Buy one Galaxy S10e, get the second one free, and earn a $200 Mastercard

The Galaxy S10 has been out for a little bit now, and it's everything we knew it would be. Immerse yourself in the awesome Galaxy lineup with Verizon's current deal where you buy one smartphone from Samsung's latest Galaxy lineup and get $750 toward a second one (or just get the Galaxy S10e completely free since it's $750 anyway).

This works with the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G, Note10, Note10+, or Note10+ 5G. Just add two of any of those phones to your cart and you'll get $750 credited to your account over the course of 24 months. One of the phones you add needs to be on a new line with an Unlimited plan of any type. And the second phone should be equal or lesser value, so if you buy the S10+ and S10, the $750 will apply toward the S10 not the S10+.

In addition to all that savings, you can port in your number and get a $200 prepaid Mastercard. You'll need to go to the Verizon Promotion Center website and use the code SWITCHNOW. To maintain the maximum benefit from this, you'll want to keep your line active for at least 45 days. Plus, if you cancel within the first six months, you'll get a $200 charge back. So don't do that. The card is mailed to you within eight weeks.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, our review of the Galaxy S10 paints a clear picture. It has one of the best smartphone displays we've ever seen, powerful technology, and three cameras that include one 16MP ultra wide-angle camera you'll just want to mess around with. The review said, "the Galaxy S10 gets as close as possible to fulfilling the promise of being the best phone for the widest range of people out there" and reviewer Andrew Martonik added, "I can recommend a Galaxy S10 or S10+ to anyone and not worry that it'll be missing something they want or rely on in a modern high-end smartphone."

We also have a specific review for the S10e, which holds the phone in high regard with 4 stars out of 5 and a Recommended badge. We said "It offers a near-complete Galaxy S10 experience, and does it for considerably less money and in a size anyone can handle."

Upgrading to a new smartphone can be complicated, even one as great as the S10. We've got everything you need to know about the device, whether you should upgrade from a slightly older generation, and all the best accessories you'll need to go with your new purchase.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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