Lync Mobile for Windows Phone and more FF camera talk

In the above video you can see a demo at TechED 2011 in New Zealand for Microsoft's Lync, which is the inter-office communication and VoIP system. The app is slated for a Q4 release and will also be coming to iOS, Android and Symbian with Windows Phone said to receive the first and best. Other platforms will receive a fully featured app with integration, not just a mere port.

A question from the audience was greeted by a fairly exciting response with the final goal in WP7 being to integrate Lync into hubs in favour of a stand-alone application. Communication will be handled by the messaging hub and anything from the cloud will be handled in the Office hub. Voice and video will be dependant on the handset and OS.

You may also have noticed in the video we hear some talk surrounding front-facing cameras on Windows Phone handsets, which further confirms our recent article covering Skype and the secondary camera support. Are you excited for FF cameras, or wont you use them?

Source: GoWindowsGo, video: alanburchill; Thanks, Sam S., for the Twitter tip!


Reader comments

Lync Mobile for Windows Phone and more FF camera talk


Too soon to have FF Camera for me. I would be just an alone guy with a cool feature, maybe next year or more, I could use it. Here in Brazil the 3G service is cr*p, and no way FF Camera can be really useful nowadays, not even surf the web works properly.

who really cares of your 3g service. FF camera is the way to go now. Many are already using it and will be a great feature to have for windows phone

I think FF cameras are neat bullet point to say "hey look we have this too, with Skype integration!" in the faces of WP7 naysayers everywhere, but honestly I don't think I'd use it.

I agree. It's a nice bullet point to have. With mobile hotspot confirmed and now ff cameras, the haters have run out of things to throw at you.

I'm looking forward to front facing cameras, even thought I won't use it on a daily basis it will be nice for the occasional chat.

YES Front face camera is important and glad if finally coming for windows phone 7. I use skype allot and all you people dont use it are simply outdated in technology.