Get a free month of YouTube TV and up to $650 off when you buy a new smartphone

Oh yes, that headline combines three different deals that give you a chance to maximize your savings if you're in the market for a new smartphone. All you have to do is find the smartphone you love the most at Verizon Wireless and make the switch. Plan it out right and you can get a free month of YouTube TV, a $200 prepaid Mastercard, and another $450 off with an eligible trade-in. You'll need to create a new line on one of Verizon's Unlimited plans to make these deals work, and make sure the phone is worth at least $550 specifically for the Mastercard promotion.

A month of YouTube TV normally costs $49.99, and if you sign up through the website you only get two weeks free. So this is a nice bonus of extra time that saves you quite a chunk of change versus the normal price of the service. Of course, you'll still have to use a form of payment to sign up even just for the free trial. And if you don't cancel the subscription, you'll start being charged $49.99 after the month is up. That might be okay with you if it turns out to be something you love, but if not we suggest cancelling the subscription before you're charged. You'll still get the full trial. After you've made your smartphone purchase, you will get a trial link sent to you through your email.

If you want to get the $200 prepaid Mastercard, you'll need to go to the Verizon Promotion Center website and use the code SWITCHNOW. To maintain the maximum benefit from this, you'll want to keep your line active for at least 45 days. Plus, if you cancel within the first six months, you'll get a $200 charge back. So don't do that. The card is mailed to you within eight weeks.

The terms for the trade-in are pretty simple. As long as you've met the terms for the other deals, you just need to make sure the phone you want to trade in is in good working and cosmetic condition. The amount of money you'll get depends on the generation of phone you send in. Trade in the iPhone 7 Plus or newer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer, Note 8 or newer, Pixel 2 or newer, or a couple newer LG selections for the maximum $450. Older phones will max out at $300.

Really want to maximize this sale? Need an idea of what phone to get? Grab the Google Pixel 3. Not only can you get all the extra savings above, you'll also get an additional $300 off for this particular smartphone. That's a $300 promo credit applied over the course of 24 months.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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