Hands on with Windows Phone Tango and the Nokia Lumia 710

Windows Phone Tango

A lot of hay has been made over Windows Phone "Tango" aka CR3/build 8773 of Microsoft's mobile OS. The update contains a lot of minor things and is mostly focused on compatibility with 256MB devices for emerging markets and low-cost Windows Phones.

Nokia is hard at work with updating their ROMs for all Lumia phones and in fact if you use Navifirm to check, the Lumia 710 and 800 are getting heavily populated with new Tango updates, presumably being readied for roll-out in June.

We grabbed one of those ROM, OS 8773 with firmware 12120 from Mexican carrier Telcel to see what it has on board. Presumably, these changes you see in the above video will also be on the Lumia 800 and 900 ROMs as well, so consider this a sneak peek. Here is what's new:

  • Call forwarding - forward your calls to a designated number for (1) all calls (2) when I don't answer (3) when I am busy (4) when my phone is turned off
  • Call waiting - enable/disable
  • SMS delivery confirmation* - on/off
  • MMS delivery confirmation* - on/off
  • SMS Character set - Reduced (no accents, standard SMS) or Full
  • Send MMS acknowledgement* - on/off
  • Internet Sharing (aka WiFi tethering)
  • Enhanced MMS - Send voice notes, multiple images, video
  • Nokia branded Marketplace icon

As you can see, some of those features are pretty great (especially Internet Sharing) but they're also not necessarily "must have" items either, making Tango a minor update, something we've been emphasizing for some time now. Still, Nokia has done a nice job here and we expect T-Mobile to roll this out sometime in June officially (just a guess).

Some of you may wonder if the OS feels any different (faster, smoother, etc.) and to our eyes, no, it feels exactly the same. Perhaps there are some optimizations here and there but we really didn't notice it. We should also note the MMS issues we had in the video are probably due to this not being a T-Mobile ROM and more over, Nokia pulled their Network app to be fixed  (it'll be back soon) so we can't configure our MMS gateway for T-Mobile.

If you have any questions, ask away in comments. And yes, we'll see about whipping up a tutorial on how loaded Tango on our T-Mobile phone for you 'leet hackrz out there.

* Items with asterisk were not covered in video


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Hands on with Windows Phone Tango and the Nokia Lumia 710


Thank goodness they are brining the networking app back, because I need this to use my 710 on Straight Talk. This has been officially confirmed?

Going to be pretty clear on this: what you see above is what there is. I didn't leave anything else out as far as I'm aware.

So to answer you directly: no Arabic (which I wouldn't expect to find on a Mexican ROM anyway).

Perhaps there are ROMs for Arabic countries with RtL language support but we have no info on that so far.

Well as u said we shouldn't expect to much from a mexican ROM however i hope the new languages be there for all roms not just a specific region like Android and Thnx daniel for ur quick respond

I am more interested about keyboard layouts than actual language. Any news there? I guess no but can e expect more on unlock phone ROMs or on other distribution channels?

Yeah, I'm interested in more keyboard layouts too.
I prefer to use english for the phone itself but I've been waiting for a proper bulgarian keyboard layout, the russian is not very easy to use (gets the job done, but still).

What do they mean by additional supported language? Is it the ability to write in said language as in additional keyboard or ability to just read? I am fine with being able to just read. Can you tell if you can read Bengali(Unicode) in it now? You can try his this site,

Thank you.

I need internet sharing.. And the fix for the dropping keyboard.. Come on t-mobile give us the update now .. The phone been out since January still no update..

Would the call-forwarding options be entirely dependent on carrier support i.e. can we expect the call-forwarding options to differ by carrier since the phone itself cannot forward a call if it's off.

Yes, as with Sx0 and symbian these 'features' basically just dial the networking codes to enable, change or disable. You can use these code with the same effect right now. Also these _are_ network dependant so if your carries doesn't support them you will see a 'request denied' response from the network.
As this is a network function once setup it will work fine if the phone is off.

I've had call forwarding on LG Quantum (ATT) since at least Mango. I use it every day and it is something I had assumed all phones could do.

Yeah, I've had call-forward on my Rogers Focus forever too, but just as a simple on/off toggle with no further options.

It's always been there in my Lumia 800 (India). I guess it wasn't enabled in all countries for whatever reason.

Oh yeah, Skype is completely built into the OS now with free video and calling over 2G. Forgot to mention it

/sarcasm off, lol

What do you want to know about Skype? There's nothing new on it. You download it from the Marketplace like everyone else.

It will probably offer a hook in the API where it will flag when a device has 256 MB so an app can deal with it. Obviously system function will be optimized for 256 MB and might be a bit more 'lean'..

Apart from the mms stuff, I have all most of the features mentioned and am not on Tango but have an unlocked HTC Titan.

This is what I'm trying to stress. Everyone wants Tango so bad and when you see it, it's barely anything new.

There's nothing revolutionary here, it's not Mango. So for people to be demanding this update is silly.

Its just updatitis, people just want the latest. Although some devices havent had the keyboard fix so they are probably chomping at the bit for that fix and not necessarily Tango itself.

Perhaps people are confusing this with the other update ATT claims will be part of a larger update package in June?

afaik there was supposed to also be some SIM related stuff like read AND write contacts (selectively or in batch) Any news on that?

I don't see anything new but then again, not to clear what to look for. There's just normal SIM import. I don't see any new SIM tools.

Sim export will come as a separate app. Same for Bluetooth file sharing and Symbian contacts syncing.

Such a simple feature that is desperately needed. I can't stand all the auto-rotation. I NEVER use my phone in landscape unless I'm playing a game. Especially for typing.

That's a feature of Mango. If you don't have it's because your firmware or carrier doesn't offer it.

Am I right saying there isn't new menus to allow mms settings changes so I can have the 900 working on Straight Talk?

No there isn't that's up to the OEM that's why Nokia made the networking app so if you want to edit get the international unlocked lumia 900 other then that this feature might be in the Apollo update

the problem with that far fetched solution is even if you dod get a non LTE crippled international Lumia 900, you'd still be at Nokia's mercy to include a profile for Straight Talk, because the app does not allow manual setings.

as there was a loading screen when network section in the settings was accessed i have a feeling that it is developed by nokia and is not built into the OS as any native app does not have a loading screen like tha and also all the call forwarding options are the same as there are in any symbian device
also about the sim related stuff try going to people hub tile the call settings do you see any new options/settings?

Can we know if the update will be released for rtl countries? Could you please check if Arabic letters are supported in the browser, I mean if the letters are joined or not.

Call forwarding is available in Mango (Settings>Applications>Phone), but not with the added forwarding options...

I am excited about the added MMS funtionality, I use MMS a lot so its good to see that. However, since tango is designed for lower end Windows Phones in developing nations, is there any USSD support added?

I'm not completely sure what the deal is, but I'm seeing all of these windows phones in videos that are post 7710 (Mango), where when you go to the app list on them, they don't have the quick letter selection icons on them (like it is in the contact list, for instance) but instead, it's just the straightforward list where you have to scroll all the way up and down to get to whatever app you want (like how it was pre-mango).
Can anybody clarify for me what's going on? I like the fact that I have the ability to go to the beginning letter of the app I'm looking for instead of having to scroll to the app on my Trophy, and would prefer to keep that ability should I ever move to another WP.
On another note, I wish Verizon and HTC would release Tango because not only will the wait for Apollo will be so long, but who knows if current gen devices are getting it, and as much as Verizon has said that they are looking forward to WP8 or whatever, based on the fact that they only supply the Trophy now, I wouldn't be surprised if all of the first WP8 devices to come out were AT&T/T-Mobile only.

(Edit: If Mango was 8107, then nevermind the aforementioned version number. Hard to keep up with these things nowadays, lol.)



"when you go to the app list on them, they don't have the quick letter selection icons on them"
My Lumia 800 has this. FW - 8107.11501 (Telus hasnt given us any of the newer updates).

Daniel, there was a rumour from some WP devs that jerky scrolling in some 3rd party apps would be fixed with Tango. Can you confirm?

You can't check in to facebook, you can "post" a check in to your status which is different and terrible, meaning you can't tag friends either because it's not a real check in.
This is why I've pinned the check in function of the facebook app to my start page.

that's exactly what i mean.  sorry for the previous post which was vague and confusing.  my question is actually exactly what you've said.  have they made any changes or improvements to the phone when it comes to additional integration and improvements?

Call forwarding is already in WP in the phone settings page. However, there is no option to decide when a call gets forwarded; it's either on or off.

Call forwarding options are set up by network codes at present. These can be found by searching the Internet.

Does it fix the wifi-3G bug? The one where the two can't play nicely together? Or did Nokia never have this bug, just HTC?

Y'all seem confused... Lol it's amazing how excited people can get over these things. Like Daniel said, tango is a minor update!

Ok I got a question I'm sure alot of people have been asking! When can we see mms working with the h20 sim card? I've had my h20 sim for god knows how long I've searched I've flashed every rom and every tweak and trick to get mms to work and nothing. Network profile app doesn't work either. So do I have to get another sim from another carrier to have mms work on my Samsung focus? Or is there going to be a updated network profile app through the market place which will fix the no mms issue with h20 wireless sim?

I think it's less of a big deal in and of itself, but for 710 users on Tmo, who still don't even have 8107 (seriously, Tmo, WTF?), it'll be a big deal.

Any word on whether it improves battery life like the recent fixes for the Lumia 800?  Maybe you could fire up the Nokia Diagnostics tool, see what the average "Current (discharging)" rate is like also?

That tool says my Lumia 710 is idling at ~160mA with Brightness set to "low"; ~220mA with Brightness at "medium" (with WiFi & Cellular connected).

When I see stories like: http://www.wpcentral.com/singapore-lumia-800-users-receiving-12070-batte... - saying the Lumia 800's battery life has been increased greatly, I'd love to hear that the 710 will see similar benefits.

The battery usually gets me through most the day, but I do wish it'd last just a bit longer.

Thanks! :)

Not excited for this update. I'll care more once I know Apollo is close at hand, if my Focus can even update to it.

Proximity sensor works better with this tango update. I am now seeing sensor light when making calls. Screen no longer remain black when call ends. I am using the Indian variant.

They haven't before what? T-Mobile has been one of the best US carriers for rolling out updates on Windows Phone, always beating AT&T.

The Lumia 700 didn't get 8107 most likely due to them waiting for Tango. Nokia has been aggressive with these updates (their server is packed with 710 Tango packages). (Don't forget, rolling out 8107 would have done nothing for tethering on this phone, which is what T-MO wants)

There's no guarantees of course but I'm confident that they will. Shoot, they gave 8107 to the HD7.

I am thrilled MSFT is bringing back mms functionality with tango! I miss being able to send funny gifs and audio clips to friends as well as receiving them and also multiple photos also, i even tweeted JoeB and windowsphone about how much i missed these features, heck with my aussi hd2 for att, i even installed a sense FREE winmo 6.x with the stock mms client because it was awesome to use! I still have these cab files

Can you tell me if the GPS icon is present at the top. Should only appear when an app uses the phones GPS. Should appear to the right of the Bluetooth icon.

Video mms is useless because the camera needs to support mms video the lowest resolution. VGA is too big to send through mms. I was able to forward an mms video sent by my wife from her android..i checked her HTC evo camera and found mms video 176x144 resolution or qvga resolution which my HTC arrive has. Windows phones with no qvga support will not be able to send mms video unless Nokia adds lower resolution support for their camera software. If I ever get my tango update HTC arrive mms video=success.......

Actually maybe qvga res may not work either. Wp7 camera software needs to support 176x144 resolution to send video....htc nokia Samsung needs to provide that update with tango..

I have a question, will selective call forwarding work when I decide not to answer calls on a prepaid tmobile account? I have monthly 4g on my dvp but selective forwarding is not available only regular call forward is. So I wanna know if call forwarding will work once we get the tango update or if that feature not work regardless if the option is on the phone?