So what exactly would motivate Foxconn to keep producing the "Mountain View" phone?

More details emerge on Nokia's "Mountain View" Android phone, which is still being manufactured by Foxconn

Some new details have emerged on Nokia's alleged "Plan B" to build an Android phone running on Lumia hardware, in case things went South with their Microsoft partnership.

According to CTechCN, a site with a pretty solid history of reporting leaks, Nokia's Beijing Research and Development team designed an Android-powered smartphone codenamed "Mountain View" that was manufactured by Foxconn and had progressed to later stages of testing.

Reportedly the "Mountain View" was based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chipset and was what would be considered an economy, or entry-level device.

The project had advanced so far, in fact, that by the time Microsoft had announced that they had purchased Nokia's Devices and Services division, Foxconn had already produced about 10,000 of the devices. In reality, that number seems unlikely, especially since there have been zero leaks of this device. And even more amazing than the number of "Mountain View" phones floating around out there is that rumor has it that they will continue to be manufactured and tested until Nokia shareholders approve the Microsoft sale at the general meeting in November.

So if all of this Android stuff was just a backup plan in case Windows Phone flopped as a platform, why would Nokia continue to manufacture and test the "Mountain View?" One point of knowledge was that the original Microsoft-Nokia partnership was set to start renewal talks in 2014--not too far away. That renegotiation was to extended the Microsoft-Nokia partnership past 2016 as that is when the original deal from 2012 was set to expire. But if a deal was not reached, Nokia would be free to pursue other options, including an Android-based lineup. Having an Android strategy ready to go would have been a wise chip to play in those talks with Microsoft, an idle threat if you will.

There is some chatter that what remains of Nokia could re-establish a hardware division in two years time and pursue an Android strategy. That notion though seems unlikely due to the fact that Microsoft would control a lot of the hardware patents that Nokia used to own and Nokia would have to re-hire and re-establish an entire hardware division--that's a difficult task to pursue. Truth be told, what will remain of Nokia after the Microsoft deal goes through won't be geared towards hardware any longer.

One thing is for certain, Android enthusiasts would love to see an Android-powered device with sleek Nokia styling and packed with the kind of camera technology that Windows Phone users have been fortunate enough to experience.

Source: CTechCN (Translated by Bing); Via: UnwiredView


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More details emerge on Nokia's "Mountain View" Android phone, which is still being manufactured by Foxconn



I'm sorry, but if they made a Lumia 1020 that ran Android, I'd totally buy one.
Feel free to start attacking me now.

Haha,, nice one with the pokemon. but seriously, i hate anfroid now. even if nokia pursue android. Who wants an OS that everybody has. Whats unique in that? nothing, even cheap copy phones run on android. and make me sick. if android only give their OS to full fledge manufacturer. then its good, but. IMO, not a good idea to spread it like virus..

Android apps are inherently inferior to WP8 apps and the iOS ports they're based off of. There aren't any apps im jealous of when it comes to Cheapdroid. IOS is a different story though.

There's one big gotcha though: There're not many Android apps which are based "on" a WP8 version. In fact there're still not many good WP8 applications at all, let alone priceworthy and nastiness free ones (eager permission requests and annoying ads). I just noticed that now Linphone is available as a SIP client which is a good start, but there's still a choice of at least 20 different utilities missing + highend games. Luckily I don't do gaming on my Lumia and have decent devices for my utilities.

If you still think all Android apps are based off of iOS ports, then you haven't paid attention to Android in 2+ years. Every app on my phone is built specifically for Android, and is Holo styled (just for Android). Take your Microsoft blinders off and pay attention to what's happening back in the real world.

well dont we want WP to become just as popular as Andorid? and when i do see WPs everyday (whenever that is) it will be a weird feeling.

That's something I've been pondering myself. In once sense, it'd be awesome for Nokia and Microsoft to reign triumphant once more, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It'd also be so easy to share and interact with everyone, due to things like Tap+Send and other great Windows Phone social features. The world would play nicely with each other.

But at the same time, despite me relentlessly pushing for Nokia to succeed, it'd be the Apple or Android camp all over again. People mindlessly buying devices just to fit in, not think for their own. Windows Phone would lose its unique quality and just become another trend. I'd be somewhat disappointed, my personal decision for choosing Windows Phone above all else would lose all merit because everyone and their brother would be buying them up.

With great power comes great responsibility. I'm not entirely sure if I want Windows Phone to wield such power, just yet.

Nobody will buy a Windows Phone just to fit in.
However, as you note, people are flocking to carriers and iStores to jump on the latest and greatest Apple device since the latest and greatest Apple device. As Paul Thurott put it, "Think different, indeed."
And with Android, they can buy a phone that will never be like anyone else's no matter how hard they try. Mismashed messes in most cases. Loaded with carrier garbage, different launchers depending upon OEM and carrier, and in many cases, inspite of the great hardware inside, clothed in cheap plastic. Very few of them (perhaps HTC and Samsung aside) are more than throw aways with give away OS. 
Would an Android Nokia be a great device. I am certain it would. Do I think it should happen? Definitely not. Microsoft currently makes a tidy sum on each Android set sold and ongoing legal issues would make putting out an Android phone themselves seem foolhardy.

So what if it is everywhere, if something is good it doesn't matter. It just isn't so good. Still if there was a dual boot, so people could run the odd missing app then it'd be handy. Scrapping my phone and swapping WP for Android however, never.

I would if there was one that was built like a Nokia with a Nokia/Zeiss camera. There isn't.
I like WP. I also like Android. Right now, Android seems to be able to do more things, but WP is good as well. If the two could be combined, I'd be really happy. 

I used to own a Nokia E32 and I don't know which OS is running but that OS is very slow, and I gave it to my mother.

My mother wouldn't mined she just makes calls but at the moment she has a blackberry which is better than Nokia E32. Later I will give her or buy her a WP8. I don't have patience when it come to making a simple phone calls.

My experience with Android is horrible. I used to owned a Galaxy Vibrant that is a P.O.S it always freeze on me when someone calls me and it lags like hell, and on top of it the GPS doesn't work.

Android is much different than it was three years ago. That's like judging a current Nokia Windows Phone like the 1020 based on your experiences with a a Samsung Focus.

One of my clients secretary has a Galaxy S3 and that's a mess trying to just add a simple exchanged account, and it still lags, but if you compare my old HTC Radar it's still running smooth with no problem.

I agree that Android definitely needs more higher powered phones to run smoothly while Windows Phone is smooth on just about anything.

My Samsung focus ran just fine without issues, so you comment is not valid when it comes to WP.

See my above comment "Android definitely needs more higher powered phones to run smoothly while Windows Phone is smooth on just about anything."
My point is that you can't compare an operating system from 2010 to an operating system today. The Samsung Vibrant came out in 2010 and ran Android 2.x. The Samsung Focus came out in 2010 and ran WP7. Saying that Android today is just as bad as Android was in 2010 is like saying WP is the same today as WP7 in 2010.
I wasn't comparing the phone quality. I was comparing the OS.

My HTC Radar runs fine too. Forced 7.8 via xda tools, and its a great backup. I primarily use it a remote for my desktop

Not true - even now Android still runs like crap on low-end hardware. And if you didn't know, that phone being developed by Nokia is a low-end Android so you're welcome to it. And don't tell me it would be better than all the other low-end Android crap out there because it's a Nokia. A low-end Android is crap no matter who makes it.

I had a Samsung Captivate and the GPS didn't work on that one either. So what did Samsung do, they first said that I had to wait for the updates, when that didn't work, then they tried to blame me. I will never go back to Samsung and Android.

That's funny we have the same problem with the same company, and two of my friends had the same issue too, and they both sold their phones.

IMO, Xperia Z1 is good enough to compete with 1020. If you need Android and has a great camera like 1020, you could consider it. Belive me. It's good enough. I'll stick with my 520 though :)

I still have a Sony Experia S1 with windows mobile 6.5 but the keyboard is bad. When it comes to phone Sony doesn't last too.HTC can give Nokia run for the money when it comes to Hardware. If Nokia makes Android I will go back to HTC they make great design and great hardware but crap services.

Could you give a link to a trustworthy and unbiased site that has tested the Z1 against the 1020 and said it's good enough to compete? All the reliable sites I know that tested both against the other have all said the 1020's camera is still unbeaten.

I think in terms of specs, Nokia's 41mp. Sensor on the 808 in 2012 and the 1020 in 2013 are a bit ahead of their time.

Android will ALWAYS be able to do more things [than windows phone and iphone]. It's open-source. It's the user experience that matters in the end

Jf.Vigor I don't think you understand what open source is. In Android it's called open-sores.

What crystal ball are you using that allows you to confidently say "ALWAYS"  with regards to future things?!! A low-end Android is crap as it is and none of those low-end Android craps, no matter the maker and I'll throw-in that low-end Android crap Nokia is making into the mix, that can compete with the low-end 520/521

What exactly are you trying to do? I had a sgs3 with the works, keyboard, mouse, ps3 control, usb otg... It was a cool set up, but i hardly used it that way. I grew to hate the boring design and dull OS and was quick to pick up a lumia off contract when the price was right. Smartphones need to provide a niche service to the modern human being, more than 'pocket pc' android can provide.

In a heartbeat. I always wish there was an Android powered Nokia when I left my Nokia E71 for a Nexus One. I hard a time giving up Android for the 900 cause lack of features. No regrets getting a 920 but still flip between the two OS as Android simply has more function. But love WP cause it just works.

so in other words... I dont even have a Windows Phone but i write here crap to get attention? wow...

I don't have a Windows Phone? I do and I'm looking at it right now. It's the only working cell phone I own. 
Sometimes people can like two things. You don't have to hate Android because you like Windows Phone or Nokia. That's like saying "You're eating French fries! I thought you said you liked pizza!" You can like both.
I have a Windows Phone. I have an Android tablet. I like both of them a lot.

I maybe would too.  If they released an android, my next phone would be an android, not necessarily a nokia though.


In order for Nokia to produce a 1020 on Android that matches the speed and reliability of a WP 1020 you would end up paying about $900-1000 for the device.

Sine my views don't match with a biased/fanatic person like ya I'd prefer to ignore u like invisible sheet. I do poses 100% rights to be on this site and because i hold a WP Lumia 820 an Xperia Z1 iPhone 4. So keep trolling.

Hmm. That's a bit tribalistic. Please keep in mind that posts remain on sites for years.
I may be biased, but I am not happy that Steve died or that the google execs should die because they made a bad decision.

They wouldn't. Heavy investment with no reasonable expectation of selling units. Samsung owns Android sales. The mountain view device here is low end and that's the game Nokia would likely play. They could dominate the cheap and mid grade handsets easier than going after the big hitters.

I would buy a Nokia Android device in a heartbeat!!
When I lived in Europe I bought the first nokia, and went the whole way up with nokia until I moved to the States. I was given a BB through my job, it was ok, nothing special, mainly for email and calls, then moved to iOS. Its OK, but not everything that apple makes it out to be. I prefer it jailbroken, as I can do so much more with it. 
BTW I do have a Nexus 4, and again it's fine. I do heartedly agree that a lot of manufacturers mix and mash the OS, and that I dont like, I do like the true android OS, andyone I've spoken to who has a WP gushes about it, and I haven't heard ANY complaints, but I don't know. I love my apps, both on Android and iOS, and I still have feeling for Nokia, they really were THE manufacturer, not if I could dual boot a nokia with WP AND Android, hands down, I would give my 5S away in a heartbeat

Of cause Nokia had a plan B, that doesn't mean they were going to follow thru on anything. Its natural that any company would do this. Moving on.

Exactly, that's why it's called a plan b. Only if the better plan fails, they try and go for the next best thing. In this case, Android. You could call it a desperation move or a plan b, whatever sound better for you :P

I've read a rumor that said they have an Android OS in one of their hardware but they couldn't make it run well. Perhaps if they were successful in making it run well, they would have profusely leaked it out by now.

They already went with plan B, allowing to run android apps on BB. Now they desperately need to run on plan C, D, or whatever.

This has been dream of have a hardware manufacturer release a Windows and Android Phone simultaneously across the world....same hardware, similar specs and price points. Then let the customers loose their minds.

What's is the difference between Symbian/Meego to an Android OS, they all look the same to me?

i never Android because Android is harm vulnerabilities fake big apps store i think still WP is the best microsoft forever! i have nokia 925

That's an extremely big "somehow". What if Microsoft somehow persuaded Google to ditch Android and go with WP? Android ABANDONED.

Could still happen, deal isn't done yet even though everyone acts like its signed and sealed. And with Nokia shareholders unhappy with the direction Elop took with WP this info could well persuade them to vote against the MS buyout and go for it with andy. And then what happens to WP? Could get very exciting come November....

Err. Doesn't shareholders usually only care about profits? If this sale is profitable for them, why would they object? They have a bright future a head with Nokia focusing on network infrastructure without worrying about mobile division dragging down profits.

Maybe, nut they could also care about the company itself and its heritage and not want to see that disappear. Regardless, the deal isn't done, apart from shareholders there are other regulatory approvals to go through so it's still premature to refer to the deal as done.

Shareholders care about taking more money for their shares than what they paid for them. Anything else is loss. So this deal means nothing to them but a big loss of money because an infiltrated-CEO didn't heard them when they demanded Android and he went with WP instead. Shareholders aren't looking that kindly towards MS and you can be sure it was because of them that they started developing this Android phone and not because of Eflop or Riisto.

Here's my advice: buy a dictionary. buy some books on commercial law and economics. Learn the difference between "board of directors" and "shareholders".

Also, Apple were at the early stages of using android 1.3 on the 1st gen iPhone. Look at where they are today.

An advantage of Android over WP is that Google allows OEMs to shape Android at their will. If you pick up a Samsung, a Sony and an HTC, they can all run the same version of Android but none of them has the same UI.

I like that variety. I am bored with WP UI.. :(.. I am looking to buy Asha 502 or 503 before they disappear to get a change once in a while. Hopefully MS will lnot kill these devices before they are launched.

You know perfectly well that's not true. Otherwise Nokia wouldn't need to keep waiting for MS to release GDRs to allow them to make other stuff.
Yes, Nokia can add some small things regarding the firmware, but not to the extend OEM's on Android are allowed to change. The only restriction Google seems to make (or that is visible, anyway) is that the OS looks similar. And they do. All Androids look the same but don't act the same. While WP looks the same and acts the same.

DJCBS, MS allowed Nokia all the freedom to make any changes. Nokia chose not to.

"It could also be a bad day for other Windows Phone OEMs. During today's Financial and Strategy briefing, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that the company had a "unique relationship" with Microsoft, and that the deal was "not your mother's OEM deal with Microsoft" and that the deal also allowed Nokia to differentiate itself from other OEMs. Elop said that no details of this deal would be released, but all this talk of a cozy relationship between Microsoft and Nokia must make other OEMs uncomfortable. Nokia has already talked a lot about creating differentiation within the WP ecosystem and come up with unique hardware and services that will only be seen on Nokia handsets. Elop even suggested that Nokia had the power to change the WP UI to suit its needs, something that no other OEM can do. "

or beautiful nokia hardware with junk droid software it doesn't fit .its like putting a virus in your computer :D

That makes 3 of us. Nothing against WP but I'm sick of Microsofts attitude and laziness regarding their own OS.

they don't only treat Windows Phone, but also other services like Bing, Outlook, SkyDrive, etc. Just to take note.

That's why they're a big company. But that doesn't excuse them from the laid back attitude. They want a viable 3rd mobile OS, they must make sure the platform can effectively compete with the other 2. At this moment, WP can't because it lacks tons of stuff. They could have fixed many of those things when they went from WP7 to WP8. They didn't. They had 2 GDR's already to do that. They didn't (and they won't do it on the 3rd).
They're not established as a hipster-brand like Apple. They can't afford to only change things once a year and ever so slightly.
If it wasn't for Nokia pushing them and doing their work, we'd probably still be on WP7.

I'm curious.  What is stopping you from buying an Android now? Nokia is not the only hardware maker than can make solid well built phones, the HTC One and the latest Sony come to mind.

if nokia made a flagship android i would go Bye Bye Nokia glad Microsoft Bought Nokia and i hope this deal get approved

I guess that's the whole plan to prove Android doesn't fit in just like WP or may be its a trick to make MS guessing before the deal is done and pitch for more money. I switched to Lumia for better hardware and did not want an Android I would not switch to Nokia running on Android.

Not having hardware side isn't actually true. NSN R&D centers that has since NSN created been the most R&D heavy part of the company.
One mobile or mobile related side they still hold Helsinki R&D center in Otaniemi and Cambridge R&D that is specialised in materials, part of Nokia's Advanced Technologies formed after MS acquisition next to NSN and HERE. Nokia has been leader in graphene and was granted 1.4 billion grant to develope it further year ago.
Nokia & Advances technologies keeps that. Nokia & Advances tecnhologies essentially holds future patents and old. It's purpose now is to hold patents, create new materials and create new patents. 
It's not at all hard to imaging Nokia creating new mobile company with +10 billion net cash reserves (and most of all proftable business it holds now). I doubt they will manufacture phones ever after this, but then, neither does Apple.
They could essentially also buy Jolla for peanuts and put more cash to that. Jolla is after all safe house for Nokia's old MeeGo/Maemo team. 
Granted I think joining Android in 2 years time sounds more plausible. 

I think they want to get rid of the devices for now and have an option on 2016 to decide what they want to do. By that time the feature phones will be a think of old.. They can persue the Apple model of using Foxconn and not deal with factories and stuff.. place order and get it done and reap profits.

There is still hope that Nokia shareholders stop this acquisition nonsense. And there's also hope that the Finnish government realizes the harm this will do to their GDP and prohibit it also. Some
American-arrogance has been trying to pass this deal as's far from done.
I still hope Nokia survives this hostile move. Although by now I'd rather see them turn to Android, I wouldn't even mind if they kept WP only, as long as they remained independent from Microsloths fat greasy lazy hands.

Here's the basis: go see from where come all articles that take this deal for granted. Even here at WPC, only Daniel keeps stressing that the deal is not done. Sorry if it bothers you, but that assumption bothers everyone else much more.

It's not my fault if you CAN'T READ.
Or "Some Americans" and "All Americans" is the same to you? If it is...I'm assuming you failed all your english classes.

They're here. They're just not stupid like you. They know the meaning of "respecting different opinions".

The Microsoft European DataCenter is going to Kajaani (or Oulu)
so the Finnish government is already in the pockets.
Also they already asked from the major share holders
so it's a deal
The Nokia sign will change to Microsoft sign in many places around the Globe
and no Android phones now!
"Lumia" smartphones
"Asha" feature phones
"Nokia" basic phones

im not familiar with your home but thanks for telling me where you live  don't worry i'll come and visit you some day

I'm starting to think that this clown has never even used a Windows Phone. I think he's just one of those loser fanboys that troll other sites.

This has got to have that disgruntled ex-Nokia VP foaming at the mouth...all the work is done...he just needs to get his hands on it!

This phone is like Nokia's regrettable one night stand. "Errr, things are complicated. Don't call me, I'll call you!". Eww, dirty Nokia! Take a shower!

I hope the deal does not happen. Because that means Nokia lost. But they still can rise and try to do what they do best with Android.

I say release the phones in the Wild for Android fanboys to let fight over it. Maybe they'd finally shut up with the tiring, "If Nokia would make an Android version...."

Here's your chance for what you bitch about. Now get over it becuz there will be no more Android Nokias ever again.

Good luck with that. Don't ever see Newkia ever amounting to anything but a disgruntled workers pipe dream.

I am sofa king sick of android fanbois saying Nokia would have thrived, excelled and soared if they had developed android instead of wp.  really?  how's that working out for htc? sure htc did some wp, but they put their highest end (one) hardware on android.

Well, I'm happy MS is buying them. I'd be fine with them teaming up with jolla and doing sailfish, or tweaking meego. But I'd rather see them die than go droid.

HUmm is so difficult, but I would buy a Nokia with Android only to try. Doesn't matter the OS, the important thing is Nokia, and where it goes, revolution happens.

This is complete BS!  Nokia didn't have the money to start production on another platform.  That is the real reason this deal came about.  They were out of cash. That is why Microsoft loaned them 2 billion dollars right after the announcement.
Another thing i would like to address is this notion of how good Android would be on Nokia hardware.  Android already has bleeding edge hardware when it comes to specs and design.  Look at the HTC One.  They have more RAM, more processors and they still run like CRAP!!!  What makes anyone in their right mind think that it would run on the Lumia hardware better.  Android has a platform Architecture issues that make it very inefficient.    Thats why all Android user experience this drastic slowdown after use over time.

Seems this would have been a budget phone; knowing how Android runs on budget hardware, few of you would have want it.

They troll the comments on almost every site with a story about Windows Phone, I'm sure they do the same with iPhone.
I wonder if Google offers them incentives... or maybe they are actually Google bots.

Nokia, please please DON'T go Android, push Windows Phone further, and soon you'll be far greater than Samsung!!!
Seeing an android and iPhone after a long time on Windows phone makes me meh... They are not even close to actually appeal me as a mobile OS anymore...

Android has a lot of nice features, but it's still too stuck in the past. The new UI elements like cards and stuff are nice and modern, but the icons are still the old Palm OS grid and don't even have iOS's badges for basic information. The widgets are too big to use many of them (and have no consistent look), and the notification center and menu buttons are way out of thumb's reach at the top of the screen. Android still has a long way to go before it stops feeling like a chore to use.

Perhaps Nokia don't need to rehire/setup a new hardware devision. They could always buy BlackBerry! They're on Android already too so why not? And what's to stop Nokia producing WP devices anyway, like HTC, Samsung and LG?

having been a WP user who switched to Android a few months ago I would have absolutely bought a Nokia Android phone. It would have given me the best of both worlds. A unique phone and the apps that Andoid has (which is the reason I had to switch to Android).

Ok, most people are missing what really went down here...You heard it here first....
Microsoft was going to buy either Blackberry or Nokia.  Nokia and MSFT had numerous negotiations--that looked like they would fall apart.  If MSFT had bought BBRY, then Nokia would have really been screwed.  They simply had to have an Android device against this possible outcome. 

i am a lumia 710 and 521 and 925 and 928 owner
nokia will sell andriod phones. thats why microsoft offered to buy them.
plan B was on the roll, they have the device and they have andriod on it , they were just waiting for the OK to go for it , so microsoft decided to jump in to save their own market share % that they have now as nokia lumia brand dominates the windows phone market % share and wp in gaining good market share in too many countries
if microsoft didnt decide to buy them  , their market share will not grow and they will start losing whatever market share % they have very fast,  as im 100% positive alot of people will switch to a nokia andriod version instead of a nokia wp version for simple reason
Apps , alot of windows phone os users complain about  Apps , i know a lot of people who got windows phones , they like the os they like how fluid it is  but they miss their apps and the and they hate other apps that are cross platform thare half baked and buggy

If Nokia ever releases an Android phone, I would never buy any of their phones again. This would not be authentic at all to me...

If more details are leaking about Nokias plan B, I wish Microsoft would start leaking images and rumor about its surface phone/phones. Or better yet, Daniel R. do your thing and get us the info/images.

hehehehe.. and who will buy? In US...a big No..
Rest of the world... no one even knows about surface phone.
you still don't recognize the power of nokia brand

I own 2 1020's, 3 920's and 2 900's. I also owned at least 20 Nokia devices prior to these. I prefer Nokia staying independent and MS to produce a Surface phone. Now go troll somewhere else.