Microsoft planning go big with rumoured push to produce 3 to 5 million Surface devices

WP Central Microsoft planning go big with rumoured push to produce 3 to 5 millio

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Suppliers in Asia have apparently spilled the beans on Microsoft's production line plans for its coming Surface devices.

If the information is to be believed, MS have put in component orders to ensure they are able to produce 3 to 5 million of the devices for the fourth quarter. With such an order Microsoft looks set to go into mass production rather than just produce a limited run as some speculated on.

According to the WSJ, an order of this magnitude is similar to that which was placed for Google’s Nexus 7 devices. They report that full scale production of the Surface started in full earlier this month. Unlike say the Nexus 7 or the iPad, Surface will come in ARM versions as well as Pro versions with Intel chips which means those component orders have to fill a variety of models. Still, its good to hear that MS isn’t going to produce the tablets on a limited run.

We have now seen the start of the teaser videos for Surface start to appear, along with those infamous urban art style graffiti paintings. With Microsoft set to spend a record amount of money on advertising Windows 8 and its Surface products there is no doubt they have every intention of fulfilling their promise to make a mark as a devices and services company. If they want to be a devices company, well, they have to make enough of them to go around.

Windows 8 represents a radical departure for the company, both in terms of how it defines its operating system and how it marries software, hardware and services. It’s a bold and risky move but the closer we move towards launch time the clearer the picture is coming together. A hero Windows 8 device to show off the OS, shops to sell them in, popup stores to help satisfy demand and a drive for one cohesive eco-system.  

It will be a very interesting holiday season, Microsoft are entering a complex market filled with Kindle, Nexus and iPads (and the upcoming mini). We think they have a good chance of turning the tablet market on its head and hearing of such mass production eases our fears of limited availability.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Microsoft planning go big with rumoured push to produce 3 to 5 million Surface devices


They just released price starting at $499 for the 32GB version without Touch Cover and $599 for the 64GB model. A 32GB version will be offered for $599 with a Touch Cover included.

Thing is, I just went to the online MS store and searched for the surface and it still says "coming soon" with no details. Also, why didn't The Verge link to the actual product page instead of throwing up a picture and just saying it's on the MS store website. It might be legit but I'll wait for a more official confirmation.

It just says "Sorry. There was a problem with your request.". Maybe they don't want people in the US accessing the info just yet. :-(

I saw it on time.com under "tech". Looks like that is the price... Guess I'll have to wait until after the holidays before I get one.

Dammit! I placed the bid too late. Anyway with new phones and a slew of other goodies coming, the surface will have too wait. This is not the kind of economy to be spending on yourself and have money left over for others during Christmas season.

I don't understand their reasoning behind releasing surface Rt before pro. If pro is released first the market place would quickly grow. Due to RT being released first, those wanting the Pro will wait and the market share won't be as large meaning less developer support. I just don't see the logic in releasing RT first.

My theory is that most third party manufacturers will stick to cranking out Windows 8 rather than RT devices. That way, Microsoft can get away with pricing more competitively after the holiday season, upsetting the "friendly competition" less.

Probably because they will sell four times as many RTs than Pros, regardless of the number of apps. I think they did the right thing. That's why I pre-ordered one.

It seems only the Canadian microsoft store has it atm. I couldnt find it in the international one and especially not from the finnish one :D

They should reveal the prices already. I can't wait. 
And about these numbers, about 3-5 million... Thats like saying we expect to sell somewhere between 1 surface and 3 million surfaces...

I got this message on the Microsoft Store chat: 
Well, the Surface is scheduled to be released today directly on the Microsoft Store webpage. Unfortunately, it has not officially been released on the webpage. I would suggest checking back over the next couple of hours. That is strictly for the US.