Getting creative with your Nokia Wireless Charger and a pile of Legos

Nokia Lumia 920

Every now and again we run across a discussion over in the Windows Phone Central Forums that reminds us how creative our readers can be. WPCentral member TheKinkajou has created a stand for the Nokia Qi Wireless charger out of Legos.

It is the latest of such creations that we have seen over the past year or so in the forums and appears to fit the bill rather nicely.

Photo Courtesy TheKinkajou

The core of the stand is your standard Nokia DT-900 charger and while there is more than one way to build such a stand, TheKinkajou is working on getting parts list together for all the Lego pieces used. 

If you have younger kids who dabble with Lego construction or are a Lego aficionado yourself, building a stand should be a more economical option to consider than picking up the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand (DT-910).

Have you discovered a creative way to prop up your Nokia Wireless Charger? If you have or just curious about the Lego builds, head on over to this WPCentral Forums discussion and share your thoughts.

Thanks, Kyle, for the tip!


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Getting creative with your Nokia Wireless Charger and a pile of Legos


I wonder that when I see a "Someone in our forums said" news story, but its nice to have more articles to read during the day. Its like a highlight of the day thing.

Would love to see a build sheet for this, I have (my son has) lots of Lego, but I can guarantee that if I try it will not come out as good. LOL

Since we're talking wireless charging....
Somebody please recommend accessories (charger, case etc) for my New 925 coming early next week.

The Nokia Qi adapter for the phone (Capt. Obvious here) and the DT-900 are what I use and they work perfectly. I've read that the Nokia car stand Qi adapter is crap (they don't even list it on their website anymore) but I've never used it so can't confirm. I'm looking into some third-party Qi car chargers  so hope to have a review in the near future.

I made mine out of two acrylic stands and some handyman leftovers -- duct tape, rubber pads, a cable clip, and a pair of L-brackets (for a weighted base).

I thought about doing that, but didn't like the idea of the wire coming out the top. I bought the Tylt and am happy with it.

THIS. Many times over. Lego is like grass and sand - it's an entity comprising of many parts yet its plural stays the same. Damn Yanks, bastardising language.

grasses and sands are also words though normally used when referring to different types of. Back in the day, I remember the company Lego wanting to refer to their toys as Lego bricks or Lego toys, not Lego's. They didn't want to be like Kleenex (brand) tissues. Whatever. Just be glad you're popular and don't try to nickname yourself or get mad at others for what they call you or your products if it's not meant to be derogatory.

Well... "grasses" and "sands" are correct i.e. desert sands, many grasses. "Lego" is more like saying "sheep" i.e. Legos and Sheeps are both incorrect

I've made a stand with some old tape cassette cases and cut a hole in one case to fit the charger and the cable runs through underneath. Works great, looks like a load of plastic and glue with a phone on top.

I made a LEGO charging stand for my 920 about a week after it was launched. Includes 3-sided enclosure to make sure the 920 is properly positioned with access to the power button, 4-position angled stand with spring-loaded shock absorbers, cable conduit with strain relief. Perfect for charging the 920 or to use it while it charges.

It was the official Lego twitter account saying:

LEGO is an abbreviation of the Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well". b/c its our brand name it shouldnt be pluralized :)

Speaking of that DT-900 charger: does anyone know where to get the cable for it? I lost the cable in a freak accident.