Microsoft drops the Surface RT from 30 inches. Films it.

Microsoft is evidently getting creative when showing off the Surface RT. In this latest video posted to their YouTube channel, we get to see the device dropped 30" onto a hardwood floor. Well, we don't actually see it as what we're watching is the video taken from the Surface as it is sent to the ground. 

As a demonstration of how well it's built, the Surface RT continues recording without skipping a beat. Of course we don't know how the display looks but since we didn't hear any gasps, we'll assume it's okay too. Needless to say, the Surface RT looks to be quite durable, as evidenced by Sinofsky's skateboarding trick.


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Microsoft drops the Surface RT from 30 inches. Films it.


It's just you, I dropped my Ipad 2 from about the same height cost me $120 to have it fixed.
Good to know the surface is a bit tougher.

Daniel, give me some advice, to wait for the pro or to just get the RT? Internal struggle is killing me

Here's a suggestion to make your decision easier.  Install Windows 8 on a computer or VM and use only the Metro environment for at least a day or two.  Pretend the desktop does not exist, except for Office and Explorer.  Don't install any other non-Metro programs.  If everything's a-ok and you're happy, get an RT.  If you find yourself wanting a real computer, get a Pro.
If you don't have Windows 8 RTM, use the release preview version - it won't expire til January:

Please, for the love of all things holy, stop recording protrait videos - this is not an iphone. 
Would love to see a vid of the device after. 

I just love the Music and the "Click" advert. I get excited everytime I watch it :)
For once, MS makes a cool advert. Amazing!

wait am I the only one that cringed as they counted down to dropping it.  I just hate dropping my tech, hate it with a passion.  I realize its a test, but I still silently shouted nooooooo!!!  

I totally wanted to see how good/bad it looked physically, but the fact it's still ON and RECORDING (with no apparent damage to the camera or internals) that's pretty dang impressive. I just want to see the display and case damage.

Personally, if I had that crowd staring at me, I might want to be dropped from some sort of height as well.  Sorry, but that is a creepy little crowd of geeks....