Rockstar Games on GTA San Andreas for Windows Phone: ‘Coming soon’

Back at the end of November, Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was headed to iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the near future. The revamped popular game going mobile was a big deal, as anything GTA these days rakes in the money.

Since that announcement, we’ve seen San Andreas arrive of iOS and Android, though Windows Phone is still MIA. Some of you have perceived this when making off-topic comments on our articles, in some strange voodoo ritual on our site.

The good news is that GTA: San Andreas is still coming. The bad news is that’s about all we can say on the matter. On the official site for Rockstar Games, they have left a pinned comment on the top of the article that keeps it short and simple:

“Hey guys, it's great to see so much excitement for the release of San Andreas on mobile. Please note that it's also currently available for Android, and please stay tuned for the Windows Phones version release coming soon.”

The game arrived on Android only on December 20th and it arrived on iOS on December 12th. On both platforms it runs for $6.99 and reviews so far have been favorable. Unfortunately, there’s no firm date for Windows Phone and with only a few days left in 2013, there’s no telling if and when it will happen. It could be later today, it could be in early January.

For now, you’ll just have to sit submissively until Rockstar Games pushes the publish button.

Now, feel free to comment away and get it all out of your system…

Source: Rockstar Games; via NPU; Thanks, Gabriel M., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This on the
  • Yuuuup!
  • Warning to avoid time waste open options and press jump to last lol
  • Wat?
  • Well, Happy New Year!
  • Waaaaiting...
  • That's great and all, but I kinda just want to hear them announce GTA V for Xbox One... or at least PC.
  • End of next year
  • End of next year for PC?
  • Amazon said that the PC version will be released on 12 March 2014 in USA and 14 March 2014 in other places.. :)
  • Don't expect a Xbox one version. PC version if anything.
  • Eh. Waiting for mission DLCs. Game ended too fast. The story is good though. Definitely will pay for more story
  • Yes, PC version please!
  • GTA 5 on PC/Next-Gen ... jaw dropping ...
  • The novelty of GTA V has worn out, so even though I haven't played it I will wait a few years until it's -80% on Steam and R* can kiss my ass if they think they will get a cent of profit from me after the way they fuck over PC gamers with each release.  
  • Take a look at all the mod videos on youtube for gta IV on pc. There's a reason its not on it yet...
  • I would re-buy it they did a HD/Net Gen upgrade for the Xbox one today.... It's a great looking game but, I know it could look a lot better if they had the hardware to work with when creating the game. Yea, if it's PC with Xbox live, no question, I will get 100% on the PC, like I did with GTA 4...
  • Lol at strange voodoo ritual
  • Yeah that made me almost choke I laughed so hard!
  • Lol thing is, ppl always comment off topic on every website I've gone to. So doesn't just apply to wpc
  • Lol yeah but the obsession with GTA from random people on every article is just hysterical
  • Lol when i saw the image i thought that it was already released and then i read the title :( :D
  • My heart is beating faster...i doubt it will not be available for 512MB RAM devices...Today i was playing gta3 on friend's device(android) but device was also 512MB RAM.
  • but thats android and RAM is different on WP, there is alot of ram locked for the OS.
  • How about buying higher specs next time
  • How about buying what you can afford
  • You paying?
  • I did already. Thats why you don't here me complain
  • I can't complain. We have been getting so many apps for WP and even official ones. At least we are on that list.
  • I'll be sitting by my wi-fi waiting!
  • make it work on lumia 520 please , if you can  
  • Patiently waiting...waiting...........waiting...................................still nothing?
  • And still waiting :P
  • Bet it won't be for the 520/521. You know, the most popular Windows Phone models.
  • Probably not on the 520. You know, the weakest phone model.
  • The L520 has an Adreno 305 vs Adreno 225 in the L920. Where were you going with this comment? And the 520 runs at a lower resolution, so there's a performance boost, and less RAM to be used up. Come on people, anything is possible when it comes to Windows Phone.
  • Gameplay of HQ games like Six-guns, Spartan Assault, Asphalt 8 etc... are standalone evidances of it being able to handle games like GTA SA. Question comes with optimization, gameloft is perfect at it, not sure about Rockstar. Had GTA developed by gameloft, I had no doubt for my L520.
  • GTA is being developer by freakin' Rockstar. Don't be a heretic. They are one of the publishers we respect.
  • If you want to play/use high end games/apps just get a high end phone. Stop complaining it's really pathetic that you pay close to nothing for your 520 compared to other the high end phones and yet you want to be on par with them. Of course a high end phone will have more advantages. You get what you paid for...
  • While this may be true, some people simply can't afford to buy a higher end phone. Its out of their budget. Such was the case for me until now. I went from the L710, to the L810 and now the L925.
  • So what's next? Someone buys a $400 laptop and complains that Crysis 3 doesn't run on it? Budget or no budget, you get what you pay for.
  • What's pathetic is you and people who keep bashing people that own a 520\521. Guess what, not everyone can afford nor have parents to get them a higher end model. While you bully people who own the low end models you need to quit being pathetic and remember one simple thing, you can thank the owners of those low end models for the climbing success of windows phone which in turn is drawing in games such as GTA.
  • I got my 928 for free when I upgraded.  I understand that many people buy and can only afford the 520/521, but these buyers should also know (or at least learn) about the possible limitations when picking up a budget device.   People get what they pay for, if they aren't happy with what they can get with the device that's in their budget, I think they should hold off and save more money for the device that fits their needs better.  I'm rather poor myself but I've held off, budgeted, and saved for higher quality products because it's what I wanted in the end.  Of course I also don't buy anything without doing my research first, and it sounds like a lot of these people haven't done their research while still expecting everything to come their way.  So instead of looking in the mirror and pointing the blame where it should go, instead it's the developer's (or Microsoft's) fault.   I know it may sound like I'm asking a lot of the average consumer, to do research for what they are purchasing, but IMO if they care enough to bitch, they should care enough to learn about what they are buying.  Or does common sense have no place here like in many other corners of the internet? =p
  • I'm willing to bet its more about people not willing to leave their shitty carriers who didn't initially have high-end hardware, so they settled for mid-range and now locked into a contract rather than wait.   Because there are TONS of deals out there for 92X series... there's no excuse other than impatience.   I own a $400 desktop with integrated graphics... why should I believe I can play Left 4 Dead on it and then bitch about it later when I can't?  You're missing the part about who complains first....
  • get paid fo what you get
    . Money... Gives.
  • Hopefully they're building in xbl!
  • I went through so many emotions whole reading that article...
  • I hope one of them was, "You know, there really is no place in a civilized society for filth such as this so I will not play it anymore."
  • Lol ok grandad, enjoy playing kinectimals
  • Hey. I'll have you know kinectimals is great!
  • Its a good thing civilized societies learned to censor art and entertainment, remember those smutty shows like game of thrones that kept us in the stone age, and what about all that pornography that was painted during the renaissance.
  • Waiting for Path too.. ~.~
  • Pretty sure path came out about a week ago.
  • I read the title with excitement lol thinking it said "Released" but nope. Hopefully it comes before NewYears c:
  • Honestly, I am not that crazy about this game. Like I wrote in the FF3 article, a game this big is not worth playing on a windows phone, until there is no way to preserve your game save.
  • EXACTLY. Someone can please say that something to fix this is coming in the WP8.1 update???
  • The iOS version and Android feature cloud saves through Rockstar, which allows you to play the same save file  across platforms.  I am hoping this makes its way to the WP8 version.    Not quite as good as being able to save it to your own Skydrive, but it is better than nothing. 
  • If they made this the game won't be live enabled... And be prepared to see a rain of kids complaining about this lack...
  • Not true. Asphalt 7 uses Gameloft's cloud save and actually IS an Xbox Live game. Same applies to Kingdoms & Lords.
  • Not true. There are plenty of Xbox games on Windows Phone that have cloud saves. Furthermore, if this game launches without XBL, the people have right to complain for we'd be getting sloppy seconds of the iOS version. If it launches later but with Xbox achievements, then the wait would be worth it as we'd have the best version of the game.
  • Is mandatory in Windows 8 Xbox Games and not in WP8...
  • I agree: it should be mandatory in Windows Phone too. Losing saves when you have to reset your phone is rubbish.
  • Sorry, but as long as the game looks and runs great, I don't think people have a "right" to complain.   Express their disappointment?  Sure, but to complain over a perfectly working product is being dramatic to say the least.
  • To many people it is not enough for a game to 'look and run great'; if a game is missing important features that some people really wanted, then they can complain about it. Don't tell people what should be important to them. (Take FIFA 14 for Xbox One: looks great, plays great, but is missing a crucial feature--tournament mode--and fans complained loudly, and rightfully so). For you, graphics and gameplay are all that matter. Fine. Good for you. But for other people, getting Xbox achievements, having shared leaderboards with their Xbox friends, and having a unique version of a game (i.e. Xbox branding) that their iOS and Android friends can't get are important things that, if lacking, they will be disappointed about. And if they're disappointed, then they can and should complain about it. And no one has any right to tell them otherwise.
  • Again using pointless examples that don't apply here.  What happened with FIFA does not apply with GTA.  You're talking a feature that was in previous games and was stripped away.  Nothing is being stripped away in this port of GTA.  Use common sense when trying to use examples to prove your point in the future.   However I'm sorry, I forgot who I was dealing with here.  I'll try not to throw rational thoughts your way again.  I apologize for trying to be level headed when discussing what will likely be a quality product.
  • It's not a pointless example. It's perfectly applicable. You may not be able to wrap your head around it, but it's pretty simple. You're overthinking the FIFA example. Don't be so obtuse. No one here is saying that FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles not having tournament mode is exactly equivalent to Grand Theft Auto on Windows Phone not having Xbox achievements. The point is that some gamers want certain features in their games, and if those features aren't in the game, they are upset about it. (If you want to talk about stripping features, though, every GTA game released for Microsoft platforms since Xbox achievements were invented and became an Xbox standard have had achievements, so if GTA San Andreas launches on WP without it, that would be a first). Those features are important to them, they're not there, so they complain. It's a pretty simple concept. Again, stop telling people that the game will be a 'quality' product without Xbox achievements. To you, obviously, since you have different expectations for videogames (which is fine), but not to those who care about Xbox achievements. The problem is that you continually tell people who passionately care about Xbox achievements that they're wrong. They're not wrong; they know what they like, so save your condescending tone for your cat.
  • lol keep dreaming the dream man.  I'm done trying to have conversations with you over this.  I just don't understand how 'quality' can be determined based on a requested feature.  To say something isn't a quality product because it doesn't match your wants 100% of the time is silly.
  • What is this dream that I'm dreaming of? That people will be able to express their opinions on the Internet without having trolls come and tell them they're wrong? That ain't going to happen, although your proclamation that you're "done trying to have conversations...over this" is a welcome start, since I never asked you to have a conversation about this (i.e. your trolling is unsolicited, as usual). You don't understand how quality can be determined based on features? I don't understand how you can't understand that. Perhaps this adage will assist your comprehension: Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Same goes for quality (which is a word you brought into the conversation, not me). To sit there and tell other people that it is "silly" for them to knock a product for not matching their wants and then tell them it is a quality product because it matches your wants? That is both silly and hypocritical. You are imposing your 'beauty standards' on other people and telling them that it is objectively correct when it is quite subjective, and then you're telling them that their 'beauty standards' are wrong. And you don't seem to comprehend the irony of that. Oy vey.
  • What makes Windows Phone game so different is achievement. Hope they will add this feature.
  • MS Studio released Solitaire Colection just now!! And, wait for it, has exactly this kind of thing!! Hope they release this API to others producers.
  • The cloud save API was released to developers a long time ago. Several Xbox games on WP have it. Nevertheless, good catch on Microsoft Solitaire collection launching today: seems that Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft Minesweeper did as well, all 3 Xbox enabled!
  • Kapan path rilis resmi di tunggu
  • 20th - 12th = 8 days.
    20 + 8 = 28th.
    So.... :P
  • Bet my entire life your wrong :P
  • LOL
  • I had similar theory when i checked play store and noticed the gap between submitted date and official release date. Alas my formulation was incorrect as i had the wp8 release as the 26th. Ohwel, at least we have some news.
  • Pray its free
    although impossible :(
  • $6.99
  • Lol R70 for me :/
    I could have bought a nice meal with that cash lol :D
  • Lol what can you buy for R70 in South Africa?
  • Start praying more cuz dat never gonna happen :/ not all our wishes can come true ;)
  • I only pray it being able to run on 512mb ram (seems impossible as of now though)
  • LOLZ xD don't think dat gonna happen :P
  • Well I can probably stop spamming San Andreas for a week or so... but I probably wont. 
  • Well, how to apply cheat codes on mobile version :P
  • Lol good question :P
  • *crying*
  • Well that is a game I would pay for.
  • On Android it had many problems hopefully they are fixing them right now for us
  • I think the problems on Android stemmed from the fact that Android just really, really sucks. Seriously, it's like the worst coded mobile operating system ever. A sluggish mess.
  • at last I can sleep well :)))))
  • release it for the love of god :|
  • I hope its free and for Lumia 520
  • Neither of your wishes seems out of the Christmas mist...
  • My 1520 is sitting submissively.
  • Patently waiting. It's not like it'll never come to Windows Phone
  • Coming 'soon'? I didn't realise Thorsten Heins now worked for Rockstar ;)
  • I can be patient. Hoping they resolve the crashes that the other OS' were plagued with. With GTA on it's way I can only hope for another Pinball FX and Full House Poker to find it's way to WP some day.
  • Im proud to be one of the Off-Topic commenters he mentions in this article hahahaha. Im not the only one who thinks it.
  • I will continue the strange voodoo ritual by not commenting here, but by commenting on every other game related story
  • LOL
  • Have never played GTA and wanted to try it when my Xbox360 died on me :(  Now with all this excitment I want to buy it for my phone and give it a try.
  • I need a 1520 soon. When is it coming to Canada? I want the penta-band version.
  • I have a question for you guys, can you install wp8 apps on the rt tablet like an iPad or are they separate stores
  • Separate stores...for now
  • Windows RT?
  • please vote to Nokia:    
  • "It could be later today, it could be in early January."   So does this mean apps can be pushed to the store throughout the day?  I know on the marketplace for the 360, new content is pushed early in the morning, but this makes it sound like GTA:SA can arrive on the apps store any time.  Is that true?
  • Just a phrase. Don't take it that serious. WP apps releases you know? Takes forever....
  • I will give 7€ for this IF it's Xbox-enabled. Otherwise I'm not paying for a mobile version the same I can pay for the game on PC (and I've the PC game already since it was released)
  • Pleassse support 500ram
  • Stupid rockstar
  • I think we're Ok with this stories. I'm still waiting for plant vs zombies 2 , FIFA 14 ... (windows phone = the OS of patience) ;)
  • So when's GDR3 coming to the T-mobile Lumia 925? ( I thought I'd keep up the tradition of off-topic comments)
  • It already came out dude. Nokia black hasn't came out yet. At least be off topic about something smart.
  • Wow you're nice
  • they should release it free for the first day at least xD dream its free!
  • Id rather vice city
  • Does anyone else dress to think of how our poor Lumia batteries are gonna feel after this?
  • IT'S HERE!!!! pizza that is :D
  • lol I hate you.  Got excited there for a second. =p
  • Yea my Lumia 1520 will be nice and warm while I play GTA. Its gonna be awesome !
  • The new instagram or att amber.... Think I'll just buy it for my nex7, was willing to wait but getting over waiting for everything on WP. Great os that is treated as second rate.
  • That fucking update was from tow weeks ago wtf
  • Cant come soon enough! So excited!
  • Windows phone 7?
  • what?
  • People complains about their phones can't play a high end mobile game. It is like buying a $300 laptop and expecting to play high end PC games. I am poor but I save money for 6 months to be able to buy a lumia 920. I research a lot before I bought my phone. Anyway I think this game is worth buying and I wish it supports cloud saving.
  • Doesn't matter whether it supports 512mb rams ,but 6$haha that's sounds crazy and when it releases in WP the cost would be double
  • What's the point in releasing this boring game???Better make some game like GTA 5 or Max Payne 3 with cool graphics rather than this piece of crap.And i guess this game would be paid too!
  • Are you serious with this comment?
  • Well, people named "BlackGoku" might not understand some basics...
  • He seems like those 8 year olds who play GTA V or GTA IV. But just kill people and steal cars rather than playing the actual storyline.
  • Haha Funny!This coming from the baby who still loves to play Dave huh?Why don't you ask for a mobile version of Dave then?
  • I am going to be a person who buys San Andreas on WP, for sure.   However, in a round-about way I also SOMEWHAT agree in the absolute ridiculousness of people clamoring over ports of old games.     It tells you how AWFUL most mobile games are that we all get boners over old ass games.
  • Not really. =/
  • I can feel that they're having problems with application certification on the Windows Phone Store. That affects release date directly. I was in that kind of situations before.
  • In advance  #SaveXboxWP
  • Can't Wait :)
  • Its the 29th now. Last day of the week. Its 19:30 in England. I don't think they are going the release the game this week, maybe they gonna release it next... year. BTW Hate it when retards are boasting about their Lumia 1020's by acting like "Ahh can't wait for GTA SA to come out soon, hmm lemme play Nova 3 while i wait for the release, and 512 MB RAM users can fan me and be my slaves". Release the game now! WP users never get the good apps first, if we do, they are like really expensive and no trial. But IOSh*t and F2Pdroid/android (f2p - free to play) will have it for free and maybe extra levels.
  • Works gta sa for l625
  • Oh realleh GTA SA hasn't even come out yet for WP. But I do hope it works for 512 MB RAM. Maybe they are optimizing the game that's why they are taking soo long.
  • If this doesnt come out this week then im going to just forget about it! Download chaos rings instead, or final fantasy III... annoyed at rockstar!
  • I don't think it is going to come out this week. Btw final fantasy III is really expensive though.
  • Next week...
  • January 1st 2014 and nothing now. If it doesn't come out this week I'm just gonna forget it.
  • Today January 6th 2014 and nothing... But i get for my WP8 Nokia Lumia 520 GTA Vice City and with no lag if who want know how to play on your WP8 just contact me on skype: dainiax22