Oggl and Oggl Pro updated with numerous improvements and fix for Facebook Connect

Oggl Pro

It’s Friday and that means we’re looking at either an update for the Facebook Beta app or something from Hipstamatic. We’re not seeing any new updates for the Facebook Beta yet, but we are getting some update love for both Oggl and Oggl Pro. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest version.

We last saw Oggl updated two weeks ago, that update was just for Oggl and not Oggl Pro. It brought the initial ability to edit and crop photos during post-processing, fixed bugs, and improved preview performance with a new encoder lib. Today, we’re seeing updates for both Oggl and Oggl Pro that are the have the same update list in the Store. Here’s what’s “new” in both.

  • Improved preview performance a lot with new encoder lib.
  • Added live tile showing pics from followers feed.
  • Updated order and paging in library to align with WP8 better.
  • Fixed some bugs in the registration flow.
  • Further app performance improvements.
  • Added initial support for crop, zoom and edit during post processing. This feature will be improved further over time.
  • Fixed an issue with Facebook Connect.

Oggl Pro Screenshots

You’ll notice a few of those items were listed as new in the last update for Oggl, but now Oggl Pro is picking them up. Both are also fixing an issue with Facebook Connect that wasn’t addressed in the update for Oggl two weeks ago. It would appear that both apps are back on feature/update parity for the most part.

We’re still digging the regular updates to both apps from Hipstamatic and appreciate their support for Windows Phone. They started out on iOS with Oggl and made the jump to Windows Phone, deciding to skip over Android in favor of a mobile OS with class. Oh yes he did.

Want to try out Oggl and Oggl Pro or update your existing apps? Oggl is available for Windows Phone 8 devices and you can grab it in the Windows Phone Store. Oggl Pro is only on the Lumia 1020 and you can also get that from the Windows Phone Store. QR codes below with Oggl first and Oggl Pro second. 

Thanks for the tip David!

QR: Oggl

QR: Oggl Pro


Reader comments

Oggl and Oggl Pro updated with numerous improvements and fix for Facebook Connect


The reason why wp8 would never gain traction and start to improve is simply because of the boring app store, everyone i know uses apps like instagram and vine etc. If none of these apps are available officialy then people wont buy windows phone and dont tell me oh there is third party apps but tbh the average consumer doesnt know about these apps and they search "Instagram" not "6Tag" and thats the exact reason why i switched from wp8 to android because it gets boring.

Lol, yet Hipstamatic Oggl isn't on Android, which is what this article about, not why you switched or your theories on WP adoption. 

Also, if you search for 'Instagram' in the Store, 6tag is the first app that comes up.

No i get what you exactly mean and dont get me wrong, windows phone 8 is awesome with the smoothness without all those extreme specs which is the reason why it smashes low end android devices but if you're paying £300+ you would expect something enjoyable to use and dont get me wrong but there is a lot of stupid people who wouldnt check out 6tag just because it hasnt got the name "instagram"  and sorry for writing in the oggl department but yh i wasnt trying to critisise Windows phone but just point out the obvious, without growing the market it will never gain traction which is the exact reaosn why Blackberry is doing bad.

I know how you feel. It's not like my 520's camera isn't any good. It out does pretty much all the latest flagship Android phones out at the moment.

Dan is right! ... By the way, oggl runs without any Problems on my HTC 8x (installed with this "magic" proxy). See no reason why they kick it from my store.

I wonder if this app will ever have live preview of the filters like oneshot or even sophielens does. Only thing stopping me from ever using it, even if its downloaded.

Yes yes, Oggl is great! Thanks for the updates.
But can someone please tell me where I can find that phone case? :D I've been looking all over for it and haven't found it. I see it in many WPcentral posts. 

AAAAAAAAAHHHH my gear is dissapearing!!! After downloading, and exited oggl, and open again, my last downloaded gear is dissapear. NUOOOOO.