Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone Lumia 920

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas escapes to Windows Phone, but without Xbox Live

Last November, gaming giant Rockstar Games surprised us all by announcing that their mobile pot of Playstation 2/Xbox hit Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be coming to Windows Phone 8 alongside the iOS and Android versions. A lot of the larger console publishers end up skipping Windows Phone with their mobile ports, so the announcement of a Windows Phone version seemed to prove that our platform has reached a new level of market penetration and acceptance.

On December 11, Rockstar announced that San Andreas would release the following week. But then the release date rolled around for iOS and Android with no Windows Phone version in sight. Rockstar went on to belatedly explain that our version would be coming soon. How soon? Here we are a month later, and San Andreas has arrived at last! But exactly which Windows Phone devices will it run on, and does it support MOGA controllers? And why doesn't it have Xbox features? Find out after the break!

Supported devices?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone

Displayed prominently at the top of the game’s Store page is this ominous warning:

“PLEASE NOTE: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is only supported on the following devices: Nokia Lumia: 1520, 1320, 822, 820, 810, HTC: 8XT.”

Nobody with any sense expected San Andreas to run on 512 MB RAM devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 - developers often struggle to get technically demanding games running on low memory devices. So the exclusion of the 520 and its brethren comes as no surprise.

What is strange is the exclusion of several devices with at least 1 GB of RAM, starting with the Lumia 920. Considering that the 920 was Nokia’s flagship phone in 2012, San Andreas’ failure to run on it would come as a blow. Nor is the Lumia 1020 (which bears twice the RAM: 2 GB) on the supported devices list. Does that mean that two of Nokia’s most popular and powerful phones can’t play this Grand Theft Auto?

Luckily, that’s not the case. As you can tell from the photograph and video in this very article, San Andreas downloads and runs just fine on the Lumia 920. We can only assume the 1020 plays the game as well. Perhaps these devices (and their variants) have compatibility issues later in the game. Either that, or Rockstar’s team simply left out a few compatible Windows Phones by mistake.

Other reader-confirmed compatible devices include: HTC 8X, Lumia 925, 928, and 1020, Samsung ATIV S.

Note that when you first download the game, you’re just downloading a 20 MB installer. The installer than downloads the rest of the 2.5 GB game. The advantage of this approach is that it appears to circumvent the need for 4x the extra space that Windows Phone 8 usually requires for game and installations. You should be able to install San Andreas with as little as 3 GB of free storage. Let us know your experience in the comments!

Screen time-outs will interrupt the download process, but thankfully the installer supports resuming. Still, I recommend turning off screen time-outs while downloading (if your phone supports it) to make things go smoother.

Controls and MOGA support (or lack thereof)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone

San Andreas offers several control options, such as a traditional classic control scheme and an adapted one. Either way, players control protagonist CJ’s movement with a virtual thumbstick n the left side of the screen. Action buttons such as attack and “take vehicle” appear on the right side of the screen. Button positions can even be customized to your liking. After securing a vehicle, you can choose between three control methods for steering.

The touch controls work very well, and anyone who plays console-style titles like those produced by Gameloft will feel right at home with them. But no touch scheme can ever match the responsiveness of a physical controller – not when the game was originally designed for controllers. Hence many of us hoped for MOGA controller support, especially since the Android version of the game supports it.

Sadly, the Windows Phone version of San Andreas does not work with MOGA controls at present. Developers tell us that adding MOGA controls is fairly easy and painless, so we can only assume that Rockstar’s Windows Phone team did not know about MOGA’s Windows Phone support. The MOGA website’s product pages and packaging make absolutely no mention of Windows Phone, after all – something I lamented in my MOGA Pro Controller review.

San Andreas is a massive game, and thus will likely require a few title updates for bug fixes and optimizations. There’s still a chance of Rockstar adding MOGA support in a title update. Whether or not you own a MOGA controller yet, please email and tweet @MOGAanywhere and @RockstarSupport to let them know we want MOGA support in San Andreas for Windows Phone!

No Xbox Live, no cloud

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone

Woe to Achievement hunters: the Windows Phone version of San Andreas does not support Xbox Live features. The original Xbox version of the game didn’t offer Achievements either, so it’s not like we’re losing out on something that people got on other platforms. But Grand Theft Auto IV and V on Xbox 360 do both take full advantage of Xbox Live, so it’s a shame that Rockstar chose to skip out on Xbox Live features for the Windows Phone version.

The decision to publish San Andreas as an indie title is emblematic of the problems Xbox Live on Windows Phone has faced for the last couple of years. Because Xbox Live certification is more time consuming and costly than iOS's Game Center and Android's Google Play, many publishers - even those with strong relationships with Microsoft - choose to forego Xbox Live on Windows Phone. Microsoft still seems to be securing a few Xbox Live releases here and there, but those releases are few and far between. Nor does the big MS make any real efforts to promote the few Xbox Live games that do sneak onto their mobile platform.

The lack of Achievements is one thing... After all, iOS and Android don't get Xbox Live Achievements either. But the Windows Phone version of the game lacks the cloud save support that the other versions offer. Save data seems to be stored solely on the phone, which means you'll lose it if you switch devices (as I'm about to do) or have to reinstall the game for any reason. Combined with the lack of MOGA support, it feels like we got slightly short shrift on this one. Not that we shouldn't be grateful for Rockstar's support! But Windows Phone users do need to tweet and email Rockstar to ask for those missing features.

Get your grand theft on

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a massive open-world game that takes place in a fictional California setting in the year 1992. The game tells a thrilling crime story, filled with violence, betrayal, drug use, and harsh language. The story will take dozens of hours to complete, and with optional side missions and races you could easily get a hundred hours of gameplay from this one.

The game offers a number of graphical settings that allow players to tweak the game’s appearance to their tastes. Want a huge draw distance? You can do that, if you turn the detail down a little. At default settings on a Lumia 920, the frame rate is smoother than any of Gameloft’s 3D Windows Phone 8 games. The beefier Lumia 1520 should be able to display even more detail without losing too many frames.

If you crave console-style games on the go or just love Grand Theft Auto (and your phone can handle it), don’t miss San Andreas on Windows Phone. You'll live without the Achievements, I promise.

Thanks to SlimAndShady, TNTJudbud, and everyone else who tipped us about the game's release!

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Windows Phone 8 (1 GB of RAM or more) – 2.5 GB – $6.99 – Store Link

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Reader comments

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas escapes to Windows Phone, but without Xbox Live



Finally its released for Windows Phone. Definitely one of the biggest day for WP users. But it's priced pretty high and requires 2.5GB of space. Damn it !!

Earlier I had deleted my apps and other games to install Asphalt 8. I can't afford to delete all my apps once again now.

Grand Theft Auto could also be coming to Windows RT.  Before I left, a guy working for Rockstar, specifically a developer for Grand Theft Auto, came to Microsoft stores in New York and purchased a few Surface RT tablets and said they were looking at developing the game on the platform.  They may have held off and waited for more powerful tablets before building GTA on the tablets, but don't be surprised if Windows Phone 8 isn't the only Microsoft mobile-based OS stop for the franchise.

The mobile version of GTA: SA is not developed by Rockstar Games, it's developed by War Drum Studios. Though I bet the Rockstar guys would need to test everything before they allow publishing to the app stores.

nop, its not a big day for windows phone, firstly this game can't run on 512MB RAM devices (wich is the 67% of ALL windows phone) secondly this game doesn't support XBOX LIVE, and finally this game doesn't have cloud saves on windows phone, why? cus rockstar is a big fanboy of Ifruit aka iphone on GTA V ;)

Should you check for the RAM limitation that Windows Phone has to offer. It only give 150MB+ of RAM usage for 512MB of RAM. Should not comparing amount of RAM on other OS.

Failing to understand why there is a +180mb RAM limitation on 512mb devices is even more important. 


On iOS and Android the games can grab a bit more RAM, but at the peril of stability and even basic functions of the OS on Android.  A game on a 512mb device on Android can grab 200mb, but in doing so, messaging and even incoming calls can fail to work.


WP actually gives games more room without affecting the OS or background processes. However, this type of 'understanding' is beyond OS fanbois.


PS In terms of graphic and computing necessity, this game should not require more RAM than it did on the original consoles it was released on, and it does...  People forget that 256mb was more than enough for Xbox/PS2 era games that gave games a working set around/under 180mb. 


The RAM limitation for this game needing 1Gb and 2Gb WP devices, puts it in the same class as games that run on the XBox 360/PS3.. If anyone thinks this games graphics are remotely even close to a PS3 or XBox360, then raise your hand.

um there's a lot more to RAM than amount.

you have speed and latency.

and i'm willing to bet that the speed and latency (as well as power consumption) of RAM in the consoles are orders of magnitudes higher than in phones.

every OS handle RAM diffrent way.. and it crashes badly even on 1GB RAM devices such as iPad 3 and Galaxy the comments on Google Play Store! Atleast the game run smoothly on 1GB WP devices.. That's more than enough for me

Yup that's what i've been barking since a long time!!!Less support for 520 and other lower end devices and now release of 525 with 1 gb ram in just 6 months.This is the wrong path by MS or Nokia.This is the same path as Samsung releasing newer hardware devices and leaving support for old ones.Okay i agree that games like GTA and likewise need more ram and hardware but still just look at the market mahn!Almost everyone has 520,620 and 720 a hell lot in number difference between 1020 1520 1320 etc.If u don't support the lower devices then how the fuck will WP ecosys grow???

Agreed. If this had launched with Xbox Live support, it would've been the definitive version of the mobile game, something that the iOS and Android versions would've lacked. This is such a huge missed opportunity for Microsoft. They could've had the best version of a high profile game. Such a shame.

I couldn't care less about GTA but this is big news for WP and disappointing at the same time.
The main problem with WP is that every new exciting app comes out for IOS then Android and months later WP after everyone is over it. If Microsoft wants to narrow the gap they need to be on par with the new app and game releases!

One month later is pretty reasonable for the platform that's in third place. Simultaneous release would obviously be nicer, but we're a ways off from that becoming the rule instead of the exception.

That big day is kind of ruined by the game not supporting cloud saves, for a long game like this that you invest a lot of time in, it is just stupid that you loose all your progress if something hapens to your phone or you need to reinstall the game.

I will stay away until they put in a way to backup save game files.

No Xbox support is another minus for the game, but that was knd of expected with the way MS has decided to abandon WP Xbox gaming.


Final Fantasy is even old and we have two of those, san Andreas is a classic as well, big deal? I think so.

IPhone 4.. Ipad mini supports only 512mb ram... But still they can run all the apps on the appstore . Y microsoft,cannot makeup to run the game on devices like 720 ...

We've explained why numerous times. Windows Phone and iOS handle memory differently from each other. It's a real challenge to get larger games running on WP8 devices with 512 MB RAM. Sometimes games will become 512 MB compatible down the line, but only after the developer works to squeeze them down. It's unlikely that will happen for San Andreas, but you never know.

Paul how much battery does this drained after playing ? whenever i try to start this game on my ipad 3 , it just crash so i havent even played this game on a mobile device.looking forward to buy this on my 920

If temple run 2 is anything to go by.....I'm guessing it's in the minutes, not the hours you'll be reaching for the charger :P

whatever PS2 has 32MB of RAM.. so it's not an excuse for rockstar to do a version for lumia 520, remember lumia 520 is the 23% of all windows phone, and with all 512mb RAM devices it's the 67% of all windows phone, rockstar will lose a lot of sells for this.

"Priced pretty high"? The PC version still costs 10€ here in Austria. So, considering the adaption for touch control, I'd say 7$ is a nice price. Look at other titles (like Final Fantasy III for 16$) that are much more expensive or offer less play time.

Also, don't forget a smartphone is NOT a standalone gaming device. Many people seem to forget about that and expect their smartphones to act like full featured devices (music/video player, camera, (tablet), computer, ereader,...) without any downsides.
You seem to have a Lumia 1320 which sports 8GB ROM (let's say about 6GB you can really use) and WP does not support saving games/apps on a microSD card. Honestly, what did you expect?

Smooth as butter and lots of customisability is possible in terms of viewing distance etc to increase quality or performance.

Awesome! Thank you thank you very much!
I'm really tempted to download it, but without Cloud Save .... I decided to wait until 8.1 because I might reset my phone.

May need to wait for my high end smartphone next year or 2. I will wait first for wp8.1 and enjoy my investment in my Lumia 720.

Not compatible with 1020? That's very surprising. I'm prob going to install this on my 1520 but as there is no free trial i was wandering if anyone has tried it yet? Is it any good?

Plays with masses of pop-up on my Lumia 920. =( Even on high draw distance settings, which just means pop up AND lag. Hope Rockstar plans to bring proper support for the 920 eventually!

That's just the strength of the 920 for you. At least we can run it, and when/if we upgrade to phones with the Snapdragon 800 it will run even better.

Mm, that's how I'm looking at it. I'll play through and enjoy as much as I can, but I think I'll only get through a decent portion of the game when I've upgraded later this year or the next.

Not on Windows Phone I haven't. I've got all the GTAs (apart from 5) on Steam. I want to know how it plays on a mobile platform.

Exactly and seeing as on other games on the store page one button is Try and one button is Buy... you get the picture!

I am with you on the trial; I will typically do a trial first to see how I feel about it, even if there is a video to watch.

I tried, but that trick doesn't seem to work anymore. The store keeps complaining that I have no valid payment options configured for this region. I think I'm going to try the proxy trick when I'm back home.

I have the same issue

I suspect it's USK related. If I remember correctly GTA: SA was censored in Germany. I guess making a different version only for Germany wasn't worth it in this case.

You're possibly right. It's too damn violent for us light minded Germans anyways. *irony Well, I switched to NL. added my regular Paypal account and purchased the game now. :)

Sadly I am not willing to risk seeing if this will install on my Samsung Ativ S. A trial would have helped but sandbox games like this are REALLY hard to do a trial. I remember Saints Row 1 being a trial way back with walls that went up if you went outside the boxed game environment.

Soooo excited, but the lack of the Cloud Save feature is a concern to me .... As I'm planning to factory reset my 8X when 8.1 comes out .... Have to wait a while & see how it goes.

Most of the games don't have this feature. You could easily complete the game and get bored of it by the time 8.1 comes out. You might as well play it now or you never will.

Yea I know.
Both GTA III & Vice City on android doesn't have Cloud Save, but I managed to find a way around that by copying the Save File from the memory .... Not sure how will that go on Windows Phone

You cant copy saves from Windows Phone...The only way to do that is to have a FULLY ROOTED device and even the unlocked ATIV S is not rooted...

I copied the save files from my android device from /sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/ to C:\Data\Users\DefApps\AppData\{c011568d-1578-4d0a-b1cc-9ab7daf58681}\Local\ on my ATIV S and they work fine. Of course this will not work on non-Samsung phones as it requires full filesystem access which can be enabled in SamWP8 Tools.

Given the way carriers behave, you probably have at least 6 months before 8.1 is available.

Probably, but so far, the GDR triplets went smoothly. Mine came preloaded with GDR1, I got GDR2 within a couple of days after Microsoft announced it, I got "Official" Update 3 like 10 days after it was announced.

Did you expect this would run on 512MB devices? This kind of fragmentation is unavoidable. A platform needs to have low-end devices and at the same time it needs to have top notch software that won't run on those devices.

How so? Fragmentation refers to an os being divided up by different versions with some being compatible to run an app while others can't, not the hardware limitations between a 512mb device and a 1 gig device.

I can confirm it works just fine on my spare 920. Now currently downloading on my 1520. Keep in mind that in the settings, you can adjust almost every facet of the graphics (resolution, shadows etc... etc...). Like I said, it works just fine on the 920, but bumping those settings to high will yield a slow choppy mess. This is where the extra power of the 1520 will come into play.

Edit: Ok, downloaded on 1520, bumped every single graphics setting to high... and it still runs smooth. Finally a game that takes advantage of the extra horse power.

Also not available in store for my 920 in Romania. Try to SCAN THE QR CODE ABOVE, open link can purchase it then ;)

My donwload stops at 87% saying that I showld check my network connection altough it it working . Did anybody else encounter this problem ? I am also from Romania

I dunno Danny,because actually I haven't bought it yet...I was convinced to buy it but I'm still waiting to finish some other games just to release some space.Anyways keep trying,good luck and inform us too about this.

it runs better than my ipad 3 , always crash on iPad even after the recent 24 jan update , i think rockstart optimized the game so well for windows phone was the reason for delay :)

Kinda tempting because i love gta but for me its not something i really want on a small device. Glad is finally here for those who have been dying for it. Maybe on my nexus

Is it any different from peope who "bitch" when an app doesnt use the Metro UI and they complain that its looks like an iphone app? Are you calling people out on that as well? Xbox live is a WP feature and so is desirable otherwise MS might as well remove all Xbox features from the phone.

Yeah, the difference is we will use the app despite the UI. People who constantly say "no XBL, no buy" wont even try or look at the game are hurting our platform and other games from reaching WP8 with that attitude.

Not true at all. No one is obligated to buy anything that doesn't have the features they care about. If the developers want Xbox aficionados to buy their game, then they need to include Xbox features. If you want to start writing checks for other people to buy games they don't want, then go for it.

Respectfully, this is not my or our platform, it's Microsoft's. I bought my WP (Lumia 1020) precisely for Xbox Live functionality and achievements. It is the differentiator for me.

I've already bought about 40 games (all with XBL functionality) in the 1.5 months I've owned my phone, so I think that I and people like me are entitled to some consideration as aggregate high spenders.

With respect to GTA:SA, I'll be skipping, for this exact reason.

If it's no big deal for you, bless your heart, and hope you enjoy the game. I enjoyed it on my PS2 back in the day.

Your 'group' is the minority as of now. There are many more people buying lots of games regardless of XBL (I've already bought many games too).
I'm sure the devs have all kind of statistics about this and they don't care. I don't say you are unconsiderable or anything but I don't think that it hurts the devs or a game's sales results that some ppl (I don't know how much) not buying it because of the absence of XBL.
That would only happen if you had the upper hand in numbers let's say 50%+ of users.
Which - respectfully - won't happen.

The larger point is Microsoft's incremental costs for certification. No company turns away revenue, but they will turn away revenue with a marginal ROI, and I think that's what's happening here.

I understand why developers might avoid XBL functionality. But it's not up to me to conform my purchasing behavior around their cost issues any more than it is up to them to add costly XBL functionality because I say so.

Yeah, missing Xbox Live features could easily be misread as lack of real WP support from the developer. But the state the Xbox Live certification is in I understand if the developers ignore Xbox Live. MS need to review the process and make it easier and more worthwhile for the developer otherwise Xbox for WP will die a slow death.

I was hoping it was taking so long due to it possibly being an XBL game.  Oh well...still bought it.  And my phone is keeping my house warm in this cold mid-west day!

This is a great point. Without Xbox Live integration, all we got here is sloppy seconds--an inferior version of a game that was release on iOS and Android a month ago with more features. No one on WP should be happy about this. At least if it had Xboxc Live support it would've been the definitive version. Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves--they should've done everything possible to make sure this game launched as an Xbox title. And Rockstar games dropped the ball as well. No Xbox? No cloud saves? No gracias. #SaveXboxWP

Skipping an excellent game because it doesn't have achievements tacked on is completely idiotic. I can assure you that games, including this one, were just as fun during the decades preceding the advent of Xbox live. This is like judging a beer because it doesn't have a coaster.

Telling people the things they are interested in are idiotic is patronizing and condescending.


In your above comment/rant, you state;

"No one on WP should be happy about this."

So its okay for you to tell everyone they can't be happy then, even if like me, they don't care about XBL. Maybe you should apply your "Telling people the things they are interested in are idiotic is patronizing and condescending." to yourself?

I was reffering to the fact that WP just got sloppy seconds to iOS and Android: no cloud saves, no MOGA support, lack of support for the majority of Windows Phone devices (no 512mb support, no Windows Phone 8 support), plus it came one month later, and we don't even have any extra features (e.g. Xbox Live) to offset all those other missing features? I don't really think anyone on WP should be happy to receive such a nerfed version of a game (are you happy about it?), and I don't think that's comparable to other people singling out Xbox Achievement hunters and telling them they're "idiotic".

The entire point for me is the achievements. I like meta-gaming. I play garbage games on my 360 and enjoy it because I'm adding to my overall score.

You don't have to agree with the value judgment, but it's not idiotic.

And I played this game before achievements and know it is fun. I just happen to play games with and FOR achievements, at this point.

No XBL is not a deal breaker (I couldn't care less about achievements on my phone), but no cloud saves? That's basic stuff! Even if Rockstar didn't want to support saves on their own servers, I'm sure they could have had us save our games to our SkyDrive accounts. Regardless, this is huge!

Isn't this exactly 1 month after it was expected? Shame about no xbl or cloud saves but its GTA. Game on....

Didn't the game have huge bugs at launch. For some time Android users couldn't even start the game? So in actual playtime I guess there much less then one month?

Thanks but no thanks. Xbox live is part of WP, without it its just another iphone game. And if i wanted an iphone i wouldnt have a WP.

Agree with you. I haven't bought any non Xbox title and I won't. Only game I might buy w/o Xbox is Armed! cause its a damn good game (if still available on the store) xD

Your comment is condescending. Some people have different notions of what is fun. Who are you to tell them they're wrong?

Everyone is a hypocrite, except me. I'm not going around telling people they are idiots for not buying things that they're not interested in.

Indeed. Had this game launched with Xbox Live, it would've been the definitive version of the game. As it is, all we got is sloppy seconds to iOS and Android, 1 month late and with fewer features. Rockstar Games basically just slapped Windows Phone gamers in the face. And Microsoft should be ashamed for not ensuring this game launched with Xbox branding. #SaveXboxWP

You have the worst reason of hating the WP.........if you dont like it get out of wp we dont need nerds who boast xbox points to their friends here. #idontcareaboutxboxsupportcauseitsuseless

If we don't need Xbox nerds here, then what do we need? Perhaps some condescending ignoramuses? Yeah, more of them would be a real treat.

No xbox for this game is such a huge missed chance. This would have been a big time score for the ecosystem. Thanks for adressing it in the headline Paul.
My questions: Does this fantastic game really need 10 gb space? The article asks this as well, so please let us now because i can't check it....not available for my unlocked 920 in good old Germany...why?
No cloud save is a deal breaker for a 70 hour game.

Looks like it really just needs 3 GB free thanks to the installer. We're not sure why it isn't available in Germany yet. Will ask Microsoft and Rockstar and see if they reply.

Yea Paul, I had 3GB on my 1520 and it went well. The internal 16GB is killing me though. Microsoft should allow for a special format to allow apps to be installed on the memory card (like on Xbox 360).

That installer thing is a pain in the arse on the 1020. There is no 'never' option for screen timeout on the 1020. With Avengers Initiative's installer, I had to hold the phone and regularly tap the screen for over an hour. Maybe that's why they don't list it as compatible?

The 'never' timeout option you refer to, is that on other devices? I was wondering why my 1020 keeps timing out while doing this download. Its starting to get annoying. :-S

Yes it is on other devies but not all of them. And that definitely isn't the reason the 1020 was excluded from the list. Any device with AMOLED screen will not have that option. Burnout can easily occur. The 920 has LCD screen and it has the never option, but it is not on list.

Can't be the reason, because the 920 isn't listed as supported but does allow timeout to be set to never. Sucks that the 1020 doesn't allow that option.

Sucks royally. I have both 920 n 1020 and will be testing on 1020. Currently downloading but timeout is proving a pain.

As other have stated, works fine on 1020 but my phone is so hot from the download, ive suffered 3rd degrees burns. The camera lens is so hot, i think i may cook my dinner on it ;)

hehe.. same here. The game comes fresh from the oven, so the 1020 became hot from the download.

Yeah, Microsoft should've done everything they could to ensure Rockstar released this game with Xbox Live. The fact that they didn't is a huge blow to the WP ecosystem. Whereas before we would get games already released on iOS and Android later, at least they'd come with Xbox achievements, making them the definitive version. Now, we're merely just getting sloppy seconds. #SaveXboxWP

Apparently you don't care about grammar either. Don't like punctuation? Get out.

Seriously, though. What is the purpose of trolling people who just said they care about Xbox Live and then you telling them that the thing they care about is useless and to leave. It makes you look like a 10-year-old playground bully.

Damn,this looks nice but I was kinda hoping that they were releasing it late so they could just surprise us and say,"hey,its optimized for 512mb ram!"
Well,dreams never come true,specially ones which are these far-fetched. :p
Guess I will have to wait till next year for a 1gb ram phone. :(

I love your optimistic style, wpc. Android blogs: blah blah blah, crap-crap, game is poor, developer's lazy. Wpc: blah blah, some crap, but we should be grateful for that app! Reading with joy :)

Different writers, different opinions. But you'd never catch me talking trash about Android. I write for Android Central and iMore as well.

I didn't mean anything that personally you write one style here and other style there, if you got it so. Sorry. I meant wpc is mostly positive while android blogs are far less so. Maybe even negative, I'd say.

No achievements, no cloud storage, not on my 920, $7 (can get a good game with achievements from Xbox store). I love GTA, 100% GTAV last year but no thank you for this one. Still can't understand why not my 920 and 1020....smh

It works on the 920 and 1020, READ THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not officially supported look at the application specifications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is the 1020 and 920 not officially supported. Its sad!

Yet another title that I want but refuse to buy without cloud saves. I wasted far too much time in titles like The Harvest, Final Fantasy, even the original Angry Birds only to have it all lost when switching devices. I'm not making that mistake again.