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HTC 8X and 8S with Windows Phone 8 - Video hands on

We managed to spend some near and dear time with the recently announced HTC 8X and the HTC 8S. What can we say besides that we love the new look for HTC--bold colors, smooth designs, excellent screens--we see a bright and popular future for the new HTC series. The HTC 8X features a 4.3" 720p...

HTC 8S with Windows Phone 8 - Hands on Photo Gallery

The HTC 8S in blue Now that the HTC 8S has been announced, we figured we would give you folks some high resolution photos to gawk at--that is until our video hands on follows this post. The HTC 8S may not impress those who are fixated on specs, but make no mistake, the device is a looker. We...

HTC Announces the 8S with Windows Phone 8

The HTC 8S in Domino (Black & White) Just after announcing the HTC 8X, a high-end Windows Phone from the famous smartphone OEM, the 8S comes hot on its heels for the more budget-conscious crowd. The 8S, much like its bigger brother, features a whole new redesign for HTC in part due to the...
Samsung ATIV S

Bell to launch two new Windows Phones, Lumia 920 is neither of them

Samsung ATIV S heading to Canada? We've just broke word that Microsoft has indeed released Windows Phone 8 to manufacturers (RTM) for testing and further development, which means we're not too far off from a platform launch. Nokia has revealed its lineup with the Lumia 820 and 920, and Samsung...