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Microsoft Store headed to Boston with the Lumia being featured in artwork

WP Central

Microsoft is slowly expanding their branded "Microsoft Stores" and Boston, MA is the latest city to finally get one (hooray for the East coast!). Currently being built at the Shops at Prudential Center in Copley Square, the store should be ready sometime this summer though no specific dates were given.

Reader erzhik was kind enough to send us some photos of the "box" that surrounds the work space at Copley (Fun fact: I used to do film projection there). It should be of no surprise that the Lumia 900 is featured on the outside artwork along with some Windows PCs.

We've also heard that an Apple Store is right across the street which seems to us like some nice strategic planning. You can read more on the announcement at the Boston Herald. Thanks, erzhik, for the pics (click to enlarge)

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Reader comments

Microsoft Store headed to Boston with the Lumia being featured in artwork


I believe there is a Microsoft store coming to the Walt Whitman mall in Huntington Long Island as well, based upon a job listing for the Huntington Station area. (And also because there is an Apple store in that mall).

I know where this is being put at and yes, there is an Apple store across the street (huge one) from the Pru. However, this is being put on pretty much away from Boylston Street and if I am correct, in the center court where you get a huge ton of traffic. So I don't know how that will play out. If anything, a pretty darn good spot to put a MS store.
@Dan: did you use to work at the cinema that use to be in Copley Place? Pretty cool if you did as that use to be my go to theatre back in my late middle school/early high school days. I also use to work in the area. Actually in the Prudential Tower, not to far from where the MS Store is going up

Yup, used to do critic screenings (EW, Boston Papers, etc.) and the Boston Film Festival there (2000-2002). Lots of fun and a very cool booth. Too bad it was before my photography days :-/

Microsoft sure is leaning on Nokia quite a bit. It almost alienates the other WP manufacturers. Like why don't they also have a Titan II as well? Almost makes HTC a second class citizen on the WP world. Just.....interesting.

When it comes to Windows Phone, Microsoft really has to pick 1 OEM to be the "gold" partner. That's Nokia.