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HTC Titan gets a full page ad in London newspaper

Looks like HTC has started a small advertising blitz for Windows Phone as the HTC Titan got a nice little full page ad recently in a London newspaper.

Will it help? It certainly can't hurt and HTC knows a thing or two about selling phones, so we'll give them a little nod here of approval.

Big thanks to @smoothbond (Ben S) for the image!


Reader comments

HTC Titan gets a full page ad in London newspaper


This was in the Metro (free paper) this morning and wasn't actually a full page advert, instead it had about a third of the available page space. Still it was a big advert and it's good to see HTC pushing this quality device.

The Metro is a free paper in most of Englands cities, I'm a WP7 lover from Bristol who saw the ad. :)

don't hold your breath. its a nice thing to see any windows phone ad anywhere especially a full page one of the most recent handset, but until I see a full window poster in most every phone shop I pass like for the iPhone 4s, I wont be breaking out the champagne.it started out exactly like this when windows phone first officially hit the store and it was more or less everywhere, but then any ad campaign of that size fizzled away and as such we are in this current situation.they need to keep it going continuously like they really want it, non stop campaign till the market is saturated with their ads and everyone is asking about this new windows phone.

My girlfriend works in the Trafford Centre which as I'm sure you know is pretty high profile.. Anyway the point is that I'm there pretty much every week, and for at least 3-4 months there has been full bill-boards within there for HTC devices. This was a bit ago now, but it was definitely there for some time and right when you walked in from the car parks..Will keep looking out to see if they pop back for the newer models but I'm sure they will, especially if a lone carrier/store gets hold of a device so they can push it.I know what you mean though, walk past Phones4U or Carphone Warehouse and the full-window iPhone 4S pushy sales **** is everywhere, don't think we'll ever see that with WP. Not just yet, anyway.Aaaaaactually, walking past a Phones4U not so long ago, there was a half-window poster right underneath the iPhone 4S one for the Titan :D