Lumia Cyan reportedly coming to Spain for the Lumia 925 late next week

Microsoft and their new Nokia employees are in the midst of finalizing regional builds for their Lumia Cyan update, as such, more reports of rollout start dates are becoming known. The latest country on the list is Spain, which is reportedly getting Lumia Cyan on the Nokia Lumia 925 at the end of next week (week ending July 12).

The news was revealed at a Nokia event for the Lumia 635 and X2 when the company was pressed on the issue. In addition, Cortana is said to be coming to the area sometime in 2015.

We'll of course keep you posted when that update goes live, as we are expecting a wave of regions to start at around the same time. To catch up on all the Lumia Cyan news, including to see if we covered your phone or region, check out our main landing page:

Source: Windows Phone Apps.es


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Lumia Cyan reportedly coming to Spain for the Lumia 925 late next week


Out of curiosity I see a lot about Lumia, any update status on HTC? Last time, HTC was quite on track, being the first ones to offer the update, but now, no news..

No dude i don't think so... 520 is quite a popular device and is the highest contributor to WP growth.... So it will get on time with other devices...

Excited... So its mostly confirmed that Cyan is arriving in the next few days.... Also since i have a Lumia 1020 so expecting to get it faster unlike they did last time with LumiaBlack on 620...
Lets see .... Microsoft India....roll out Cyan fast.....

I totally agree... my CV-UK 620 didn't get it until late March, and a couple of weeks later, 8.1 Preview hit.

Yes that is truth cuz we (925) having heating and battery issues since we bought the phone ! So this make sense to give us the update first than any other model! So we can have a bug free phone :)

Other sources say update will be starting from next week ...but daniel u r saying it will be late next week...which is true...?May I know?

Well, to be honest I feel too that the "when it comes in India?" questions are getting spammed all over the site(and in forums) in these days... And the reason why it getting annoying because no one knows when will it come in (almost) any country, but they just keep asking about India... It just starting to feel a little annoying to read these questions everywhere. It starts to feel like spam.

Cortana coming "sometime" in 2015?? Wow, Microsoft sure love to keep us hanging on to the US region setting don't they?

Why always 925? I mean, 1020 and 1520 are the higher ends. *mine is 620. Always the latest to get. Don't worry:')*

Hey Daniel or anybody know if we're getting that interactive home screen for cyan they showed off at the beginning of all the new 8.1 news it's the only feature we're still missing from 8.1

925 users in Australia on vodafone can look forward to receiving 8.1 in 2 weeks.

All other lumias still awaiting software for testing.

Hopefully Cortana can makes its way down to Australia before the end of the year. We speak English too.

It would be really nice to see news about the update coming to the US. Especially if, some how, Microsoft managed to bypass all the carriers. AT&T enjoys dragging their feet...

I wonder when the UK will receive the update? I'm guessing they will update the older and low end handsets first. Kind of a kick in the teeth to people who have stayed loyal to the brand and gone for a high end Lumia.

Meanwhile they teased Cortana is coming to the UK soon. Still waiting and have a strong feeling we will be for a while.

First world problems eh.

Maybe they're tying it into the Cortana release for the UK and China.  That's the positive theory anyway lol.

To be honest, I don't think it should take very long. The US Cortana understands me perfectly well. I mean like I've said in previous posts, if you're from deepest darkest Wales or from Dundee you may have issues, but I think any voice recognition would do!

When is the update comming for 1520 at Netherlands This is taking to long anyone know wich week ???? And do i need to go back to wp 8 or will de update come To wp 8.1 preview to

No don't . I have a lumia 1520 and it's works with English, French... But not Norwegian,not Swedish...

Daniel, I live in India. But I've set region in WP8.1 to USA. Will I get the update? Coz India's gonna get update before US.

Please tell me when I get cyan update for Nokia Lumia 925.
Manufacture name: RM-892_eu_euro1-253.
Mobile operator:HUT-GB. But now I am in developer preview.