Lumia 800 is now the 710 according to Windows Phone display at Future Shop

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We all find it humorous when carriers and retailers get things wrong, especially when it comes to Windows Phone. From mistaking specifications, to calling the platform "Windows Mobile" - it's all fun and games. Cue Future Shop, a Canadian chain of electronics stores.

As you can see in the above photos, Future Shop have got their minds muddled with the Lumia family of Nokia Windows Phones. The Lumia 800 is now the 710. Either that or Canada is getting a slightly confused selection of handsets. We still wonder just how it's possible for marketing / promotion material teams to get this so wrong.

Thanks Lucas for sending in the photo! 


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Lumia 800 is now the 710 according to Windows Phone display at Future Shop


Nokia probably shares some of the blame for carrier confusion with their odd naming conventions. Lumia 710, 800, 900... What's next, the 910, 850 and 675? Microsoft DEFINITELY shares some of the blame for the Win Mobile - Windows Phone (7?) confusion.

I really don't see any problems with Nokias naming conventions, actually they're the phone maker with the best naming convention on the market as far as I can see (apart from Apple but they don't count since they only have 1 new phone on the market each year). There are 4 phones on the market the 6-series, 7-series, 8-series and 9-series. Sure there are things like the 900 and 910, but they are both the same phone just for different markets. The next generation of Nokia phones are hopefully named either Lumia II 6-9 or "something else"  6-9.

Lulz. Windows phones are still considered windows mobile on the Rogers website. In the platforms section.

I know, what the hell!!
It's still "Windows Mobile" even now, after they added the Nokia Lumia 710.
Which makes me think they're doing it on purpose to confuse consumers.

Not only the advertising agency mess up the WP7 with WM6.5, those so call market leading survey agencies also put the statistic of WM and WP7 together and come out the conclusion as Microsoft is out from the mobile market!

Shame rite?