glƏƏk! for Windows updated with OneNote support and more


The popular Twitter client for Windows 8, glƏƏk! has received an update to add yet more functionality to the app. Fans of Microsoft's OneNote will rejoice at the integration glƏƏk! now has with the note-taking service. Ever felt like saving tweets (or even trends) to OneNote for further analysis/reading? Now you can in glƏƏk!.

It's not just the added OneNote integration in this release. The developer, Liquid Daffodil, has also implemented a new twƏƏplines tool, which essentially enables users to check through a timeline of when their followers actually registered their accounts. It's a neat interactive way of seeing how early (or late) followers were to the Twitter craze.

Gleek Tweeplines

It's a pretty neat upgrade and if you're seeking a Twitter client for Windows, we urge you to check glƏƏk! out and see how you go. You can download glƏƏk! from the Windows Store for $9.99.


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glƏƏk! for Windows updated with OneNote support and more


If you you're going to say something stupid, at least make sure it's grammatically correct. Now you look twice as dumb.

Im sorry for my bad English, after all, it just a little update, not the preview for developer, my bad

I gave up on gleek, since it was buggy, crashed and never updated properly. It's too expensive also.

Tweetium is better and works properly.

It has some cool features on WP which other apps don't. I like clicking a wpcentral tweet and have the app open instead of taking me through the website.

Life is not a bed of roses. Its bed of bugs,lags and crashes. Each operating system has to go to certain difficulties to overcome the same

Tweetium is a Windows 8 app ... But I think the developer is working on a Universal App .... I saw his\her tweet

Have cleared most of the apps from the phone still shows me other storage 3.4 GB. Have cleared temp files to hoe I clear other storage. Please help!!!!!

Off topic but will the preview for developers roll out region by region or it's gonna be available to all developers around the world once Microsoft releases it????

Aww..come on guys, don't do this to me. This is just a brief question demanding a brief answer. Just tell me if you know.

+1 just following the crowd. Like they've never asked anything in the comments before. Smh....to hell with what they know.

Love Gleek!, has been my twitter client since released, has all the features I need and keeps getting better.

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Gleek is just gimmicky and doesn't have half the functionality of the full twitter app. And it's butt ugly. Sadly had to pay £1.49 to find this out. Unfortunately the official twitter app doesn't seem supported anymore.

Is this WindowsCentral or WindowsPhoneCentral?! Really , you guys should stop reviewing windows apps or say that they've updated. This isn't WindowsCentral. And you guys are going to get people sad or something because they want windows8 but they can't afford one for example or their parents don't want to buy one for them. I don't come here to watch Windows news or apps. I came here to watch Windowsphone news and apps.