MetroTube app finally returns to the Windows Phone Marketplace for download

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The return of MetroTube!

We told you a few days ago that YouTube app MetroTube was due to return to the Marketplace for Windows Phone after a six month hiatus and sure enough, version 3.1 just went live.

The app itself is as smooth and buttery as you may have remembered. If you don't remember you’ll really enjoy the superb, fluid UI design which is obviously heavily inspired by Metro design language. Features include streaming of video content, pinning videos to your Start screen, like/dislike, comments, favorites and playlist support and sharing.

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You may not get the ability to rip videos for downloading or play in true HD but the app itself is a joy to use and now that it’s free, it’s hard to not give it serious consideration.

Pick up MetroTube here in the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. Let us know in comments your thoughts. Thanks, Rahat M., for the tip

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Reader comments

MetroTube app finally returns to the Windows Phone Marketplace for download


Do they let you download the videos? Do they also cirvumvent Google's ToS bullshit and allow you to stream videos that are normally restricted from being viewed on Mobile?
Because the looks of the app have never been able to make up for the lack of functionality compared to SuperTube.

YouTube pro sucks. They still have not fixed mail inbox and download video have too.use a software to get the file.from computer

That's because YouTube pro no longer exists (is no longer supported) due to the name issue; supertube is essentially the updated YouTube pro. I love metrotube and am glad it's back (I never uninstalled it), but the ability to save videos on supertube is definitely great.

3.1 what's the difference in 3.0 i currently have installed? Said it before best Metro UI YouTube app for WP;

Woohoo, great! Supertube has more functionality, but metrotube has more metro eyecandy:)

Metrotube hands down is the better app. YouTube Pro and and Primetube both tried hard but can't match the quality of this app at all. Thanks for making a comeback!

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