Massive ProShot update is now available for Windows Phone with temporary price cut


It was only a few days ago when we spoke about an upcoming ProShot update and today it's readily available for download. The massive update introduces numerous changes and improvements to the app which brought the Windows Phone community a DSLR range of controls for their smartphone cameras.

If you'd like a detailed look at what's new in version 5 and are wondering why the team skipped version 4 altogether, be sure to check out our in-depth look at this ProShot update. Here's a quick-glance changelog:

  • Completely redesigned UI and UX to mimic the dials found on DSLRs
  • Added front-facing camera support
  • Added on-screen camera button + tap to focus / tap to capture toggle
  • Add Image Manager - view, manage, batch export, and delete your original and hi-res photos (internal ProShot images only. Camera roll management coming in a future update)
  • Increased max burst FPS, burst buffer depth now 30
  • Press and hold camera button in any camera mode for full-resolution burst
  • Full-res burst up to 25% faster than Nokia Camera! (30-second test, Lumia 1020, 5MP + 34MP, 1/80s, Nokia Camera: 8 photos, ProShot: 10
  • ProShot is now the fastest shooting experience on Windows Phone - new dynamic buffer system allows for uniterrupted shooting at the maximum
  • Significant performance increase in all areas; photo capture, browsing, image processing, and real-time filters
  • Up to 50% faster frame rate (even with grids, real-time filters, histogram, and 3D level)
  • Added file size and color / luma histograms to EXIF viewer
  • Added sharpness setting
  • Added night scene option
  • Added more options to the filter editor
  • Improved shadow recovery algorithm, built-in filters
  • Faster load time
  • Optimized to run on 512 MB devices
  • Can now zoom 50% more into images in the preview roll
  • New tutorial! Please read it
  • Over 100 tweaks, fixes, and improvements. This update is so huge we skipped 4.0 and went straight to 5.0

That's not all as the update brings down the price of the app too, which currently sets consumers back by $0.99 until July 1 (usually $1.99). Also, the team notes on the store listing that new features are on the way, including Windows Phone 8.1 support, the ability to delete images from Camera roll, and more.

QR: ProShot

Thanks for everyone who tipped us on the update rolling out!


Reader comments

Massive ProShot update is now available for Windows Phone with temporary price cut


i only see the 5 mp one still. weird because i saw the 38 mp option in the trial? i hope i'm missing something cos i wouldn't have bought it if i thought it couldn't take high res photos

Which phone are you using? Nokia hides their high-res options from developers, so you have to manually enter support for each model number. Perhaps I forgot to include one of the model numbers? Good news is, it's an easy fix :)

Now it actually works!!! I bought it a couple of days ago, while it was still on version 3.7.2 and it kept crashing all the time, i couldn't even take a shot, but now it seems to be ok :)

Updates awesome. Also be sure to support the dev's uservoice submission to enable starting lenses using the camera button. (after the update, go to settings and you'll find it)

Does anyone else get pink borders around light areas of their images with ProShot? I'm wondering if there's some processing that the default camera app does that is not available for third parties to use.

The pink borders around lights are probably what is known as purple fringing, and I've noticed it mainly on the HTC 8X. Cleaning the lens solved most of my issues. It's really easy to remove using most major camera software (Lightroom, etc).

Ah, I do have an 8X. I'll have to play around with other software because it was a PITA to fix up with Paint.NET, thanks for the tip.

Tried using it but it crashes randomly and its slower to start than default cam by at least two seconds. Also takes its own sweet time between shots and to process pics after clicking.

Are you using any filters or adjusting the contrast / saturation / sharpness? Those are all post effects, and take time to process. The new buffer system allows you to have uniterrupted shooting even while images are processing.

Okay. No longer works on Ativ S, but still a nice update there. I will sure use it when a new worthy Lumia comes out.

Told me that due to changes in the Firmware the App wont have all features... and then it crashed and crashed after restart of app and reboot of the Ativ S

HI, unfortunately it doesn't show any error message, it just shows loading in the middle & the bottom of the screen and then it closes

I'm running 8.1 preview

Weird thing is that it actually goes into the app when the main camera is broken on Ativ S (no firmware bug - black screen). There still is a black screen, but it stays in the app. So it may be up to the system. 

I might be having the same issue on my Samsung Ativ Odyssey.

The app opens with a black screen (loading dots at the bottom of the screen) and then closes back to the app list.

This is, also, Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Shot to shot speed, filters, timelapse, histogram, level, highlight clip display...
But mainly, speed!

Unfortunately, it doesn't include video recording...and it can't be set as default camera.

It is most likely the same error that is happening on Samsung devices. Please accept my apologies, I will do my best to investigate it!

Because the developer is freakin awesome and he actually listens and communicates directly with his users for one. Just go to the 'Loving the Proshot app' in the forums to see what I mean. And the UI is amazing.

Histogram, the image size, UI, time lapse. The only lacking now is that the app can't be the default camera when pressing the camera button.

If you want this app to improve significantly...go to settings, scroll down, then press the 'launch Proshot with camera button' option.
You'll go through to the Uservoice page. Vote for the change :)

This is the FIRST WP8 app that ive ever bought because it actually looked good. Ive always used trials instead.

That setting is in general camera settings. Auto upload camera roll to Onedrive. No matter what camera app you use...

Seems like Nokia Camera still has the major benefit of oversampling. Pity, this app does many other things better.

i thought you could use oversampling by turning hi-res on in the settings? if not i wont buy this

It does oversampling, too :)   When you select the "hi-res" option, the 5 / 8 / 10 / 12MP image that gets saved to the camera roll is oversampled from the original 20 / 41MP image.

Oh? Okay, I have to try this. The oversampling is what makes the PureView line so special and powerful.

You need to just keep holding the camera button. The fastest burst speeds possible on a 1020 (in hi-res 41MP mode) are about 1 picture every 3 seconds.

It was one of the first apps i bought when i had a 720, back then the refresh rate was bad, but i liked the UI, after i bought a 920 i found nokia Camera better, better controls and better image quality, i now have a 1520 and i still prefer the nokia app, and im afraid i dont like the new UI, apart from the speed and level i dont find many advantages to this app anymore....:| even so, i congratulate the dev for constantly update the app.

This is the first app I bought on WP for my 920.. I dislike the new interface though. I take Nokia cam over this.

Are you using the level? ProShot only needs one core to run, and by itself it's about as efficient as you can get on WP, but the level has to run on a 'other' core (so to speak). Since both cores are running, it may cause some heat.

Also, filters or adjusting contrast / saturation / sharpness are all post-processes (and not offered on Nokia and native apps), which require some extra CPU time.

As far as I'm aware, all the camera apps use the Nokia camera API so in theory they should take the exact same pictures in terms of quality and light

Level and all post processing are off. Still my L920 acts like a toaster, not to mention battery drain.