My Verizon Mobile receives a makeover that goes horribly wrong

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The My Verizon Mobile app has received a makeover, but not the type of makeover that improves visual appeal. With the recent Verizon HTC Trophy update, which was warmly welcomed, the carrier also rolled out an update to their Windows Phone app. Should you enter the app you might be surprised by what you're presented with.

As one can see in the above image, something's gone terribly wrong. The reviews on the Marketplace are heading downhill as one could imagine, so if you're a frequent user and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing experience, we advise you stay away from the app update.

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My Verizon Mobile receives a makeover that goes horribly wrong


Verizon is horrible at software.  I write Win Phone software (Cool Tools, Transporter, etc) and I could make a better app coding with my feet.

Type the name of the of the app plus xap into a google search and you might find an older version. You would need an unlocked phone though.

It is just a WebView control. That can be verified by zooming the content. Also, the way it floats around gives away the laziness. This would be so much nicer as a Pivot control with each xx/yy linking to a more detailed page.

New one is more informative and easier for at-a-glance checks. Old one is full of extraneous graphics and meaningless icons. I suppose if you want to hang out in the app and admire the asthetics the old one is better. If you just want the info quickly and get back to chasing girls the new one is better. :)

wow, that almost leaves me speechless.  How can anyone go from a graphical UI to a text based one, and call it a day?  Whomever coded that app should be ashamed....

I'm not sure dropping your web page into a web control and clicking build can be considered programming...unless you are in high school maybe.

Since the upgrade I can't even get into mine.  Says it's unable to process the request at this time, try later or call *611...  I guess I'll get around to calling them at some point.
Edit:  Ok so I figured out what my issue was.  You can't use it on WiFi again...  The last update before this one added WiFi support, but apparently this one doesn't work with that anymore.  I really wonder if they accidentally pushed out some older version code by mistake on this. heh

had the same issue/error message.  Turned off WiFi and got it to work, thanks. But yes, what an ugly interface...reminiscent of DOS programs.  Is it their way of going retro? yikes!

This was the first app that I removed upon the start up of my Trophy. Which BTW work even better with 8107 update. The keyboard issue is no long a problem and the keyboard accuracy seems to have improved.  Tiles seem livelier too. Of course it could just be me.

Aside from the garbage excuse for a UI it no longer works on Wifi.
Verison 1.0 didn't, 2.0 did, and now it doesn't again.
Verizon should be glad for the discount we get on our family plan because they have been doing just about everything they can lately to annoy us and if not for a difference of close to 70 bucks a month we'd be out buying Lumias right now.

Verizon wants WP users to go to ATT! Let them have the Cheepo platforms, who cares. What you guys should do is just come on over to ATT, and lets pressure ATT with feedback until they turn into the network we want. Lets face it, our WP future, here in the US, is Microsoft, Nokia, AT&T, Tmobile, HTC, Samsung, and hopefully Sony. That's the reality, so check it!

I do not mind the less visually appealing look. I do mind that I can not see the details and usage of my other four lines. Just another in a list of regrets moving to Verizon.

When building software, you can make it useful, you could make it something people would want to use, you could even make it visually appealing. Or you could go in the complete other direction. Verizon!

I was so happy when I got my HTC Trophy (from Amazon, because my local Verizon store refused to carry it), and oh so sad when I learned what a crappy experience dealing with Verizon has turned out to be,.  I'm on board for the move to ATT as soon as this contract is up. 

I noticed the changes in this "update" and became immediately pissed! What are they trying to do to us WP7 users??!! Hopefully in the near future they'll carry some newer WP7 devices or maybe even WP8. (they said they were waiting for one that could support 4G LTE)(enter: Lumia 900) Sigh..I really couldn't stomach a move to ATT...

I linked @vzwsupport to this article, and they said they would send it on to the appropriate dept. Let's hope they do something about it..

I had an interesting experience. I called tech support and the first person I got said it should be ok for me to unistall and reinstall the app. It turns out you can't reinstall it, since it comes preinstalled, unless you do a factory reset. So I did that. I didn't get the app to work any better, but if anybody is interested, I did get the 8107 update. So, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I lost my saved texts and call logs, and the app still doesn't work. But at least I have the 8107 update. I think I can handle that.

You could've just searched the marketplace for "Verizon". My Verizon Mobile is the first listing...

So let me see, I should sacrifice my mobile service/coverage by switching to ATT HOPING it will get better some time in the future.  Oh, and I thought everyone said Verizon was the most expensive.

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