that needs to perform well just to stay relevant against two other ecosystems that don't push out updates that break basic business functionality.

In fact, we are lucky that Microsoft even takes our money to deliver WP to us. If we keep whining, they might not break things as often and then what would we do?!?

It isn't like this OS has been out for four years and should be well past basic f*ckups like this or anything.

You had your business day "completely disrupted" by this?

If you are that dependent upon the features of your phone, then why the hell are you on a DP?

Funnily enough, I use my calendar to keep my very busy day sorted.

And I am not on a DP, I am on a dual-SIM Lumia 630 -- it's a production device.  Hundreds of thousands of production devices around the world received this same broken calendar update.

If only Microsoft and its apologists put as much effort into avoiding incompetence as they put into making excuses and attacking users who have been burnt by crap user experience...

Hundreds of thousands? 

If the biggest issue that you have is not being able to create a calendar entry, using the plus button, you are one lucky dude.

I bet they just uploaded the old version to again (thanks MS you arrogant bastards for not releasing changelogs!)

Have a look at how your live tile works now ;) Well it was either that or uploading the old, working version, to people.

How can MS fix this 'tonight' on July 02 (it's 06:52 in England as I write this)? Looks like someone got the date wrong, unless they're posting from Australia...

An old bug has resurfaced: when adding a timed event to my Google calendar, the time is set to an hour before when you click the add button.  This doesn't happen with my Exchange calendar.  Very poor, Microsoft....

This is another interesting article and comment section to follow.

The article makes it abundantly clear that MS simply MUST be perfect.  It is explicitedly said that MS must perform flawlessly.  Since that is just about impossible for any company, it sets MS up for constant failure and constant overreaction.  I really think the expectations need to be adjusted to something more grounded in reality. 

MS issued an update to an app that contained a serious bug.  They reacted to the feedback from users by hiding the update and then issuing a fix for the bug, all in the span of a day or so.  Yes, the bug should not happen in the first place, but we know MS can react quickly when issues surface. Anyone that works to code anything will tell you that bugs can sometimes slip through to release.  So its essential that you can react quickly to such things.

So its not about praising MS, just about taking a deep breath sometimes and realizing how this all works.  If MS starts to issue tons of updates with bugs and then is slow to fix them, then you can start going to town on them.  At this point though, they don't seem to be any worse then say Apple or Google in this regard.

Sometimes I think some people that consider themselves fans of the WP platform are very touchy about issues to the point that they are contantly on the verge of just leaving the platform over one bug or another.  Its cool to not be happy about a bug or to criticize issues, but many take it way too far, beyond what is helpful.

Microsoft is not a serious player in mobile today. In order to even be considered by someone who uses iOS or Android, being "good.enough" isn't good enough. They need to be perfect.

Especially with them positioning WP as a business OS. 100% reliability is a must with this group, and doing something as incompetent as breaking the calendar will push you out of their consideration set permanently if you're a marginal, largely irrelevant player today (which, let's face it, Windows Phone is).

Good enough is not.good enough until you've got iOS or Android levels of share. Period.

But they can't be perfect, that is the point.

We live in a real world where mistakes happen.  Mistakes must be minimized, no doubt about it, but what is equally important is how a company deals with problems such as a bug in an update. 

Again, its an unrealistic expectations when your dealing with humans that make this stuff. Perfection is a nice goal, but focusing on that as the ONLY way to suceed will only result in overreactions to issues and a constant drum beat against a platform. 

Before Android was the juggernaut it is today, it had its share of bugs and issues. Google was sitll able to push forward, keep improving and eventaully grabbed the marketshare they have today.  MS has it even worse than Google since they are fighting against two giants while Google was only facing one, but if they keep pushing, I think there is a future for WP.

When problems like this happen, MS has to be swift in dealing with it and do everything they can to prevent similar issues in the future.

If Microsoft adheres to the lazy, shoddy, sub par practices the two replies above are defending, they'll continue to fail in mobile. Period.

Nobody wants to have the risk they take on an unknown ecosystem like WP rewarded with poor quality.

We made a stink about it before addressing with Joe B. Made WP look bad in a way. Not a good way to support your OS of choice.

Maybe we're just tired of supporting WP with blind eyes. We're too far from a excelent OS and every "bug" lasts too much.
I'm really disapointed with M$.

Then what's stopping you from shuttting your mouth, and buying the OS that you do feel is "excellent"?

Sean is right. Only sycophantic fanboys need comment. Everyone else can put up with poor quality or just leave.

I'm sure that approach will bring WP to new heights of success in mere weeks.