Microsoft reveals Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One and Xbox 360, due this fall

Microsoft has officially announced plans to release the racing game sequel Forza Horizon 2 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles for release sometime this fall. The story was originally broken by IGN, but at the moment there are only a few details on the game itself. It does confirm that Forza Horizon 2, a sequel to the 2012 Xbox 360 racing title, will once again be a collaboration with Microsoft's in-house team at Turn 10 Studios with the UK-based Playground Games.

IGN says that Forza Horizon 2 will have hundreds of cars to drive, but only one specific vehicle was mentioned: the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. The game itself will feature drivers racing across southern Europe and there will also be a weather system to contend with in the sequel. The Drivatar feature in Forza Motorsport 5, which allowed gamers to have their AI driven counterparts race against real players, will also make an appearance in Forza Horizon 2.

The news comes just one week before Microsoft's big E3 2014 media briefing in Los Angeles on June 9. WPCentral team members will be front and center at the Galen Center in LA for the event, which should be full of major Xbox One and Xbox 360 game announcements from both first and third party developers. Of course, they will also be attending E3 itself, which is being held in the LA Convention Center June 10-12.

What do you think about what's been revealed for Forza Horizon 2 and are you excited about the prospect of many more game announcements to come from Microsoft?

Source: IGN


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Microsoft reveals Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One and Xbox 360, due this fall


How horrid is your life to complain about a website posting news?  if a windows phone wants to post news about the related company (MS), who the fuk cares. 

When you make a news about IOS, Xbox,Asus,John Oliver,hp............etc
This supposed to be a website about technology not wp

The mobile nations sites always cover parent company stuff, CrackBerry always does it with QNX cars and stuff

If other sites does it doesn't mean it's right.
And at least tow random news a day at least not all the news

Its everything regarding Microsoft really. And I'm pretty sure anyone who uses a windows phone and uses this site is a Microsoft fan and would like to know about all the new Microsoft new! Me for an example :P :)

Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox ONE, maybe? At least they've said, that its possible, but requires a lot of work.

The most awaited feature. If they could implement it, I'll buy Xbox One for sure. Because I don't want to keep 2 consoles.

I don't think one racing game would boost sales, but it would definitely help build the app catalog on WP8.

Sorry what I mean is Microsoft bringing their a list games and apps from Xbox and Windows to WP.

I dropped for good need for speed for horizon the first time I played... Very good game,I liked more than normal forza

I bought this app to keep up with all Microsoft news, including WP Xbox and Windows, since I'm all in on their ecosystem.

By that logic Windows Phone Central should have news about WIndows, Phones, and Central? So wheres the iPhone and Android news?

Like starting an iPhoneCentral blog that has details about new macs. Choose a better name perhaps? Although all the WP blogs are doing it,guess theres no news in WP?

I for one am loving the broadened focus of all things Microsoft.

I suppose I ought to keep on topic: loved the first one, it's still on my rotation. It distracted me from finishing the Mass Effect games, even.

I am really hoping MS is announcing all these retread franchises before e3 because they will focus on games that are new franchies for the console.  They need something big outside of the halo 3, gears, fable, and forza universe. 


It is sad premium RPG titles are lacking, hopefully a new RPG title is going to be announced for xbone. 

It would have been cool, don't get me wrong, but we have The Crew coming up as well which covers the entire country. I wouldn't want to see Horizon just give us more of the same. =)

Too bad they didn't do the same with Forza 5 and made it a XbOne exclusive. Would love a Windows Phone variant though. 

is this John Callaham the same from Neowin?
If so, good luck for him. I just hope he doesn't abuse the sensationalism for titles and articles.

anyway, it sounds nice Forza Horizon 2. at least 360 keep getting cool games, another reason why I always thought somehow it was pointless to rush an buy a xbox one.... not because some features aren't still there, but because 360 has many more games, and they keep getting good new ones, of ocurse xbox one has nice features but I would give it 2 years to be somehow better than 360 in every aspect.

This is amazing news, loved the 1st one. I should have an Xbox One by the time this is released, can't wait!

Loved the 1st Horizon. Another game on the must have list for when Xb One hits the shelves in Finland.

I still remember getting NFS Most Wanted and the 1st Forza Horizons. I was so much more excited to play NFS but ended up enjoying FH so much more. Just wish they would make a true sequel to Burnout Paradise. The cars in NFS were just too heavy feeling and those darn cops got really annoying.

I am excited that this is a new game coming but didn't really like the first one so much.  I only really played it to get more points for forza rewards otherwise I would have completely passed on it.

Burnout Paradise ruined Burnout for me. There's already so many open world games, Burnout Revenge was the perfect formula for online, track based, arcade racer.

Burnout Paradise was an interesting release. I don't mean good nor bad. Though I liked the open world and the adjustable day-night cycle, I felt it kind of destroyed the Burnout spirit. Burnout was always more of a "come out and play" and the tracks were all pretty cool actually. Making it open world made it a tad more sophisticated, something Burnout may not needed.


Why did we end up talking Burnout anyway?

It would be nice if we could get a Forza game for Windows Phone that is Xbox branded. If Real Racing 3 can look and play so good, Microsoft should be able to invest in a mobile version of Forza that looks and plays just as good.

Yea, I loved the first one, was a big fam (completed it)...this will be a release day buy for me as long as the reviews are good on it (as long as I is not a rush job)

I guess this means they are officially bailing on 5 with its bugs, and missing features such as the Marketplace (coming soon). Everyone went back to 4 I guess.

Thank you for reporting this kind of news. Absolutely love it. Don't listen to those who moan about trivial and banal stuff like "wtf this isn't wp news" or "didn't know this was xbox central". Great journalism covers everything and anything the readers are interested in, and we are very interested in this. Those who aren't, why are you even here fools?